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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by fierysadness, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Wrapped Up is so iconic. That epic fail line...

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  2. WHAT A SCENE. Wig flew.
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  3. I want to live in a world where the concert scene became an amusement park attraction where you get to film yourself recreating it, because lord knows it wouldn't require much in the way of rehearsals.
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  4. Hey
    Turn the light on
    'Cause I've got no one to show me
    The way
    I will follow
    'Cause you're my last hope
    I'll do anything you say
    And I tried it my way
    Epic fail saved me from myself
  5. Definitely one of the best and most telling moments of the movie. It's so depressing. It's up to the viewer what to think of the (questionable?) quality of the performance itself and what it means.

    Many fans bop to worse live performances by very popular pop artists.
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  6. Iconic for all the wrong (or right?) reasons and we love it.
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  7. This film will be the next The Room cult classic. The equivalent scene to "oh hi mark" is the scene where Jude Law gives Celeste a pep talk at the recording studio and she goes back to the producer with her new badass attitude and bosses the producer around in the flattest tone ever ("next we will record body talk").

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  8. This movie was awful but I was utterly transfixed beginning to end.
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  9. I just watched this a couple weeks ago. When younger her is also her daughter I was so confused. I was thinking to myself I know I was paying attention what did I miss? Did I leave the room and forget I did? I was also watching by myself so there was nobody for me to verify this with.
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  10. I saw this in the cinema with someone and I checked Wikipedia on my phone to verify for my friend
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  11. Epic Fail wasn't even a thing in 1999 when that song was written with Celestes sister after the deal with the devil to stay alive and release pop hits that cause catrosophes.

    1999 internet was the drunken baby and the hamster song. DUH SIA.

    Still this historical inaccuracy doesn't change how amazing this film is.
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  12. Natalie Portman's strange, faux-Sia but also a nondescript part of Europe? accent for the singing still kills me.
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  13. When young Celeste sings Wrapped Up at the funeral doesn't she sing "and I failed to save me from myself"? Thats a much better lyric. I guess Mess Celeste had to update it for the millennials.
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  14. When's the Criterion release
  15. Edu



    FEEL. ME.

    E! K!
    G! oooh uhhh

  16. rdp


    I'm still kind of shocked from finding out that a session singer did Raffey Cassidy's tracks instead of herself. What kind of Britney Jean tea (I know this is not an uncommon occurrence in musicals but I don't remember the actor's name being used on the OST).
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  17. Yea they're lucky no one cares about this movie or its soundtrack because thats straight up Milli Vanilli shit.
  18. I'm a private girllllll
    In a public worlddddddd

  19. I still can't believe this movie exists.

    Like, the first scene is so harrowing/genuinely amazingly done.

    And then the rest happens! Iconic.
  20. Yeah the first scene is actually so good. You feel like you know this world of winter Staten Island at the end of the 90s and you feel like you've been in that classroom on a damp day with a nice teacher giving a role call. The shooter is scary but also vulnerable looking. The opening credits in ambulance are eery and Mysterious.

    It seemed like it would be another modern sort-of-horror classic like Hereditary, Suspiria or Midsommar but instead it was more like the Room. But we accept the Room and Vox Lux into our family.
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