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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Sanctuary, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Sneak peek into @Slice of Life's mind when his queen Bom made her comeback to dethrone his ex-king Seungri for being trash.
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  2. JSHDHDHDJDJDJD I submitted this commentary before I read all about Seungri's scandal so please be gentle when dragging moi. x

    Also, thank you @Sanctuary unnie for making that post about the talented ladies of YG Entertainment. I'd also mention Katie who successfully escaped the YG dungeon and delivered an arresting debut:
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  3. Sajaegi Oppa's recent offerings are so much better than Way Back Home.

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  4. Ooh, this is live again, yay!
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  5. Who misses out from making the Top 10?....

    11. Don’t Give It To Me
    Average: 6.166

    Highest Score: 10 (@soratami), 8.5 (@vague, @eliminathan)
    Lowest Score: 3.5 (@Serg.), 2.5 (@yuuurei)

    Year-End Chart: #16
    Went #1: Weeks 17-20​

    The power of television (and shipping ddd) continues to impact what ends up in our rate. "Don't Give It To Me" was a product of a collab between Korean rapper Loco and idol singer Hwasa (of Mamamoo) for the KBS music program Hyena on the Keyboard.

    The premise of Hyena on the Keyboard is fairly simple - the shows documents the creative process behind a collaboration and follows the artists in the crafting of the song.

    The song also apparently did well due to the supposed chemistry between both artists (the youtube upload even featuring a heart symbol to play up the romantic factor... ddddd). While I imagine some may have been swept up in the idea of a romance sparked by a collaboration between two artists, I don't particularly endorse heterosexual nonsense.


    The success for the song was a bit of the ordinary; many songs from the series continue to do well, but Loco and Hwasa's collaboration is the only #1 to spawn from the series, and it achieved stats like 6 real-time all kills. Personally, there's nothing extraordinarily interests or unique about the collab, to me, so I'm left a little puzzled with this one.

    However, both singers continue to be successful in their own right.

    Loco continues to release solo singles - peaking as high as #2 on his own song in the same year - and collab with many in the k-hiphop scene. For Hwasa, her great fortunes also did not end in 2018. After achieving her first #1 single as a lead artist, she made her solo debut with the track "Twit".

    The song is about a needy lover and an ungrateful partner who ends up being the true fool when the partner they took for granted has eventually moved on after being unappreciated for far too long - gagged't. Maybe if Hwasa chose that as her true debut, she would have made K-PJ's elite Top 10.

    8.5 - @vague - this is groovy but i feel bad giving it a good score 'cause MAMAMOO are trash :/

    7.5 - @He - This is Hwasa by way of coffee table music. It’s quite pleasant though, mostly because of her.

    7 - @Slice of Life - Hwasa sounds stunning as always. Loco is just okay.

    7 - @evilsin - Hwasa's vocals and the groovy almost island vibe are quite nice here.

    6 - @FunkyButChic - A little more of that reggae that comes in at the end and I would actually say I like this one.

    6 - @Oleander - To her credit, Hwasa sounds really nice but the song kind of plods along when she isn’t the one dominating it due to the instrumental being quite repetitive and the rapper’s voice isn’t my favorite, either.

    5 - @Cotton Park - The vocal performances are outstanding. The song is kind of plodding, as slick and jazzy as they tried to make it. And you know, sometimes Hwasa just seems to be trying too hard.

    4 - @Empty Shoebox - The man here is in the running for worst vocals on the list.

    4 - @Reboot - Not really my thing.

    2.5 - @yuuurei - Boring. I feel like I've heard this kind of song hundreds of times, and done better.

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  6. That means your Top 10 #1s of 2018 are:









    Now the real competition starts dddd.
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  7. Look at my amazing mysterious score!
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  8. 10. Fiance
    9. Bbibbi
    8. Travel
    7. Dance the Night Away
    6. Power Up
    5. Solo
    4. What is Love?
    3. Yes or Yes
    2. Siren
    1. DDDD
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  9. dddd shit. I'll fix this. Sorry! Also, if I've missed anything else, let me know, y'all.
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  10. [​IMG]

    10. Fiance
    Average: 6.291

    Highest Score: 11 (Sanctuary), 10 (@Serg., @Oleander), 8 (@Slice of Life)
    Lowest Score: 3 (@Cotton Park, @yuuurei), 2 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Year-End Chart: N/A
    Went #1: Weeks 48-49​

    The first song to exit the Top 10 is the debut solo album from WINNER’s frontman Mino.

    Mino has released solo songs before, mostly from his time on Show Me The Money and part of his project with Bobby, but “Fiance” and XX are considered his debut project.

    2018 was.. Interesting for Mino. WINNER kind of had their spotlight stolen by iKON and crazed BTS fans dedicated to their cause of literally being toxicity in human form somehow adopted Christian Morality Paranoia and falsely claimed Mino not only openly endorsed the act of pedophilia, but was actually a pedophile himself.

    That scandal somehow went from half of stan Twitter, led by Armys, declaring Mino must be hung for his crimes against children to vanishing after 48~ or so hours.

    His 2018 also is dampened by the his Seungri collab and Seungri being outed as a criminal creep bringing shame to all of YG.

    Mino, however, was still able in the end to give the gays what they actually want:


    Gays cannot be sustained on lip piercings, however; especially when male artists remain serving questionable choices and decisions that ultimately display ignorance.

    Labret aside, the actual content of his song “Fiance” leaves something to be questioned. The production of the song is actually super interesting and effectively makes a lot of references to traditional Korean music. The below video explores many of the traditional Korean aspects of “Fiance” including the influence of trot music:

    I know I gave this my 11 (dddd), but even typing this up now, it feels obvious that imagery that depicts women as sexual servants feels tone-deaf and particularly harmful given the current state of gender equality in Korea in 2019. Hopefully Mino can walk into 2019 doing better, not following down the path of someone like Seungri.

    10 - @Serg. - I never thought I'd like this but then again I love all of Mino's songs as well as most of WINNER's work so I was bound to like it...also the album slaps

    8 - @Slice of Life - Strong showing for Hugeboy Mino. It's nice that he can show a different image separate from Winner.

    7.5 - @vague - the instrumental prob would've gotten a 10 from me, so there's that.

    6 - @evilsin - It's very mish-mashy, I'm not sure I enjoy this that much

    5 - @FunkyButChic - At least the ballads have a reason for being slow, what’s Mino’s excuse?

    4 - @Reboot - The line “Don’t be shy like a coiled up cobra” is a Mood. Other than that I don’t really like it.

    3 - @Cotton Park - Two whole weeks? Really?

    3 - @yuuurei - Ugh.

    2 - @Empty Shoebox - I'm getting 'creepy' from the lyrical content here.

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  11. Mino kind of is IT in Korea, literally all the men copy his looks all the time nn. The male Jennie.
  12. @Sanctuary reflecting on his poor 11 choice is giving me "I promise to come back with a more mature image" teas.
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  13. [​IMG]

    Think again.

    09. Solo
    Average: 6.819

    Highest Score: 9.25 (@Love Deluxe), 9 (@vague, @Serg., @BEST FICTION, @Oleander), 8 (@soratami, @Dangerous Maknae)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@Slice of Life, @He, @FunkyButChic, @Reboot, @Empty Shoebox)

    Year-End Chart: #86
    Went #1: Weeks 46-47​

    Everyone hears "Bitch, now I'm solo" right? Right? Okay, glad that's established.

    We jump from one debuting YG soloist to another. Given that YG only has eyes for his male artists and Blackpink were struggling already to rack up a double-digit total for songs, fans were shook when it was announced all members of Blackpink would eventually have a solo.

    Though the three remaining solos still wait to be seen, YG did make good on his promise and allowed Jennie to be the first member to put out a solo project. And this is how we get to the song in question - Solo.

    Solo is a complicated nugget of K-Pop. Jennie has an icy charisma to her, like she'd bully you and you'd enjoy it. She radiates star power and, to many, the idea of her being able to put out a solo song came with visions of bombastic drops and hair flips. Instead, the final product ended up something more chic and understated. She didn't deliver a bussy popper.. more of a shoulder shimmy.

    One problem with Solo, however, comes down to the production choices, including who was chosen to produce it. Teddy Park, while having his own moments of brilliance, holds a homogeny over Blackpink's sound, producing all of their music as YG's #1 main in-house producer. He also has worked with many other YG artists in the past, leaving some to feel like Teddy's productions can end up sounding stale, out-dated, and reductive.

    A more lowkey affair wouldn't normally be such an issue, but negative press surrounding Jennie made it feel like debuting with a huge song would have left a stronger impression amongst such negative coverage. Jennie's presence in K-Pop has been... controversial, to say the least.

    Though this comeback left a lot to be desired creatively, you know what they say - you know you're that chick when you cause all this conversation. Solo was a huge success around Asia and went on to only further grow Blackpink's celebrity. Guess YG privilege is real. Queen!


    9 - @Serg. - Yes I'm increasing the score of this a bit so y'all beasts don't get it out before likes of Roy Kim and similar.

    9 - @Oleander - Listen…..I know this song is trash. I know. But I still love it. That almost break-beat breakdown is catchy as hell. It makes me want to move. Here’s to the death of my credibility as a source of good taste, I guess.

    9 - @vague - ddddd i actually like this more than a lot of BLACKPINK's output as a group which i take it is not a popular opinion but w/e. this is great

    6.5 - @evilsin - This is 2 nice songs plastered together to create an okay one. I mean, I'm not against such tricks, as I adore I GOT A BOY, but in this case... Maybe I liked it better after more listens, although unlike I GOT A BOY, this doesn't promt me to listen to it again.

    6 - @yuuurei - I honestly can't find anything to say about this.

    6 - @Cotton Park - I want to like Jennie, she's completely stunning, but I'm not a fan of her particular style of yell-singing which is so popular out West. I'm not into wormy, weezy, minimal chorus drops, either.

    4 - @Reboot - Jennie obviously has a lot of star power + looks for days (that look in the laundromat – whew), but the song is kind of … shit and I don’t really understand why she’s been given a solo song in the first place.

    4 - @Empty Shoebox - I wouldn't like this song even if Sori herself was performing it.

    4 - @FunkyButChic - Great girl, beautiful girl…

    4 - @Slice of Life - Easily the most disappointing single of 2018. I was so looking forward to this, girl. This is... below par. I'm sorry.

    4 - @He - I have barely gone back to this. Such a non-event. Good that it was so big, but ugh, wish it had been something better. That tired ass drop… no.

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  14. Up next....

    08. Power Up
    Average: 7.250

    Highest Score: 10 (@Oleander, @Slice of Life, @soratami), 9.75 (@Love Deluxe), 9 (@evilsin)
    Lowest Score: 4 (@eliminathan), 3 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Year-End Chart: #61
    Went #1: Week 45​

    Red Velvet were a bit busy in 2018, no?

    They first served us THIS classic:

    Bad Boy...... remains everything. The slightly trap-pop synths and icy glacial coo'ing. Just as their image seemed like it was becoming too bright and sparkly, the girls transformed themselves into assassins for hire hiding out in the Arctic Tundra. There was a darker edge creeping in, as hinted with the video for previous single "Peek-A-Boo".

    In the absence of Blackpink locked away in a dungeon, the song showed that it wasn't just YG acts who could serve and slay girl crush concepts, helping set in motion where we are a year later - where girl crush concepts now seem like the norm. The girls also served English realness with an English-language version of the song.

    Then... for every step forward, it feels like there were two steps back. For a Japanese release, the girls reverted back to their pile of unfinished demos wheelhouse:

    For their next Korean comeback, Red Velvet continued on the trend of self-referencing. "Power Up" feels like their last #1 "Red Flavor" run through a Sega system, random references to fruit and all. There's a claustrophobic element to "Power Up" that veers on feeling like noise, but the song does also serve gorgeous melodies.

    Experimentation and risks should be applauded, especially in a genre like k-pop that prides itself on offering something left-of-center compared to much Western pop music, but I think some may have been left cold from throwing everything at the wall losing its impact the 2nd time it is done. The kitchen-sink production of "Red Flavor" just ends up making "Power Up" feel like already familiar territory.

    While "Power Up" went #1, Red Velvet's next comeback would take a.... unique turn:

    There's a theory in pop that the success of your era is felt in the very next one to follow. Using that logic, it seems like some fruits just... have less shelf life than others. After having four comebacks peak in the Top 2 in a row (Red Flavor #1, Peek-A-Boo #2, Bad Boy #2, Power Up #1), Red Velvet would gain their lowest-peaking single since 2016 with "Really Bad Boy".

    Some could say that SM not being able to handle more than one girl group at once has unfairly seen Red Velvet run ragged into the ground like their old sister groups were; maybe the gradual decline in material is SM setting the stage for Heaven's Moon Shiny Diamond Foxes or whatever the SMNGG is eventually going to be called.

    Whatever is happening, let's hope the girls don't continue down this path.
    10 - @Slice of Life - I WON'T LET Y'ALL LET THIS FLOP, NO MA'AM. HERE'S A 10: [​IMG]

    9 - @evilsin - This is a proper summer tune and "ba-banana-na-na-na" part is so catchy. It's still signature Red Velvet weird, but not over the top.

    8 - @FunkyButChic - It’s sort of like Red Velvet doing a TWICE song, which is definitely not a bad thing, but the banana hook does grate as it goes along. Maybe this is the reason why Oh My Girl are Banana Allergy Monkeys.

    7.5 - @Reboot - Sometimes I wonder if Red Velvet’s songs are average because the group itself is average. I know that is obviously not true because they have great voices and star power and a couple of very good songs in their discography, but this, RBB and the recent SAPPY make me wonder, why aren’t Red Velvet being given better songs?

    7 - @Serg. - Kinda got over the annoyingness of the song and when you put it against some of the songs in this rate, it's not that bad

    7 - @Cotton Park - I still think this sounds like Red Velvet singing a song that Twice kicked to the curb. I have a strange feeling that Irene picked this one.

    6.5 - @yuuurei - My feelings on this song change whenever I listen to it. I like it, and it's cute, but sometimes it does feel a little irritating.

    6.5 - @He - Of all the great Red Velvet singles, this is their number 1! A scream. Korea keeps getting it wrong. This is fine, but it comes up short.

    3 - @Empty Shoebox - I love children's' television programme theme music.

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  16. @Sanctuary I should be a high scorer for both Solo and Power Up, as I gave the former a 8 and the latter a 10.
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  17. [​IMG]
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  18. Dddd wait all the info was in correctly, I'm just dyslexic:

    Also I just missed you @soratami when looking at Solo's top scores. I'm sorry.

    I'll adjust the posts now.
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  19. Phew!

    So anyway, I'm kind of surprised (in a good way) that Travel outlasted RV in this rate. I'm also surprised (in a less good way) that Bbibbi is in the top 7 somehow.
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