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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Am I really going to stay awake until 3 AM to watch this as soon as it goes up? Why, yes, yes I am. I still remember getting giddy with excitement when Vision saved Wanda in Age of Ultron, and it's about time the characters got their turn in the spotlight.
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  2. I’m ridiculously excited for this.
  3. Here. We. Go.
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  4. I watched the episodes with my friend while we video chatted, and spent the next hour talking and theorizing.
    I'm obsessed.
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  5. Just about to give the episodes a second viewing but there’s definitely a lot to talk about
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  6. Enjoyed the first episode, loved the second one, specially the magic routine and the ending.
    So "Ralph" is Mephisto.
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  7. The aspect ratio of the first episode
  8. Episode 1 thoughts:
    What a great homage to the 50s sitcom. It was hilarious and I had a such a big smile on my face throughout the whole episode

    I think Vision is connected to the creation of this world somehow which was hinted at when he was at work and the employee said that you do all the processing

    The dinner scene was incredibly dark, like when Mr Hart was choking and his wife was saying “stop it” but smiling while she was doing it as if she wasn’t able to break the illusion of everything being happy in this sitcom

    Episode 2
    Now this is where things get interesting and the mystery starts to reveal itself. The episode itself was great again, drunk Vision was hilarious during the magic scene

    Geraldine being genuinely shocked when Wanda asked what her name was felt like Wanda was breaking off from the ‘script’ of the show so to say.

    The colour bleeding through via the plane and Dottie bleeding felt like reality beginning to seep back through

    I dunno where all these ‘characters’ are from but I think they’re in the show against their own will and Wanda being like “no” and rewinding time when the beekeeper appeared was intriguing and of course ending on that cliffhanger of everything coming into colour was ingenious

    Now I think the adverts that appear during the show are to do with traumatic memories from Wanda’s past. The first one being the Stark bomb that nearly killed her and the second one being when she was experimented on by Hydra

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  9. It's very good. Kathryn and Elizabeth can do no wrong, it looks great, has a strong sense of humour (for now) and I eagerly await to see where it all goes and how or what it's all about.
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  10. I really enjoyed the first episode; even without revealing much it worked as a fun little skit. Elizabeth is really, really good.
  11. I really enjoyed both episodes. This is really allowing Olsen to shine in a different way in the MCU. I like the mystery being built up.

    Having said that, do I only like it because I'm an MCU nerd? Will it appeal to people that have followed the MCU but are not that invested in it (i.e. my partner who I will watch it with tonight, that'll be the test).
  12. I need the rest of the episodes. Stat.

    I'm glad that Elizabeth is getting the chance to show off her acting chops after being underutilized and misdirected by having to do that horrid accent when she first premiered.
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  13. This was bizarre and equally brilliant. I can't wait to see where this goes.
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  14. I loved it, even though I think I’m gonna have to re-watch it again to take everything in! I feel like there’s a lot of Easter eggs hidden away. The acting is terrific!!

    I’m glad this is out weekly, we get the time to properly take each episode in and think about it. Which I think, in the long run, will make the show much more memorable.
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  15. Can I also say how nice it is to see Anyanka herself Emma Caulfield getting a substantial role in a huge production like this?
  16. I love this so much, it's so charming and the nods to classic sitcoms like Bewitched gave me such a warm feeling of nostalgia.
    The TV ads in the show giving nods to Stark and Strucker Industries were delicious little pieces.
  17. Well I loved it. The attention to detail in their homages is incredible. Their house in episode 2 is even an almost exact recreation of Samantha Stephen's house. Almost disappointed Wanda didn't twitch her nose at some point!
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  18. I liked it a lot too. I enjoyed the throwbacks to I Love Lucy and Bewitched and the moments of reality intruding into their fantasy. That banging in the second episode was really unsettling.

    Wanda's desperate need to fit in and appear to be normal really resonates with me and Elizabeth acts it so well.
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  19. I absolutely adored it. I grew up watching Lucy and Bewitched reruns on TV, so these have been right up my alley. My only gripe is that this will probably be the only time we'll ever see something like this from the MCU. I would legit take multiple seasons of Wanda and Vision sitcom antics, just trying to hide their powers from their neighbors.

    The fact that they kept her involvement under wraps for so long makes me wonder if she's central to the mystery. Her Stepford Wives accent was so unsettling.

    Now that I think about, I would've killed for a crossover with the OG MCU Dottie: [​IMG]
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