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Waiting For That Rate- The George Michael/Wham! Singles Discography Rate- The Winner Is....

Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by gezza76, Apr 23, 2020.

  1. It's Outside which is the big surprise for me.
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  2. Freedom 90 for the win, I guess. But there's not a lot of variety left.
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  3. I still have no idea what will go! This rate has taken me by surprise.
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  4. Ray


    Agreed with both. I'm a bit flabbergasted – by neither 'Praying For Time' nor 'Jesus To A Child' getting into top 2… 3… 5…, but also by 'Too Funky' (which I love) and 'Outside' (which I really don't) still being in.

    I suppose 'Careless Whisper' had to still be around at this point and I should be grateful for 'Last Christmas' not winning the whole thing…
  5. Rates do no good for your blood pressure I think! I love them of course.
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  6. Every time I've seen a George documentary there's been a big piece on 'Outside' , it's definitely viewed as a major point in his career. So in that sense, it's not a surprise.
  7. Well, I said before that Father Figure has aged the worst for me and what I meant was that the analogy is somewhat creepy for a song that attempts to be seductive. It would have been perfect otherwise. Really surprised that it even won the whole thing the last time around, Freedom ‘90 and Fastlove always struck me as the more obvious winners.

    I do think all of the remaining songs are incredible (although I agree that certain songs deserved better), but at this point we all know what should go next!

    Smash Hits really, really loathed George and Wham, didn’t they? What the hell was that all about?
  8. 11.5 marks separate 5th and 1st!
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  9. I get what you mean, but remember in 1988 the age of consent for gays was still 21 so the line 'sometimes love can be mistaken for a crime' had a real meaning. George would have been mid 20s then so I guess he was singing to someone who in the eyes of the law was a minor. Or maybe he went with someone older and he turned it around. Who knows who he was singing about.
  10. Father Figure has never been a huge favourite and was my lowest score left at 8.5.

    It's an interesting Top 5, not what I would have expected. But I have 2 9's, 2 10's and my 11 left.
  11. It’s a very Popjustice top five. Basically bops and the massive iconic hit.
  12. I'm shocked that Jesus To A child and Father Figure arent top 5. Out of those left I'd like Fastlove to win I think, I've never got sick of that song. A 90s classic, but then I'm an Older die hard fan, it's my favourite album of his.
  13. Another day another elimination! Who's turn is it today? Place your bets now, all leading to the winner revealed on Saturday.....
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  14. Ray


    'Careless Whisper'.
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  15. Good point actually.
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  16. I think Outside’s luck is going to run out today.
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  17. This has been the toughest rate I think. His discography may be relatively short, but near enough everything from 82-98 at least is a total classic.
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  18. Yes. Outside and Toofunky next.
  19. You're so anti-bop!
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  20. I have a bop threshold.
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