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Vox Lux

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by fierysadness, Nov 19, 2018.

  1. Let's hope he's secretly working on a sequel, but...

  2. Like watching my sister watch this for the first time last summer was amazing, her initial reaction after the first 20 minutes was her thinking it was gonna be some deep shit and then she was completely thrown for a loop in the second half with the reveal at the end. She did say she understood why people would like it in a messy way akin to Showgirls so she does understand the homosexual psyche somewhat.
  3. I've got emotional many times while listening to Wrapped Up ddd. I think it's actually a really moving song. The vocal production on the Natalie songs is still something diabolical though.
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  4. Vox Lux works because it frequently gets close to good and there's an interesting movie fighting to get out. Like its a mess with trash bops but its also just really enjoyable to talk about
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  5. Vox Lux truly being the last project he’s worked on in any capacity… what a note to retire on, and at only 33? We should all be so lucky.
  6. Maybe Sia has made some points with Your Body Talk.
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  7. I mean playing Connie Britton's son and directing Vox Lux, the boy knew he had peaked.
  8. If everybody would look back at everything I've been saying and preaching and praying and saying! It's a stone cold bop.
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  9. Wrapped Up is a genuinely good song. It really should've been recorded by an actual singer.

    Alive and Your Body Talk fair better since they did get recorded by an actual singer but are bizarrely being passed off as Raffey. So many questions this project invites.
  10. You weren't happy with the Natalie/Sia/Computer/Humanoid hybrid that sang it??
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  11. NOT THIS bring resurrected AGAIN.
  12. She is... iconic.

  13. It's that little trot she does for me - when she's off her tits and gets out the van to go and kneel in the sand, all set to sweeping strings.
  14. Edu


    When we got pics of her on location filming that scene I already knew this movie would be... quite something.
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  15. My heart?

    Like a house beat.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  16. All this talent, all these resources, all these ideas just to say "Fame BAD."

    And also Sia was there.
  17. TWO YEARS LATER and this comment still has me ROLLING.

    I have a bigger TV now and better surround sound, it's time for a rewatch, maybe.

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  18. No maybes about that. It’s part of all our contracts with the devil.
  19. It's the hand/finger choreography.

  20. It seems like I need to watch this movie.
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