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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I disagree - this has been about how we process grief, and how messy and convoluted a process that is. What one draws upon for comfort when pushed so far into despair, grief and depression, and how to even those close to you it might not make sense. She brought “Vision” back already - and that has not solved her sorrow. Vision himself asked this episode, as Wanda has begun to realise what she’s done (as have we the viewer), “what is grief if not love persevering?”.

    Presumably she will be met by the White Vision who if he’s like the comics will be
    emotionless and nothing like the vision she loved and it will ideally cement in her that it’s ok to love and to lose, and that it hurts, every time, but that she has to continue holding onto the love and not the other feelings literally threatening to overwhelm her and others.

    Bringing Vision back to life after this would undermine the point of what she’s gone through, and what she’s put others through in the process.
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  2. I enjoyed this episode less than the rest of the season, but I think part of that is everything so far tricking me into thinking I was watching HBO Prestige Drama. This was a snap back to (very emotionally engaging) superhero fare, and that’s fine.
  3. I mean, it’s still very HBO like... Serving up emotional drama with every episode until the finale, where a big spectacle takes place. Except this is doing it a whole lot better than The Undoing...
  4. I know a lot of people are going to be disappointed when the rumored 50 minute finale is going to ignore the loose ends and theories people have been speculating for weeks. I just hope we get some emotional closure because I’m sure the ending is going to be a cliffhanger.
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  5. Surely the tenth episode rumours come from the documentary the week after? I am definitely excited to see how they put this masterpiece together.

    It's genuinely been the most thrilling show I can think of.
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  6. I do think a lot of the loose ends are going to be nothing: the rabbit will be just a fucking rabbit.

    I agree that a cliffhanger seems likely, maybe leading to a second season, but it would be great to have this as a one-season wonder.
  7. This has basically been confirmed as a one season show aka miniseries. Loki and the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series are multiple season shows though. I do think there are some things that aren’t what they appear to be but I also think things like the bunny aren’t going to be anything too. Really curious to see how this all turns out next week. Someone mentioned on Reddit that the episode is 50 minutes.
  8. Surely Evan Peters isn’t just there as an in-joke for the fans? Agatha’s description of him was like “oh him? He was the best I could do”. Surely his casting actually has to mean something other than being a fan tease.
  9. So about Agatha being evil/good. I have a little theory that she doesn't really have a noose around Wanda's kids' throats and it is all an illusion she created to test Wanda's power.

    The streets were full of people when Agatha took Wanda inside. Then Monica and Fietro were literally at the top of Agatha's basement stairs and Vision was shooting through the sky to get his kids. Yet when Agatha and Wanda have their showdown in the street, there's nobody anywhere to be seen. So, I think it's all an illusion. Am I digging too deep?
  10. As a new fan who wouldn't have known Quicksilver from Adam three weeks ago, I can tell you he really comes across as a main character in this. I am convinced his ''snoopers gon' snoop'' means something and that Agatha insisting ''your real brother's body is on another continent, so necromancy was out of the question'' when literally noone asked and she was so concise about everything else is setting up the return of real Pietro. Or at least as real a Pietro as Wanda's Vision is 'real'.
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  11. Yeah, I was really expecting a line along the lines of ‘I had to grab him from another universe instead’.
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  12. There will definitely be some cliffhangers because this show is a trilogy with Spiderman: No Way Home and Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness.
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  13. But one can't have a Multiverse of Madness without a Multiverse. So really it would be uncooperative of Wanda not to go insane and rip time/space to shreds in the last minutes of the show.
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  14. The multiverse was referenced in the first Doctor Strange film and it was mainly used to talk about different dimensions if I remember rightly. I am sure Doctor Strange 2 will factor in parallel universes to an extent, but I do wonder how far they will take it. It feels like maybe fan speculation might have built it up a lot so far?
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  15. Wanda could be woven into Doctor Strange with the motive of finding her kids if she doesn’t get them back at the end of the finale. With the potential setup for Young Avengers looking to come sooner rather than later, not to mention the kids being able to age up within the hex, it wouldn’t make sense to have them absorbed, cease to exist and reincarnated.

    As much as this show has made me really appreciate Vision, and I could see White Vision merging with Wanda’s created Vision, I think it could cheapen his death to have him come back. This show is working to potentially propel Wanda forward in the MCU while giving Vision a proper send off.
  16. This episode made me think of Buffy's Weight of the World. That moment of introspection/Witch of Christmas past thing. So by that logic the next episode will be akin to The Gift which I am more that here for.
  17. So after re-watching each episode I noticed Darcy said Hayward was tracking Vision by the decaying Vibranium? But Wanda never took his body, right? So how was he tracking him?
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  18. It's a bit foggy since Agatha called them "illusions" but prior to that all evidence pointed to everything in the bubble being as real as it gets. Vision in the bubble is not in his original body (and as such missing his memories etc) but for all intents and purposes on a physical level he is 100% Vision (same with his """spirit""" too if I interpreted the episode correctly).
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  19. I guess, as someone already said here, she is kind of Loki. She wants to survive, not matter the cost, by any means necessary, but she is not the kind of villain who wants to rule the world.The fact that she is almost 400 years old might be a clue that she has been living among humans/avengers "in peace" without being notice before.
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  20. I’m holding on to hope that, since there’s only one episode left, we’ll have Agatha carried over in to Doctor Strange 2. Surely they wouldn’t just give us two episodes of such an iconic villain...?
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