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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I’m still of the mind that that’s the point. It’s pretty clear they’re going for the slow burn and won’t be explaining much until the end of the season.

    Like they’re stuck in this bizzaro vintage TV world, and something is amiss, but they don’t really want us to know more for now.
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  2. I hear ya. Then I read comments like this:
    And I'm like... huh. Would probably chill me more knowing what the fuck happened to her brother (who is... who?) ddd

    Gonna give it one more episode.
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  3. Her brother was experimented on like her by Hydra which unlocked their posts. He was killed in the second Avengers film saving Hawkeye

    It was also the last time he was ever mentioned nn
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  4. Oh I agree, it’s probably far more impactful knowing the entire backstory, as I’m really not getting the chills/terror/horror that’s being mention here (nor do I know what a Hydra is), but I’m still really enjoying this drip-feed of figuring out there’s some dark-sided something going on and in Episode 3 discovering
    there’s some government or organization running this show and desperately don’t want it interfered with.
    As previously mentioned, it’s all very Truman Show right now, and despite not understanding anything, I’m dying to know more.

    That said, I wish they didn’t hold all revelations until the final 2 minutes each time. I think they could be weaved throughout the episodes a bit better, but it’s still early.
  5. I'm gonna assume it's a bad guy!
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  6. They're a fictional terrorist organization with Nazi affiliations.
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  7. Do we think you really need to know what happened to her brother beforehand? They literally say it in the scene. In general I do not think there will be much that will be unclear to someone with no prior knowledge by the end of this. They were probably mindful of that knowing it would draw in more casuals for being a series. They were never asked about this in interviews etc, were they?
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  8. I mean to be fair no one really knows what is going on.

    It's easier for Marvel-fans to theorize and speculate, but it's not like we have any answers.
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  9. This. Plus, the fate of Pietro isn't the main takeaway from that scene. It's the tonal shift once Wanda is taken out of her sitcom fantasy and brought back to reality for that split second.
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  10. He



    Though I gasped when Geraldine mentioned Ultron. I was like: oh damn, no, watch out!

    Also, it was Monica delivering the baby, right? Not Geraldine. I have to re-watch but I'm sure her accent changed there as well.
  11. If Evan Peters is indeed in this why do they have a different actor playing her brother?
  12. We haven't received any confirmation about who he is playing yet. The assumption that he is playing Pietro is purely speculation.
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  13. A clip for tomorrow's Ep 4. Bit spoilery so:

  14. Based on this trailer, I wonder:
    how much of the episode will be dedicated to Monica debriefing with SWORD about what lead up to her becoming Geraldine and her time in Westview and how much of the episode will be dedicated to Wanda and Vision's adventures in Westview.
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  15. Emma Caulfield has been doing press interviews for the show recently, and she mentioned that Kevin Feige had to personally sign off on her casting. I wonder if he has to sign off on every role, or if it's a sign that she's playing someone of significance?

    I also love the background stories she gives to her characters: https://io9.gizmodo.com/wandavisions-emma-caulfield-sees-a-lot-of-dotties-in-mo-1846144957
  16. Oh I fully agree that this wouldn’t be anywhere near as interesting or impactful if you are an MCU newbie or just aren’t as invested in it.

    I’m a complete MCU nerd so the Easter eggs and foreshadowing is satisfying me no end.
  17. I wonder if the whole episode is going to be from a different perspective? (We don't get the 80s episode until the week after).
  18. I figure it'll be about the other side of the barrier and how Monica got in there as she wasn't in the first era of TV.
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  19. I literally gasped out loud at that moment.
  20. ME TOO. Wow. I need it to be next week... NOW!
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