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Waiting For That Rate- The George Michael/Wham! Singles Discography Rate- The Winner Is....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. [​IMG]

    An indifferent 3 from me. I wonder how much it raised? More than True Faith?
  2. The delusion in thinking these shitfests were going to raise any money.

    Unfortunately we have another half dozen or so total stinkers to go before we get to the simply boring stuff.
  3. Definitely agree on this. It's a flawless (....) vocal, beautifully judged...but, eh, a bit snoozeworthy over the course of 854 minutes.
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  4. About John and Elvis Are Dead, songs about dead singers can be awkward but I like this one, about Marvin Gaye and Jackie Wilson:

    Commodores - Nightshift

    And this one in French about dead 60s idols, there are more of them, so it's a list but it sounds alright. The first verse is about bands that split up.

    Jane Birkin - Ex-fan des sixties
  5. Sorry for some reason I didn't transfer your comments onto my posts- all done now and updated the elimination posts- apologies.
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  6. True Faith is such a good song and with George's amazing voice that cover could've been so good but the vocoder/auto tune just ruins the song in my opinion, so I'm not surprised it left first though at least it's memorable. I'm not sure I can remember how either of the other 2 songs go without actually listening to the, again. Still got a few duds to go yet before we get to the good stuff but it's all good swimmingly so far.
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  7. I wasn't expecting John And Elvis Are Dead to go yet, but it's a snorefest.

    I agree that Roxanne can go. I don't like The Police, I don't like the original, I don't like this.
  8. Am I misremembering, or is John And Elvis based on the reality of George's brother/cousin/nephew (or family member) that had been in a coma or in some way cut off from the outside world since George was a kid, and part of the song is a monologue of these iconic events that have happened and figures who have gone in that time between the 70s and when he wrote the song in the early 00s?

  9. Almost- but the story is fictional.
  10. Ahhhhhhh, right.
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  11. Can't believe you omitted this?

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  12. Ray


    It's memorable the way discovering bed bugs in your house is memorable…
  13. I actually lol'd into my kenko iced latte at this
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  14. Slightly off topic, but do people think that George would have ever got around to releasing the studio album he was working on had he lived? Or do people think it ultimately would have seen a few odd singles here and there and that would be it?
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  15. Is this a joke? It's a song in present tense about their love affair (Marilyn and JFK), not their death.
    I was mentioning songs about multiple dead singers like George's song.
    And yeah Marilyn was a singer but mostly an actress.

    If you are looking for songs about her passing:

    Elton John - Candle In The Wind

    Roch Voisine - On The Outside

    Looking at the video for the first time in decades, I realize it's about other Hollywood legends too: Marlene Dietrich, Ava Gardner, Greta Garbo, Mae West, Rita Hayworth. But it starts with Marilyn, singing to John. And I'm sure there are also many songs about dead presidents.

    I'm sorry but "Marilyn et John" is my favorite song by Vanessa, so I'm well aware of its subject. I can't forget "Marilyn et John"!
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  16. Faith 1987
    LWP 1990
    Older 1996
    Songs From The Last Century 1999
    Patience 2004
    Symphonica 2014

    There were hopeful noises on Twitter and such but I remember thinking around the time of Symphonica the gaps between studio albums were getting increasingly ridiculous. 3 years - fine, then 6 years - ok he was in court for years, then 8 years - ok we got a covers album and a greatest hits in the meantime but that’s excessive, then 10 years wait and it’s a dull covers album / reworking of old hits? I had accepted the dance album was never happening and if it did he was too old for it to be a commercial success.
  17. Sadly I think we would of been lucky to get a few odd singles. I think we were in deluxe editions of past glories territory. Such a troubled genius.
  18. I have a recollection of a very early (solo) George interview in which he said he intended to release an album around every 18 months or so, as he hated how some Artists waited years and years between albums.

    I remember being so glad to hear that, but obviously things turned out very different in the end. Unfortunately I can’t remember when/where that interview took place though.
  19. Oh no, I genuinely thought the song was based on a true story! *face palm*
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  20. Ha, same here. I wonder how my score might have been affected if I'd known.
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