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Waiting For That Rate- The George Michael/Wham! Singles Discography Rate- The Winner Is....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. This is the kind of discussion that keeps 'Comeback Corner' going :)
  2. Interesting comment by George that he only saw room for Culture Club and Wham! at the top. I wonder how he predicted Duran's demise so omnisciently?
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  3. Yes I found that comment interesting so I looked again at the charts. None of their contemporaries (Culture Club, Duran, Spandau) ever had a #1 again after Wham started hitting the summit in May 1984, in fact Culture Club’s fortunes tailed off more quickly than Duran Duran if you ask me. Duran had just had a month at the top in April and then had two more #2 hits in 84-85 including a Bond Theme.

    Culture Club only really had one more significant hit:

    I guess he was thinking internationally (especially the US) at the time though?
  4. I think it was rather more catty than an objective look into the future. He and Simon Le Bon had traded words in the press pre release of WMUBYGG- George claiming the song would debut at No 1 and Le Bon being very smug when it didn't so I suspect it was a dig at Duran Duran to exclude them rather than a detailed analysis of where each of the big four were at that point. Ultimately by the end of 84 he had been proved correct however in so much as Wham! were probably the biggest band in the land, I recall in "Bare" he said that he always believed that he would win the chart battles of 84 as Wham! was basically in house unlike the rest (I remember he included FGTH in the mix) so they weren't reliant on others. Plus he really believed in his songwriting skills.
  5. Ray


    Perhaps I have smoked too much weed in the 90s, but I'd swear I remembered those t-shirts were made by their mums.

    What/who was I thinking of? (Watch it be something like Nickelback)
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  6. I think where you were going is that they made the t-shirts with the Gold writing "Number One" on, his sister was stitching sequins on the night before TOTP and when he put it on for the performance it was so heavy (and you can see that in the performance the way the t-shirt hangs). During the performance he kept on seeing some of them fly off into the crowd. Was that the story?
  7. In other news there is one song left in the rate for each of the remaining "era"'s by way of trivia!
  8. Ray


    YES. Well. I remembered something correctly at least!

    *thanks the Gods that it didn't turn out to be Crazy Frog or something similar*
  9. Oh, when I saw that thread title I was convinced Outside finally got the boot! I still stand by my point that it’s iconic, but enough is enough. Unless it’s at the expense of Father Figure.

    Wake Me Up Before You Go Go is the ultimate joyful pop song and dare I say the biggest Wham classic without sleigh bells? I’ll always remember this one fondly. I remember hearing this right before taking my driving test for the third time (the first two were a disaster due to nerves) and the moment I heard Wham, I knew luck was on my side this time. And it was!

    I also requested this for a video party once and I was under the impression that it was all about “guilty pleasures”, only to find out that everyone else sent in Nirvana, Guns ‘n Roses etc.! Of course, Pray by Take That was also on my wish list, but instead of the classic video version the host went with an acoustic live version instead. Sigh!
  10. Why do I always think of Dame Sally Markam.

    Hooooow many pages is that?
    “Jitterbug.” Said Lord Harper.
    “Jitterbug. You put the boom boom into my heart.....“

  11. Who's ready for another one then?
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  12. And, like "Praying For Time" led the rate at one point......
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  13. [​IMG]



    HIGHEST SCORE: 11 X 2 @letuinmybackdoor @Auntie Beryl 10 X 15 @Remorque @Filippa @phoenix123 @Scoundrel_Days @CorgiCorgiCorgi @Eric Generic @POPGASM @pranavc @Gnuh Gnuh @rawkey @Hairycub1969 @WhatKindOfKylie? @mrdonut @Cotton Park @Vasilios
    LOWEST SCORE: 6 X 1 @Ana Raquel
    AVERAGE SCORE: 9.067

    PEAK POSITION: UK #11, US #1
    UK SALES: 100,000+


    After 5 votes: #8
    After 10 votes: #3
    After 15 votes: #7
    After 20 votes: #6
    After 25 votes: #7
    After 30 votes: #6
    After 35 votes: #6​

    SMASH HITS SAID: Once again, George unveils a blinding talent for wonderful sentiment and swoony lovesome lyrics, all elegantly swathed in pristine “”epic” production and the usual echoey voice-oice which trails-ails off almost every note-ote…it’s in a similar “vein” (though not nearly as good) as “A Different Corner”, it’s perfect Radio Two fodder and it will doubtless be a top ten hit. It is also hugely unexciting.”


    Continuing on the mean and moody image that he was peddling by 1988, “Father Figure” was his 6th US chart topper (including Wham! hits) but created major surprise by only making UK #11- his first single to miss the top 10 here (unless you include “Club Fantastic Megamix” which naturally we don’t). The promo features model Tania Coleridge who indeed is directly related to the famous poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge! George claimed it was the "the most original-sounding thing on the album” and that” it started out as a mid tempo dance track until I muted the snare drum and it altered the whole mood of the track, it just had the finger snaps on it and it just seemed really dreamy”

    It may have won @phoenix123 ‘s excellent rate back in 2011 but on this one it misses the top 5 altogether!


    Popjustice said:

    @letuinmybackdoor (11) “The most perfect record he ever made and one of the most perfect records ever. That middle 8! The first song I played after he died. Just wonderful from start to end.”

    @mrdonut (10) “Straddling gospel, R&B and soul with finesse and adding subversion in its own way, this really was – and is – a triumph”

    @Hairycub1969 (10) “For me this is the best thing on the “Faith” album. Again, completely different from his last single. There’s an atmosphere to this single that oozes late night raunchiness…of course I have lived the lyrics in reverse! The video is amazing too – George looks so hot, moody and very sexy – he could pick me up in a big yellow taxi in NYC anytime and take me down to the meat-packing district! Woof!”

    @rawkey (10) “Seductive, intimate, and loaded with subtext.”

    @Eric Generic (10) “Sublime. Gorgeous. And too subtle by far for the British public who sent it to #11. Number bloody eleven!”

    @Rooneyboy (9.5) “Now we are talking, love it, his first single to miss the Top 10? How strange. For me the start of a great run of his singles”

    @Ray (8.5) “Oh, it's only one of the catchiest melodies ever, one of the possibly best produced pop songs ever… but the only part of it I don't like is George. I don't like what he's doing with his voice (except the chorus and, weirdly, the 'too-doo' bits). I don't like the lyrics all that much. Yet it's still 8.5 because it's that good, except for the bits that aren't.”

    @gezza76 (8) “George gets all gospelly, it works too, dark, brooding and full of angst- that’s how I like my George ballads though this has never been my favourite of his”

    @Sprockrooster (8) “These lyrics are partly exceptional, but also disturbing at some points”

    @nanafan (8) “Classic record, I always find it a bit long though”

    @Untouchable Ace (8) “He has so many iconic songs, you forget that has done so much for music. I didn't realise this was one of his.”

    @berserkboi (7.5) “I have a Love/Dislike relationship with this for some reason, maybe it is the analogy that doesn’t fully sit well with me?”


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  14. We also say goodbye to the "Faith" era before the top 5!

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  15. This only went to #11 in the UK???

    Outside is still in?????

    Throw it outside next, please...
  16. So the top 5- the winner will be one of these!

    Careless Whisper


    Freedom 90


    Too Funky​
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  17. The reason why "Father Figure" peaked at Number 11 in the UK on w/e 16th January 1988:

    1 Heaven is a place on Earth
    2 Always on my mind
    3 House Arrest
    4 Stutter Rap (no sleep 'til bedtime)
    5 I found someone
    6 Angel eyes (Home and away)
    7 All day and all of the night
    8 Sign your name
    9 Come into my life
    10 Rise to the occasion
    11 Father Figure

    I like 1 2 6 8 9 - so for me it would have been at Number 6 that week on it's way to the Top Three!
    Around the corner were:
    13 I think we're alone now
    39 When will I be famous
    90 I should be so lucky
  18. Uno


    Here for a Careless Whisper/ Too Funky top 2.
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