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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I gave up because none of it makes sense to my non-fan sensibilities ddd
  2. Rob


    Damn, what an episode. The below scene gave me chills. This is going to be heartbreaking when Wanda's world comes crumbling down.

    Vision's hollowed out skull with the maggots coming out of him.

  3. So do we think Vision is entirely a fabrication of Wanda’s mind? Or has she reanimated his corpse somehow and the body is bouncing around the house?

    Also are the twins real??
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  4. I’m 99% certain the twins are real and Vision isn’t a fabrication because he’s interacted with other characters in the show

    What we should pay attention to is that two characters that didn’t get SWORD profiles was Dottie and Agnes
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  5. Regarding Vision, Bettany mentioned a cut Endgame end credit scene...
    "At one point there was going to be a tag, where [Wanda] opened a sort of body bag drawer and there was the Vision," Bettany told IMDB. "[Marvel Studios’] Kevin [Feige] kind of talked to me and said, 'I've got to pull the shots.' And I was like, 'Ugh!' Because I really wanted that profit participation!”

    So I assume Wanda stole his body.
  6. But you're here now
  7. Did you miss the conversation before? We all had a great one about if this show will work for non-fans. Looks like as of episode three/four it won’t. I’m glad you like it, though! Seems like it’s a winner.
  8. But here you are?
  9. I’m leaving now, thank you.
  10. Yeah Vision is actually there but if his mind stone is not there what entity is controlling him? He actually seems to have a conscious and remembers at times the reality he's living in is not real.
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  11. He


    I guess there's some Vision left, since it was established he was much more than the Mind Stone. Also, Wanda's Powers come (partly) from it, so maybe its power lives inside her still... or something convoluted like that.

    Even though the episode was heavy on the exposition, it didn't feel heavy handed, and quickly recovered.
  12. He


    Why do they need old TVs? That took me out a bit...
  13. I assume it had to do with whatever the frequency/cathode-ray tube stuff that the old tvs have that new ones don't?
  14. New trailer for the remaining five episodes

    I regret watching it...
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  15. He


    Yeah, but I'm sure they'd have equipment that catches that? I guess it's not super important.

    Definitely not watch that new trailer!
  16. Just started watching the new episode and didn’t realise I had the language on German. I just assumed it was the gimmick for this episode like the whole sitcom thing and didn’t click until about 5 minutes in that that wasn’t the case.
  17. This happened to a friend of mine and he thought the exact same thing.
  18. They mentioned a frequency and maybe the old TV's with the rabbit ears are the only ones that could tune into that frequency?
  19. Not the way I meant that, I meant I thought you were still here and interested.
    Anyway, back to the show:

    I wonder if Wanda has reanimated Vision's corpse or if it was just a glitch during the scene at the end
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  20. First post in this thread, Hi!

    Wow, what an episode. I’ve loved them all so far and today’s was so good.
    Wanda is such an interesting character and Elizabeth is knocking it out of park!
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