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  1. He’s sympathetic in the sense that you feel for him in a way you don’t feel for Ultron, Red Skull, Hela, Malekith, Ego, Ronan etc (just off the top of my head).

    He’s still a villain, hence the millions of deaths you spoke about, but he has a reason that makes you sympathise with him, not just wanting to take over the universe.
  2. I would assume that this was filmed specifically for the trailer as well. The outfit is very 70's and considering we seem to be moving through the decades with each episode, it'd make no sense for Geraldine / Monica to wear and be expelled from Westview in two different 70's looks.
  3. I’m not kidding when I say I’ve rewatched all 3 episodes about 5 times.

    I am in love with this whole concept and I’m so pleased that Disney and Marvel took this route.

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  5. Even though the humour aspect is not my kind of thing, especially full episodes-worth. The stalk was sending me.
  6. I love how unsettling all the sitcom stuff became in the third episode. The off kilter laugh track, the fact that everything feels like it is unraveling.

    Wanda when she turned the mobile in to actual butterflies.
    tenor (2) (13).gif

    Me when Wanda turned the mobile in to actual butterflies.
  7. Well, just to fuck with you even more...
    that wasn't Wanda...

    P.S If you want to know nothing at all, don't open that.
  8. Just watched all three episodes so far and I immediately want to watch them again. Elizabeth Olson is incredible in this. Episode three was a punch to the gut...it's chilling to hear her mention her brother.
  9. Posted this in the MCU thread, but it makes more sense here! I really don't like superhero movies very much, but my friend is dead set on getting me to watch this show. Will it make any sense if I've never seen any of the movies outside of like The Avengers (which I didn't like) and the two Guardians of the Galaxy movies (which were actually pretty decent)?
  10. As someone who’s seen maybe 5 or 6 of the Marvel films (and really didn't think anything about most of them), I’m still thoroughly enjoying this. It doesn’t make much sense yet, but it’s not really supposed to. Not much has been revealed at this point for it to make much sense, no matter how well-versed you are in the Marvel Universe. There are many here who can speak to this better than I can, but it probably doesn’t hurt to have seen all The Avengers films first to have a better understanding of who Wanda & Vision are, as this series doesn’t provide any backstory, but I cannot remember a thing from those films and it isn’t getting in my way.
  11. Although having prior knowledge about the characters would enrich the experience, I feel like this series works well as a standalone series as well. Because the story plays out as a mystery that is slowly unravelling to both the audience and the characters within the series, you don't necessarily need to know the characters' backgrounds to understand what's going on. I think that Disney+ created like two five minutes shorts about Wanda and Vision to help catch the audience up on what's happened so far, if that's something that interests you.

    Also, I'd highly recommend it. Especially if you love a vintage sitcom moment.
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  12. This has more in common with Twin Peaks than your typical superhero movie, it's brilliant.

    But yeah, watch the shorts on both characters first. You'll be more invested.
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  13. While I can see that it might be enjoyable to watch for the mystery element and the sitcom shenanigans, I really question how much anyone who doesn't like superhero movies, or who hasn't seen most of the MCU movies, will actually get out of it.

    You'd be extremely confused by the end, as you either won't know who half the characters are, or you'd have no idea what the series is tying into or leading up to. Also, knowing what has happened to Wanda and Vision and the extent of their stories really add a whole other level of tragedy to what is going to play out.
  14. I would probably recommend ‘Age of Ultron’ as it’s the genesis of both characters, as well as ‘Civil War’ / ‘Infinity War’ as they both feature prominently in them (as well as being two of the best MCU movies).

    Wanda is a multi-faceted character and Wandavision has actually added an entirely new dimension to her, which is all the more interesting when you know what she’s been through.
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  15. People mentioned there are video montages on youtube that are essentially character profiles for each marvel hero, showing what they've been through in previous films. I personally think the series itself is a perfect introduction for the characters so far, and there is at least one big thing that may prove to be a major twist for someone who is not aware of what happened in the films (and I mean that in a good way).
    On the other hand this is what you're missing for your bonus surprise twist:
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  16. You know what everyone calls this a mystery show or a comedy but no one calls it a horror and that's a shame because it's totally a horror. Show me a random horror movie and we'll see if it's even half as unnerving as the moments in WandaVision where the illusion breaks.

    They've really nailed this wonderful tone where they've created this sitcom world and anything that deviates from it, whether it's the music, the acting, or character's actions, it's chilling and kind of activates that second-hand embarrassment part of your brain that makes you wanna curl up when someone says the wrong thing in a conversation.

    It's little things like Herb cutting through the wall, or the Doctor discussing his inability to leave. They're not scary scenes by themselves, but the sudden change of tone, the manipulation of a particularly visual and narrative language that we've all learned from 70 years of television... chefs_kiss.gif

    And that, to answer all y'all trolls up in this thread, is why the show has wholeheartedly embraced itself as a sitcom, not just an homage.
  17. I feel like you're overstating the importance of being familiar with the MCU. The three characters who have previously appeared in the MCU and who aren't Wanda and Vision are two comic relief characters who could have been replaced with generic characters in their professions without changing the narrative—I assume—and a former child.
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  18. At the moment the show is watchable without seeing any of the movies but I feel the whole main question of "why are they there" doesn't really work unless you've seen at least a couple of Wanda's movies. And I think as it goes on it will lean more into the cinematic universe too.
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  19. I watched the first two episodes and kinda don't really understand what is going on...
  20. You get more in episode 3 if you can spare 25 more minutes
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