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Waiting For That Rate- The George Michael/Wham! Singles Discography Rate- The Winner Is....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Mothers Pride is amazing.
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  2. It is as long as you keep your red hot fingers off my heart baby!
  3. It always reminds me of the first Gulf War conflict back in early 1991 - as it gained a lot of airplay on US/UK Radio. With the lyrics - the tune becomes more haunting!
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  4. A childhood favourite for my school lunchbox.
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  5. Ray


    I won't be giving 'Fastlove' 10 points.

    Throw my remains to the birds of Arnarstapi.
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  6. [​IMG]

    Too Funky
    Somebody To Love
    Killer/ Papa Was A Rolling Stone

    "FIVE LIVE EP" ERA (1992-95)

    In some ways these were the lost years for George Michael, embroiled for much of the time in a lawsuit against Sony, Michael’s pledge only to do charity records held firm and he only released a few singles throughout the period. Personally it was a turbulent time with Michael having his first relationship with a man, Anselmo Feleppa, whom he met in 1991, Feleppa discovered he was HIV positive and then subsequently died in 1993.

    Michael signed up for the Freddie Mercury tribute concert in April 1992 and released the “Five Live EP” in 1993 which saw him the top the charts for a 9th time in the UK.


    His participation in the “Red, Hot + Dance” project saw him gift three tracks originally intended for “Listen Without Prejudice Volume II” to the charity album and saw one of them “Too Funky” make the top 5.

    With the case against Sony lost in early 1994 Michael was bought out of his contract by Virgin and the process of making new music started again- but it was a frustrating time for him.

    George talking about his 1994 court case.
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  7. £52 in today's money for the Freddie Tribute concert
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  8. One day I hope we get some sort of Cover 2 Cover physical product (Blu Ray, CD?) and whatever there is of the Trojan Souls project.
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  9. Depends how greedy they get in time I suppose. I'm still pinning my hopes on a DVD of "The Final" concert along with "Foreign Skies"
  10. That would be worth watching - with Nick Heyward as one of the support acts!
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  11. Ray


    The LWP2 bootleg on Amazon lists:

    Too Funky**
    So Damn Hard
    Do You Really Want To Know?**
    Crazyman Dance**
    Pieces (instrumental)
    Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone (studio)
    Lonely Nights
    Calling You**
    Day And Night
    Tonight (live)*
    Thank You* (instrumental) (and also shit – basically a loop with a bit of vocoder)

    * – leaked
    ** – officially released

    I also have:

    You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) [released as "Infamy featuring Lawrie Demacque"]
    This Kind of Love
    For The Love Of You
    Ain't No Stopping Us Now
    Lady Marmalade (live)

    I wonder if the album version of 'Killer/Papa Was A Rolling Stone' was going to be an edit of the extended mix from the promo CD?

    From all I know Trojan Souls only exists as some unfinished bits. And a lot of 'George Michael' songs that circulate on the Interwebz are actually records by a Polish band called Kismet – the singer was a carbon copy of GM, including his mannerisms, to the degree where one of their ballads charted in Italy, because the DJ believed it to be 'Y2K'. The ones I listed above are almost definitely actual GM. I'm sure y'alls know much more than I do!
  12. I bet that 6 year between studio albums between 90-96, felt like forever at the time.
  13. I remember "Too Funky" being touted as a No 1 back in 92 so i was a bit disappointed when it missed the top spot especially with the likes of Kris Kross and KWS ahead of it...and Erasure doing ABBA!
  14. It did, you'd had Grunge and Britpop emerge. Older arrived just before the Spice Girls' debut single too.
  15. I can't stand that Kris Kross song! 90s classic my eye.
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  16. Ray


    'Too Funky' still might be my 11. Such great, much perfection.
  17. Saw the video on NOW 90S earlier. It never loses it's touch.
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  18. So I would say that the song that has improved the most in my eyes over the course of the rate (compared to pre-rate) is the newest one. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I do given I'm not a fan of his later stuff in general.
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  19. I like Toofunky a lot, but it never sounded like a #1 to me. 1992 was still just before "in at #1 if you had any sort of fanbase" became de rigeur.
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  20. True but as the weakest year of the 90s sales wise you didn't need that many copies to make it to No 1.
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