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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Cate Blanchett begs to differ...
  2. He


    I also hope they keep Agatha around. If not, she still had an iconic run.
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  3. I’m still adamant they’ll bring Hela back. Gay rights!
  4. This but with every character in the show. I want to see them all again; Agatha, Monica, Woo, Darcy. I particularly loved the team of the latter three, but I could see Woo and Darcy at least maybe working together in the next Ant-Man film.
  5. Agreed apart from Woo, unless they recast him. His acting is dreadful!
  6. Is it Friday yet?

    Feels like my life's only direction at the moment is the finale.

    I've seen lots of reports that the final episode is 50 minutes (including the credits), which scares me. That's just not long enough to do what they still have to do and not undercook it. The episodes just fly by. I need a movie to finish this off.
  7. BTG


    I will not stand any Zaddy Woo slander.
  8. I think the intent of the Marvel shows is two-fold. Continue the narrative of the movies but then also to drive people back to theaters. I'll be surprised if 50% of these shows have "satisfying endings". Regardless I love how the TV format is giving us so much character development that can be lacking in the movies.
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  9. 50 minutes is a long time though. It’s nearly half the running time of some MCU films.
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  10. There was an interesting article which talked about how they marry up the series and the films with how much the audience needs to know. How much exposition will there be in Doctor Strange 2 for those that haven't seen WandaVision? And the same for Ms Marvel and Monica with Captain Marvel 2? I know they want the limited series to be viewed on the same level as the films but it depends how the audience responds
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  11. Feige has said that that they have to treat the films as if the TV shows aren’t mandatory viewing, but that you’ll be “right up to speed” if you have watched. I’m expecting some potentially clumsy exposition and paraphrasing in both Doctor Strange 2 and Captain Marvel 2. I actually think there’s a good possibility that the 2022 release of Doctor Strange will probably drive more people to check out WandaVision who haven’t seen it this year.
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  12. I think Infinity War did a great job of putting together characters who hadn't been together before however we had seen those characters in their own films

    I have a friend who was really intrigued about WandaVision and is interested in starting her MCU journey. I told her to start with Iron Man and go from there - but tempted to tell her to just to do the Avengers films and see if she can keep up as a newbie
  13. Disney+ subscriptions are probably the number one reason these shows exist, teebs.

    I don’t know that I see this as any more of a problem for WandaVision and Doctor Strange 2 than for any other film in the MCU, and especially the mainline Avengers movies. They’ve proven over and over that they can make it work.
  14. BTG


    Let’s be real though, they’ve managed to juggle the die-hards and the GP for over a decade now, I have no doubt they’ll be able to catch anyone up to speed the same way they have done for literally every movie so far.
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  15. I think it's just the crossing of mediums. I'm sure they will do a significant push of the series ahead of any movie release
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  16. Feige realising that the general public really don’t care if you drop them in the middle of a story so long as it’s a bit funny and full of action is one of his greatest innovations, truly. Save me from endless origin stories, Daddy Kev.
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  17. I’m emotionally invested in 1 out of 4 teebs
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  18. Elizabeth has done a great job of making Wanda someone you just can’t help but root for.
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  19. I love

    The parallels of Agatha almost being murdered by her mother because of her immense power, and how Wanada has kind of suffered the same fate with her power being out of control while the army encroaches on her hex, thinking that she is/has been acting maliciously. I believe Agatha is chaotic (In the comics she's all over the place), but that witch trial scene really said to me that she has always been misunderstood for what she can do. I think they may touch on this parallel a little more. I could even see Agatha going on to assist and mentor Wanda and help her with her power after this series, a contrast to what happened with her and her own mother.

    AND GIRLS, can we get disney+ to sign the contracts for THAT iconic witchy buddy cop series?!
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