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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Isn’t is Modern Family though?
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  2. Both have the same kind of documentary to camera piece style
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  3. It’s Modern Family but they mentioned Office as it uses the same mockumentary style. I think the episodes will be getting longer now too since they mentioned it was a 6 hour show and I think we are around 2h40m mark right now (but I haven’t added any official numbers up).
  4. I wonder if Episode 1 and 2 were originally one episode before they decided to cut it up into two to fit the typical runtime of a sitcom episode. It'd make sense as to why they were released together.
  5. So the new rumour doing the rounds is that
    the villain of this is Nightmare, not Mephisto. He will be the villain in Doctor Strange 2 so it makes sense. It wouldn’t be the first time that the MCU has changed famous comic storylines to fit their universe (looking at Civil War).
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  6. This would make a lot of sense -
    With the show being available in China, they'd never allow it if Mephisto was the villain because any kind of satanic imagery is a big no-no over there.
  7. Yeah that’s been rumoured since last year, there’s so many possibilities it’s hard to pin down. Paul said some of the fan theories are really accurate but he obviously never said which ones. Will be interesting to see.
  8. Yeah that rumour was around since before it started airing. It's definitely plausible and some of the theories really could work.
  9. TM


    This video is from October 2019, but I think it's onto something and it's where the story is heading. It makes some points that are spot on already:
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  10. Ugh I saw spoilers for episode 7.... Can’t even go on YouTube at the moment, so annoying.

    Anyway, has anyone seen the promo for episode 7? What I’m Putting into spoiler isn’t something I know to be true but going by the promo I can’t connect anything else with it. It makes sense but also seems like a huge thing to just put it in a promo?
    Anyway, the new Promo, looks exactly like Magneto using his power on Vision, you only see from behind though.
  11. That's fake content that people keep trying to pass off as real.
  12. The amount of "trailers" for WandaVision with clips from Sorry For Your Loss on YouTube is ridiculous, tbh.
  13. Yup! And the one that @irishlamb is mentioning, it's clearly made by someone who doesn't work or know film rules. The two shots break the 180 degree rule between shots.
  14. Oh shit really? Thank god haha I wasn’t really paying that much attention to be honest.
    Thanks for correcting me!
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  15. Those fake trailers are driving me crazy, and they'll upload like two a day and gets millions of views. I wish Disney would get them removed.
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  16. Though the spoilers of episode 7 on Reddit are highly probably true, so beware!
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  17. I really like how Disney are willing to hold everything back for this now, no promos each week for the next episode, no "Next Time on Wandavision" at the end of an episode. If it were not for leaks etc most people would be in the dark on whats to come.
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  18. That fake trailer wasn’t the spoiler I read sadly, the ones I read are concrete, apparently the person they came from have been dead on with the last two episodes. And they’re in line with the spoilers a poster here posted a while back.
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  19. Is it the leaks that were on 4chan? Do we know how reliable the source is?
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