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Waiting For That Rate- The George Michael/Wham! Singles Discography Rate- The Winner Is....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. Which is the perfect time to remind people please don't reveal your scores for any of the tracks before elimination- keeps the rate exciting!
  2. Message understood!
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  3. Scores all in! Hurrah!
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  4. Still working on it - it's been a hard day in the sunshine so far!
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  5. [​IMG]



    George:“I don’t feel any shame, I feel stupid, and I feel reckless and weak for having allowed my sexuality to be exposed that way, but I don’t feel any shame whatsoever, and neither do I think I should”

    “I’m kind of at a crossroads right now, I think the greatest hits album is at the exactly the right time because I feel like I have to move off in another direction” (1998)

    On April 7th 1998 everything changed, after remaining tight lipped on his sexuality since he found fame, George got busted cottaging in LA (or “entrapment” as he put it) and the newspaper’s were full of the revelation with the Sun famously going with the front page “Zip Me Up Before You GoGo”. Yes George was a gayer (for those who hadn’t guessed already) and to “celebrate” George turned the public humiliation into the hit single “Outside” and launched a greatest hits compilation “Ladies & Gentleman” off its back.

    He insisted the title was no reference to toilets in a media blitz which saw him do the interview rounds that he had sworn off for the better part of a decade. The album spent 8 weeks at No 1 over the Christmas 1998 period and became the second biggest album of the year and one of the top 20 best sellers of the decade.


    Ladies & Gentlemen- I give you one of the finest greatest hits albums of all time.​
  6. Absolutely. Also the new songs are actually great hits too. Well done.
  7. Ray


    I notice that every now and then Ladies & Gentlemen still charts higher in the UK than Twentyfive, and the super limited 3CD edition of Twentyfive retails for like 7p most of the time. (I wonder if GM fans even know what this music steaming is that the young whippersnappers do these days.)

    'A Moment With You' is awful, though.
  8. Part 2 of I Want Your Sex aside, yes. They should have put the single mix, aka Rhythm 1 Lust, on there.
  9. I have a soft spot for part 3 as I lived it through a seduction back in the 90s...it was a very pleasant experience!
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  10. Ladies and Gentlemen, is nothing but short of superb. The fact that the then new singles Outside and As, feel like George Michael classics too and not just filler, is a plus point too.
  11. So many 10's ... sigh.
  12. Ray


    He hated it for some reason, I seem to recall – do you remember why? (I mean, apart from it being awful.)
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  13. I wondered this in my write-up for the single on my blog recently; the most logical reason (as I don't know the answer for sure) is that he associated the single/hit version with that period of time...the single getting banned, the idea it was about hetero sex, the slightly embarrassed TV interviews he did at the time for the release...hard to be sure with George sometimes, he got hung up about things in his career which most people would have been proud to have done.
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  14. Is it just me or is there kind of a dearth of George Michael remixes? His music seems like it would be ripe for remixing, but there doesn't seem to be a lot beyond the extended mixes...
  15. I think that may be due to the famed "control" issues that George had. He didn't want other people distilling his vision in the songs etc. He seemed to only like a few remixers, Johnny Douglas being one.
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  16. The forthright mixes of Fastlove and Spinning The Wheel were great.

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  17. This is quite a cool mix, not long released:
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  18. This is my go to version of "If I Told You That" which has all kinds of "The Boy Is Mine" vibez to it.
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  19. The NOWs tended to include these Forthright mixes - I probably asked this before, but were they ever considered a main mix of the single, ie given radio play in preference to the album mixes?
  20. If memory serves the chart rundown always went with the album version (except Star People 97) of the older tracks. MTV/ The Box etc would be more likely to pay the remixes
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