Vote. Or Vote Not. There Is No Try: The Star Wars Character Rate - WINNER

This might be the biggest insult I've received since joining the forum...

Sorry sis but I gotta call it like I see it.

Here's the tea: #7 didn't get an 11, but has our highest low score yet. We have a THREE-WAY tie at #4 with each character receiving an 11.
I guess this one deserves to be singled out...


#7. Poe Dameron - 9.269


Highest: 10 x 6 (@Shockbox, @MollieSwift21, @2014, @Big Bang, @PLUTO, @Petty Mayonnaise)
Lowest: 8 x 2 (@DJHazey, @steste)

Role: Starfight pilot who defected from the New republic and served the Resistance under Leia. Fired the shot that destroyed the Starkiller weapon.
Home: Yavin 4
Age: ~32 years old (Born 2 years before the Battle of Endor if you want to dispute this. So I guess he's "zaddy" for y'all)
Affiliation: New Republic/Resistance.
Queen Of: Having exemplary pilot skills that were passed down from his Rebel Alliance pilot mother and loyalty and commitment to the cause that he learned from Rebel Alliance father. He became disillusioned with the New Republic's lack of response towards the First Order, joining the 'Rebels' and likely making his parents proud. His confidence could be mistaken for arrogance, but it's more about his bravery and how he will never shy away from an adventure.
Appearances: VII

His Scenes:

Oscar Isaac Talks Poe:

Poe/Finn Meet:

Is He Force Sensitive?:

Is He A Hunty?:

Fan Swooning Commentary:

(Keepin' It G)

One Stop Candy Shop (8.5) - Great character that obviously wasn’t really dead. Should've been used a lot more in ep VII.

New Flame (9) - Unbelievable how many actually likeable characters episode 7 gave us. I wish we got more Poe, but I can wait for episode 8. He was so optimistic and yet realistic. Oscar Isaac had chemistry with every character. I can’t imagine ‘Poe Dameron’ being the best name they could come up with. If Jar Jar was still here, he’d call him Doo-Doo Dameron.

My Dad (9) - A possible candidate for the best pilot. Would be fun to see him fly against Luke or Han back in the day.

MollieSwift21 (10) - The best of new trio!

(Keepin' it PG)

steste (8) - Handsome, cheeky and charming.

(Some PG-13 Fan Fiction.)

Petty Mayonnaise (10) - Queen of being one half of the best homoerotic pairing in this franchise.

PLUTO (10) - Husband.

Yes. Too many thirsty gays voted for Poe.


Shockbox (10) - HOT. AS. FUCK. Please save me Poe.

Big Bang (10) - Oh my goddddddddd Poe <3333333. Icon of homoeriticism. Icon of giving people jackets because it suits them. Icon of tantalizingly biting his lip.

(Now we're headed for Pornhub...)

Tribal Spaceman (9) - He's likeable, but if I'm honest he gets a high score because I want Oscar Isaac to target my exhaust port.

Say goodbye y'all

Again we have a tie at #4, but is a certain someone among them? Hmmm. (Remember I said they all got an 11)

So let's start off with a real shocker instead...


Oh nevermind, have your toast!

#4. BB-8 - 9.308


Highest: 11 x 1 (@2014) <---Told you.

Also: 10 x 7 (My Dad, @DJHazey, @Shockbox, @steste, @PLUTO, @joe_alouder, @Petty Mayonnaise)
Lowest: 7 (@Tribal Spaceman) 7.5 (@MollieSwift21)

Role: Astromech droid that belonged to Poe and accompanied him in combat. He was given the map to locate Luke and because of that he was a wanted target.
Affiliation: New Republic/Resistance
Queen Of: Being cute and almost 'pet-like' in character. Programmed to be skittish and easily frightened, BB-8 would quick show us that he was actually very loyal and brave.
Appearances: VII

His Creation:

His Scenes:

All Three Droids:

Fan Commentary:

Tribal Spaceman (7) - He had me at the 'thumbs up' moment, even if nobody else did.

MollieSwift21 (7.5) - It's cute and had a funny moment but not enough to get attached to.

New Flame (8) - I think I actually prefer BB over C3PO and R2D2. Disney has done it. He’s quite emotive for a droid and he feels more like a pet. Seeing how much Poe cared for the ball also made me care for him. Or is it a her?

One Stop Candy Shop (8) - Yes, it's a very blatant case of "Let's make a piece of merchandise that all the kids are gonna want", but BB somehow works surprisingly well as the next generation's R2. Well done, Disney Marketing!

Big Bang (9.5) - Queen of stairs.

My Dad (10) - Mechanically better than R2D2.

steste (10) - Our new favourite queen. Full of flare and attitude, while also being resourceful! A handy companion.

Shockbox (10) - He's a droid. He's a ball. HOW CAN YOU NOT GIVE HIM 10/10! That scene where he thinks Poe has died is so sad. He shows more emotion than Leia did when Han died and she isn't a robot (as far as we know).

joe_alouder (10) - Adorable and funny as fuck without ever being annoying.

PLUTO (10) - Queen of being in a sexual relationship with Oscar Isaac. Queen of ambiguous hand gestures. Queen of delivering a more emotionally resonant performance than Little Orphan Ani.

Rey and Vader next. Darth Vader is iconic and tragic, but is hurt by being a separate entry next to Anakin and, despite all the prophecies and cut off limbs, he was not THAT powerful as a villain and he didn't do a lot in episode VI. Palpatine is more powerful and has been scheming and driving the plot since episode I.
Back. Still sick, but the show must go on.

Who else tied for #4?

Quite possibly the scariest character in the series...

#4. Darth Sidious - 9.308


Highest: 11 x 1 (@New Flame)

Also: 10 x 7 (@DJHazey, My Dad, @Shockbox, @steste, @Big Bang, @PLUTO, @joe_alouder)
Lowest: 6.5 (@2014) <--- Getting his revenge.

Role: Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic/Senate and Emperor of the Galactic Empire. Publically known as Sheev Palpatine, he was born to the dark side as Darth Sidious. Everything he did in a government setting was all part of elaborate evil plans.
Home: Naboo
Age: ~60-65 during the prequels and ~84-88 years old during the original series.
Affiliations: Sith/Royal House of Naboo/Galactic Republic/Galactic Senate/Trade Federation/Confederacy of Independent Systems/Galactic Empire
Master: Darth Plagueis
Apprentices: Darth Maul, Darth Tyranus, Darth Vader
Queen Of: Concealing his true identity and clouding the thoughts of those around him (including the Jedi). His darkside Force powers were unmatched. Appearing as a grandfatherly figure in the Senate, Sidious secretly put forth a plan that would destroy the Jedi Order and create an Empire. If something changed his plans, he could re-calculate effortlessly. Queen of Lightning Attack. Queen of Manipulation. Queen of being someone that even Darth Vader knew was less forgiving.
Appearances: I-III, V-VI
Death: When Darth Vader redeemed himself to save Luke and took both Sidious's life and his own.

That Scene:

His Best:

Fan Commentary:

(My next potential President could be Sith?)

One Stop Candy Shop (8) - He did a good job fooling everyone and then got nastier and nastier throughout the saga. He’s the Trump of Star Wars!! My favourite Palpatine bit is when Mace Windu has him cornered in, and she goes all childish like “No…no…no… You will die!”.

Petty Mayonnaise (8) -

Tribal Spaceman (8) - Emperor of shade more like. Seeing such a memorable character's rise to power is probably one of the best parts of the prequels.

MollieSwift21 (9.5) - Palpatine is the best villain in the movie. I love the plotline of how he takes over control of the senate and gets everyone to agree to give him all this power.

Shockbox (10) - Palpatine almost got my 11. His plan to exterminate the Jedi is FLAWLESS so you gotta give him props for that.

My Dad (10) - My third favorite among the Sith, he had the most diverse character of the 3 though.

Big Bang (10) - Head. Bitch. In. Charge.

PLUTO (10) - He does the absolute most and I live.

steste (10) - I just adore this old queen! Absolutely wonderful, from the prequels to the originals - just fantastic and well played. A character that not only possesses strong powers but also has impressively strong manipulative coaching skills. I love when he chucks out blue sparks while cackling - a belligerent force!

(Give Supreme Chancellor New Flame from the Popjustice-sytem the floor.)

New Flame (11) - Pope Ratzinger’s best role. It was difficult, but he gets my 11 for being such an absolute villain. His strategy to become the Emperor was genius and he tricked everyone over the span of 6 movies, also making him the driving force of the prequels and original trilogy. He seems very pragmatic and realistic (as Palpatine), but also cold and snarly (as the Emperor). The fact the senate applauds for starting an empire is telling how politics really work. I don’t mind they changed the woman/chicken/monkey hologram in episode 5 to Ian Mcdiarmid. Mcdiarmid gave it his all: from coldly ordering Anakin to kill Dooku to telling the intriguing story of Darth Plagueis. Mcdiarmid once said that the only redeeming quality of Palpatine is his interests in the arts, such as that beautiful opera scene in episode 3. I was terrified when he revealed his lightsaber for the first time when Mace and the boys wanted to arrest him. He becomes so vicious and intense. And then he spin-jumps right at them while screeching. You just know those voiceless Jedi’s are fucked. The “Unlimited power!” was over the top, but I don’t mind. That final battle with Yoda in the senate still sends chills over my spine. It’s the absolute battle between Light and Dark. By episode 6, he’s still alive and kickin’ doing casual Empire stuff. He was deadly right until his last moment when he was thrown over the edge like a box of kittens by Darth Vader. It would be stupid if they tried to make Snoke the ‘new Emperor’. He’s a tough act to follow up.

It's time for my 11. Come on guys, it really shouldn't have been that hard to figure out.

I'm not going to talk about what 'exhaust ports' I'm aiming for or who is sitting on whom's face or any of that nonsense. However when I saw the actress that was going to be coming into my life for possibly three iconic movies. I melted into a puddle...


#4. Rey - 9.308


Highest: 11 x 1 (@DJHazey)

Also: 10 x 5 (My Dad, @Shockbox, @steste, @2014, @Petty Mayonnaise)
Lowest: 7.5 (@Big Bang) <--- Unforgiveable. (Kii, I know it's still a fair score.)

My heart still races when I think back to the moment I found out we would finally have a lead-female character. This has always been a male-centric series (Leia and Padme aside) and it was about time the girls got their role model! She is so strikingly beautiful and sleigh me alive with that accent, I was in love. She's so kick-ass and lives/breaths confidence while staying focused and humble at the same time; instant embodiment of the Jedi role. Maybe she is getting to know her Force skills too quickly, but I still live (plus the Storm Trooper escape scene is amazing). This was the first trilogy I was a fan for as it happens and I'm okay with that because I get watch how Rey's character develops.

Role: A Force-sensitive scavenger who would meet BB-8 one day and have her life changed forever. She aided the Resistance in the destruction of the Starkiller and delivered Luke's lightsaber to him on Ahch-To.
Home: Jakku
Age: ~19 years old (I'm seeing she was born 11 years after Endor, this seems a bit too young.)
Affiliation: Resistance
Queen Of: Showing us how powerful the Force in her was before we even met her. The harsh environment she lived in would have made many weaker minded individuals become cynical and guarded against being sympathetic. Rey was always selfless, wanting to help others, and was as generous as she could be. She never gave up hope that one day her family would suddenly return despite having no idea what had happened to them. These qualities would allow her to help BB-8 and Finn immediately and her dreams of adventures in other worlds would soon come true. She resisted talk of her Destiny at first, but the power of the Force both in her and from Luke's lightsaber would awaken inside her. She would start to show us her lightsaber combat skills, Jedi mind tricks, and was able to resist Kylo's attempts to probe her mind. Queen of transferring her skills with a quarterstaff on Jakku to lightsaber skills by the way. Queen of mechanical skills. Queen of pilot skills, culminating in Chewbacca giving her Han's empty pilot chair at the end of the film. Queen of everything and no matter what anybody says I think her character was written perfectly.
Appearances: VII

We Meet Rey the Scavenger

Who's Her Parents:

Kylo's Interrogation

Her Big Fight:

Detailing Her Powers

Fan Commentary:

Big Bang (7.5) - When she was offered Luke's lightsaber she should have done this.

Tribal Spaceman (8) - I like Rey a lot, and that's mostly down to Daisy Ridley being incredibly endearing. It does bug me that she's turned up fully formed and superpowered, so fingers crossed we get a satisfactory backstory in the next two movies.

New Flame (8) - Finally, a female Jedi who isn’t mute! Her transition from scavenger to holding her own against Kylo Ren is a bit unrealistic, but she’s the perfect new entry point for the new trilogy. They did good not making her the child of Han and Leia. It gives them more freedom to explore new territory. In Dutch, we would call her ‘manusje van alles’.

One Stop Candy Shop (8.5) - She’s the new saga’s ‘Luke’, but with a more interesting personality. She gets the job done.

MollieSwift21 (9.5) - A great addition to the Star War universe. The actress that plays her seems great too.

Petty Mayonnaise (10) - Queen of fucking up the patriarchy.

(Yas, she did.)

My Dad (10) - 2nd best female character behind Leia. Could surpass her in future films.

(Well, she's pretty damn close now. I_CANNOT_USE_REAL_WORDS_PROPERLY_)

Shockbox (10) - Like Finn, there were times I felt she was a bit too 'Hollywood hero' with the delivery of her lines but I love that we have a female heroine lead this time.

(I mean you could use that same argument with, oh I don't know Han Solo or Leia and yet they've become iconic. So give it time.)

Okay, I'm off to go lie down. (I feel like there's a vice grip on my entire head.)​
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