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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. I love IU when she challenges herself a bit like in Palette, Jam Jam, 23 etc. but she's boring when she does the typical Korean-loving ballads like every other ballad artist.
  2. I can confirm the next song is...

 *not* a ballad....


    16. Fake Love
    Average: 5.375

    Highest Score: 9.5 (@eliminathan), 9 (@BEST FICTION, Sanctuary), 8.5 (@He)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@soratami, @Reboot), 2 (@vague), 0 (@Empty Shoebox, @Mikl C)

    Year-End Chart: #19
    Went #1: Week 21​

    I'm actually kinda pressed this didn't make the top half of the rate ddd.

    Their fans are awful, but I almost unironically stan BTS serving us their best emo. C'mon emo kings! Especially Jungkook in this... normally, I never got his appeal (I'm... a #TeamJimin gay~***), but he kills it here and I kinda half-heartedly stan.

    The only jarring thing about the song is RM mumbling through words with his put-on accent, but J-Hope and Suga impressed me here, though some of y'all did note they kind of were shouting a bit too much.

    The world did seem to agree that "Fake Love" was at least a bit alright. The song was extremely popular in the group's main Asian markets, while also charting Top 50 within the UK, as well. The song was able to block k-pop girl group GFRIEND from snatching the top spot, spending several weeks at #2.

    dddd poor @Artemisia

    If "DNA" was BTS testing the waters to assess reception from Western markets, "Fake Love" was them cannonballing into the deep-end.

    The single would see them be the first K-Pop act to perform at an American music award show (awfully shot performance and all). BTS would also become the first k-pop act to chart within the Top 10 on Billboard, with "Fake Love" still remaining BTS' highest-charting hit in the US.

    Maybe the gays would have let BTS make the top half if THIS bop went #1 in 2018:

    The unfortunate reality of BTS having the worst fandom possible - as even decided by @Slice of Life's iconic award shows - is that their legitimately good songs ("I'm Fine" really does fucking slap!) get lost in the cluster of drama, doxxing, stan wars, threats, and fans literally shitting themselves in line waiting for a concert....

    I guess at the end of the day, not even a bit of angst can clean the stench of the Army off of BTS.


    8.5 - @He - I kinda love this. It’s the better BTS single. Well done, kings of their own musical genre

    7 - @Oleander - This is the first time I have ever heard one of their songs, believe it or not. All the messy and annoying fan bullshit aside…..The song kind of bops but those rappers……... [​IMG]

    7 - @Cotton Park - I just close my eyes and imagine LOONA doing this. They crush it. Every single time. Especially when Kim Lip completely punishes that prechorus. "Luh you so bad, luh you so bad." I let Heejin do all of RM's parts. Just for comic relief.

    7 - @Slice of Life - Really not bad. The vocalists make up for the rappers' uncharacteristic bad showing. I do cringe every single time they say "I'M SO SICK OF THIS FAKE LOVE." I don't know why ddddd.

    6.5 - @Serg. - This is not even that bad when it comes to BTS. Their voices just kinda ruin it like usually.

    5 - @evilsin - Yeah, okay.

    5 - @FunkyButChic - The subdued guitar just highlights what frustrates me about BTS now. Back then, they would have turned it up and let it rip. Mainstream ambitions have smoothed their rough edges, but those rough edges were the only reason they stood out in the first place.

    3.5 - @yuuurei - I've never listened to BTS before and this track isn't making me eager to make it a habit. It has a couple nice moments though - it could be decent with less obnoxious rapping and a different chorus.

    3 - @Reboot - The song itself is … serviceable, but I still don’t like how hard and angry their sound/image is. I wish I could understand the appeal of stanning a boyband with a “LOOK AT HOW TOUGH WE ARE! GRR! EXPLOSIONS! FIRE!” concept. There’s something very off-putting about it that I can’t put my finger on. That said, the BTS dude lying in a pool of Snickers is a bit of a Mood™.

    2 - @vague - i'd never listened to a BTS "song" in full before this rate ... and i still haven't. B)

    0 - @Empty Shoebox - Do I really need to explain why I hate this? I hope not.

  3. I would listen to the official instrumental if there is one xoxo
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  4. Just saying:
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  5. Half the commentary being people saying they had never listened to a BTS song before ddd
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  6. The next song is also by a male.


    15. Bar Code
    Average: 5.388

    Highest Score: 8 (@Cotton Park), 7 (@Serg., @soratami, @FunkyButChic, @Slice of Life, @He, @evilsin)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Mikl C, @yuuurei), 0 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Year-End Chart: #72
    Went #1: Week 14​

    Rap hasn’t just taken over the West and flooded your playlists with (yes, sometimes excellent) mumble rap and slow jams. Rap, largely as an export of American culture, has found itself as a huge commodity within the Korean Peninsula.

    Young men (and women) all over Asia spend their days watching Youtube videos of their favorite rappers, wanting to mold themselves after them, fascinated by the unique experiences of an artist population that’s largely Black Americans. This adoration often straddles the nuanced and complex line of appreciation or appropriation.

    Some common criticisms of the more reductive rap music coming out of Asia largely comes down to when songs feel too much like direct cosplay of lyrics, flows, styles, and lived experiences originating with rappers from the United States.

    However, when a rapper can provide something unique and of their own, even rappers out of Asia can contribute to the genre at large.

    But does this describe our two youngsters here?

    Both Vinxen and Haon appeared on High School Rapper 2, a rap challenge show on Mnet. They would go on to be the 1st and 2nd place finishers on the show, mentored by the popular producer Groovy Room, who would go on to produce Bar Code.

    At the time of the finale, Bar Code, as the boys performed it, would go live on streaming services. The song would go on to achieve something rare for a rap song - a perfect all-kill:


    Vinxen, coming in 2nd place, serves a more sad boy rap aesthetic:

    While Haon, the eventual winner of Season 2, serves more traditional Korean Rap vibes:

    Though the boys’ skills were enough to win over the straight men of Korea, they left K-PJ a bit cold.

    8 - @Cotton Park - "I need an around-the-way noona." Somebody will get the reference. I love this, by the way.

    7 - @Serg. - I actually managed to finish this one in the first try so... I guess?

    7 - @FunkyButChic - GroovyRoom’s sterile production usually sucks the life out of every one of their songs, but here it lends the track a certain bleakness, providing good contrast to the two rappers’ energy.

    7 - @Slice of Life - Not bad, @Vixen unnie

    7 - @evilsin - This kinda bops even though it doesn't have a melodic enough chorus for me. The piano is cute and I love how it picks up a bit at the end.

    7 - @He - This is fun. Is it from a show?

    6 - @Oleander - This one had an…..interesting beginning but at least the song stops being zombie-like once the rapper has an espresso shot.

    4 - @Reboot - The beat is nice, I guess? Another song I wouldn’t actively seek out myself.

    3 - @yuuurei - Hmm. Annoying.

    0 - @Empty Shoebox - Is this whole thing in monotone? It's bloody dire.

  7. eye...

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  8. We lose one more song before the half-way mark...

    And it's... (possibly?) controversial......

    14. Love Scenario
    Average: 5.569

    Highest Score: 10 (Sanctuary), 8.75 (@Love Deluxe), 8 (@vague, @Slice of Life)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Cotton Park), 1 (@eliminathan), 0 (@BEST FICTION)

    Year-End Chart: #1
    Went #1: Weeks 5-10​

    This not making the top half of our rate is… a travesty???

    I say that even as a Little Winnerster who would constantly brag about when WINNER were slaying and iKON looked like a distant memory on the verge of disbandment with the consistent failure of their recent comebacks.

    Just a few years ago, iKON felt like a bad boy group cliche who was stuck doing every poor rapping k-pop boy group trope. Songs like “Dumb & Dumber” felt like BIG BANG rejects.

    The creative regression of iKON looked even more jarring when their brother group was one of the early adopters of tropical house in South Korea and landed the biggest hit of their careers at the same time iKON was experiencing the biggest failure of theirs:

    iKON truly were in dire straits. Bobby's solo projects weren't doing anything spectacular. B.I. was writing for other YG acts yet was largely not receiving credit publicly - Hanbin most famously wrote Whistle for Blackpink.

    The group lacking a place in modern K-Pop was most obvious when their 2017 comeback, a Double A-Side, only sold 100k copies in the long-run between both singles combined. That total ended up being 200k less than what their last comeback the year prior had sold.

    Then... something special happened. With just one song, the boys' futures were completely changed.


    "Love Scenario" was an impossible force to control on the Gaon Digital Charts; once it picked up steam, it literally crushed every single thing and other singer in its path.

    The single had the following chart run in South Korea:
    12 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 4 - 4 - 3 - 5 - 7 - 9 - 6 - 8 - 8 - 9 - 9 - 8 - 11 - 11 - 14 - 12 - 16 - 17 - 22 - 20 - 20 - 20 - 22 - 25 - 28 - 27 - 28 - 32 - 29 - 33 - 33 - 34 - 39 - 40 - 46 - 49 - 63 - 62 - 61 - 71 - 76 - 72 - 69 - 61 - 59 - 59 - 62 - 60 - 70 - 71 - 73 - 83 - 96 - 116

    For context: Love Scenario ended up selling 25x what Bling Bling & B-Day sold combined.

    The song spent 14 months within the Top 100 before, only just this past week, dipping below the #100 mark. As seen by its chart run, it also became the longest-running #1 in Korean chart history. With six impressive weeks at the top, the song was able to break a record for most weeks at #1 set by both IU and Psy.

    With so many weeks at the top, it also meant that they spent a significant time blocking other acts from ever reaching the summit. During its time on top, Love Scenario ended up blocking Bad Boy by Red Velvet, Bboom Boom by Momoland, and Starry Night by Mamamoo all from ever going #1.

    The best part of the domination? Even the copy-cats were great too!

    Maybe the boys of iKON would have been able to sneak into K-PJ's Top 10 if they served more of the boyish quality that the kings Pentagon do. Think about THAT, America!

    8 - @vague - i'm probably over scoring this a bit, but it's the first song with any life to it.

    8 - @Slice of Life - Ddddd I don't even stan this that much but I must admit that within this rate, it stands out in a good way. iKON has way better songs than this (don't @ me) but Love Scenario is cute as well.

    7 - @Oleander - This one kind of gets more grating with repeated listens which brings down the score.

    6.5 - @Serg. - I was never a big fan of this song and much prefer the better copy aka Shine by Pentagon or any other of the 5 singles iKON released in 2018.

    6.5 - @evilsin - It kinda cute and kinda not standard, which I appreciate.

    6 - @FunkyButChic - The acapella intro drew me in and then the 10,000 pointless layers came in and ruined everything.

    5.5 - @Reboot - I really want to support this song, but doesn’t really go anywhere. Cute video, though.

    5 - @yuuurei - I'm not really feeling this but it's not horrible. A little boring.

    5 - @He - Is this the longest ever number 1 or smth? Cute. At least it isn’t a ballad. But how did this have such a chokehold of the country? I call payola.

    4.5 - @Empty Shoebox - Think, this was number one for six weeks and Dalshabet's 'Someone Like U' only reached #49. Keep stanning mediocrity, Korea.

    3 - @Cotton Park - Just when you think you might like it, it just kinda drones on and on and kind of tediously. Bring back Park Hyo-shin.

  9. I will never understand the success of this song.

    And not even in a "It's such a terrible song", but it's just baffling to me. A week at number one? Sure, why not, it's a boygroup, from the Big 3. But six whole weeks with some competition on the side? Like, come on?!
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  10. Oh, it did? I should have tanked it out of revenge then.

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  11. Slice of Life

    Slice of Life Staff Member

    I can't believe I'm saying this as a BLINK but oh my God Jennie's Solo needs to leave the rate right now.
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  12. Ddd @Sanctuary unnie you mixed up my commentary for Good Old Days and this. I had to double check in case I was the one who made a mistake.
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  13. B** B***, Fiance and Shaun to go next and we will have an acceptable top 10.

    Edit: Scream I just saw the average score is still around 5.5 point. We truly hate the public's taste, don't we?
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  14. He wrote like two lines and now Ikonics won't let Blinks breathe... Bobby's solo didn't do anything comercially but is one of the best solo male albums I've heard.
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  15. ddd I'm sorry, I'm a flop, got distracted with my birthday and life.

    Also doing a rate, I'm realizing, where so many of the songs were hated ends up taking the wind out of the sails a bit ddd.

    But let's continue...

    13. Way Back Home
    Average: 5.791

    Highest Score: 10 (@vague), 8 (@evilsin, @Slice of Life, @soratami)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Empty Shoebox), 1 (@eliminathan)

    Year-End Chart: #8
    Went #1: Weeks 29, 30 & 34​

    If 2018 was defined by anything, it would have been the way idol stans were unable to process their faves being out-charted by random k-indie singers. In 2018, sajaegi accusations ran wild. From Nilo to Shaun to others, claims of sajaegi populated the greater k-pop discussion.

    However, Shaun (and Nilo) both ended up being declared innocent of any chart manipulation in the long-run. Vindicated in the end, it seems as though, in Shaun’s case, the sheer power of Spotify-pop is simply just that global (or should we said Melon-pop?).

    Being a keyboardist and producer for the South Korean indie-rock band The Koxx, it boggled the mind for many just how an unknown musician in his late 20s from a obscure band could be topping the biggest music charts in Korea.

    (Shaun is the first to the left)
    In the way Comeback Coroners are removed from the latest Tik Tok trends or viral Spotify artistes of the moment, it felt like many international k-pop fans felt confused at Shaun’s success largely because they were unaware of the song’s growing popularity in cafes, at festivals, and more that can only be experienced on the ground in South Korea.

    Sounding like a cross between something Justin Bieber, Clean Bandit, and Ed Sheeran would release, “Way Back Home” sounds like the kind of chill-pop that has come to define the obscure smash hits of the late 2010s. In fact, the song feels so pulled straight out of the 2010s music zeitgeist that there was an attempt to push an English-language version with Conor Maynard.

    The English-version, however, didn’t seem needed, as the song was able to chart within New Zealand, alongside charting in a few Asian markets, by its own strength.

    In Korea, the song spent over two months in the Top 2 and largely sparked controversy for how well it blocked Dance The Night Away from spending time at #1. It was even JYP who called for an investigation into chart manipulation regarding the song; the claim of such, in hindsight, now seeming desperate as TWICE did get at least one week at #1 and Shaun was found innocent of any chart manipulation and wrong-doing.

    The song also stopped IDOL by BTS from ever achieving a perfect all-kill due to how it was dominating music-listening services. As they say, sometimes you lose.

    10 - @vague - i love his voice and this is so cute n catchy!!

    8 - @Slice of Life - DDDDDDDD I admit this is my first time listening to it and it... kinda... bops??????? I hate myself!!!!!!!! St. Sana, please pray for my soul.

    8 - @evilsin - Ooh! Ooh! Ooh! A song I know, because I stumbled upon a version with Conor Maynard. It's cute and breezy, and I'm so sad, that the whole investigation thing with sales happened.

    7 - @Serg. - The sajegi king kinda snapped here not gonna lie

    6 - @FunkyButChic - Mostly forgettable, but I can understand the appeal.

    5 - @He - I guess this is sweet, but generic

    5 - @yuuurei - Wow, those certainly are some high notes. This is giving me vaguely Sheeranesque vibes somehow? I don't hate it but it's not really doing anything for me either.

    5 - @Cotton Park - Just when I think it's going to take off and be really uplifting, it ends instead.

    4 - @Reboot - Cute video, but even girls being pals isn’t going to make me love what is quite an uninteresting song.

    3 - @Empty Shoebox - What is this sajaegi nonsense? It's really fucking dull.

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  16. Happy birthday!
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  17. Love Scenario is complete utter trash. I can’t put into words how much I dislike that song.
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  18. what a fukken nightmare
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  19. Up next....... hmm.....

    12. Flower Road
    Average: 6.097

    Highest Score: 10 (@Slice of Life), 8 (@eliminathan, @yuuurei, @Serg.)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@soratami, @Dangerous Maknae, @He), 3 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Year-End Chart: #17
    Went #1: Weeks 11-13​

    Well, this is… awkward.


    Despite investigations initially opening in January 2019, new allegations against many k-pop stars (alongside allegations against those part of Korea's elite society) still continue to unfold months later. Ranging from corruption, paying off police, destroying of evidence, illegal spy cam'ing of women, embezzlement, prostitution, and sex crimes, the list of crimes coming out of the Burning Sun scandal is long and only continues to get longer.

    The Los Angeles Times has even gone on to call the scandal the "moment k-pop officially loses its innocence". While some criticize the hyper-focus on entertainers when the scandal likely expands into the world of government and business, the scandal does find itself part of a crucial conflict within Korean society. Corruption by the privileged classes remains a key issue at the heart of a society found upon class conflict like South Korea. The scandal also intersects with the largely traditionalist and conservative parts of Korean society reckoning with the rise of feminism within the country and a refusal from Korean women to be objectified and subjugated in silence any longer. For many, Burning Sun is a watershed moment.

    As written in the Los Angeles Times:
    Given the situation with Seungri, I’ll just make the post for this to be a bunch of female musicians under YG’s roster who have been continually ignored or done dirty by the same creepy boss (who destroyed his future wife’s career to marry her) who thinks men doing actually illegal activities are worth protecting more than innocent women.

    10 - @Slice of Life - Classic @Big Bang. I stan!

    8 - @yuuurei - I actually like this quite a bit? I'm surprised.

    8 - @Serg. - The chorus is pretty great but T.O.P is as annoying as ever. It's also a bit of a kii how the only time this was performed live was at Gayo with girl group members nn

    7 - @FunkyButChic - The throwback production does most of the legwork, but there is something to be said about how at home BigBang sound on this style compared to Winner or iKON.)

    6.75 - @Oleander - All the Seungri mess aside….It’s nice but it does feel a bit disjointed. The switch to the more stripped back parts reminds me of Missing You by 2NE1 but it doesn’t work as well here. It also sounds a bit like a 00’s throwback but not necessarily one of the better ones.

    6.5 - @evilsin - Guess anything BIGBANG bites this days, huh?

    5 - @Reboot - I’ve always thought bigbang were a bit … overrated. Not to mention the fact that I seriously thought they had disbanded about six years ago. The song itself is one I couldn’t be bothered to finish all the way to the end.

    5 - @Cotton Park - T.O.P. and Daesung save this for me.

    4 - @He - I don’t remember big bang having a comeback, kii. Forgettable.

    3 - @Empty Shoebox - This is very forgettable, isn't it?

    And the most vindicated woman for last...
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  20. I feel the worst for Lee Suhyun.

    Criminal how her talent is being frittered, as soon as her brother enlists.
    He asked YG to make sure she gets a solo project. Hm.
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