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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I thought they really managed to handle the humor well. It didn't feel dated or forced to me at all, outside of keeping with the aesthetic they reference. I liked that when things grew calmer or more grounded this sense of things being off would settle in.

    I also think it is absolutely ridiculous that in this day and age we still have series with episodes released weekly. (From the viewer's perspective of course, for them it's good business.) It is good that things are broken into episodes so that we can better manage when to pause, but there is a reason why Netflix caught up the way it did. It did something that already made sense for people, and that is the option to watch as much as they want to, when they want to.

    Like, I can't do anything about it, I'll wait, but at the same time people who appreciate taking their time between episodes could still do it even if I had the option to watch it all in one go. I always feel like my connection to the material is diminishing by the week when following the weekly format, unless it's something lighthearted like those series where each episode follows the exact same structure and continuity hardly matters.
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  2. This is why I’m glad the show is pushing back against the instant gratification of streaming all episodes at once. I for once am loving the slow build mystery, letting the sense of unease percolate and people speculate on what’s going on. All these questions on where it’s going and what twists are coming... those are good qualities for a mystery?!

    This is the first MCU property aside from Black Panther I’ve actually been interested to watch on release.
  3. It's weird, I think my connection to the material strengthens when I have time to process and absorb it instead of being done with it in two days. Also, it's kind of hard to take your time with the material when Twitter and Youtube are full of spoilers. You'd basically have to stay away from the internet entirely.

    Also, there's been a lot of pushback for the Netflix model lately, both from creators who complain their shows come and go and viewers who long for the weekly model of Hulu/Disney/Apple. I think even Netflix has experimented with weekly drops for some shows so it's not exactly an unqualified success.
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  4. The problem being there's a higher risk of running into spoilers.
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  5. Yeah, I can see how that is too out of one's hands to deal with if they want to pace themselves.
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  6. And people who want to watch all in one go can still do that too, just what until it is all released or the week before the last episode to start watching.

    People who want everything know might be too used to the movies but the MCU for me has always been like a big interconnected TV show but in movie form so the week to week release is better then the one movie every 5 months deal. Maybe once people get use to the linear TV schedule like the Mandalorian, people will be more open to it. I remember people complaining about that show's first series being like a monster of the week show with no thread connecting the series but then the series finale changed that, so yeah, just wait.
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  7. I was browsing Marvel’s Instagram posts earlier and saw people complaining that it’s too slow in developing the plot and they won’t bother with the rest.

    Like, hun, how short is your attention span that you’ve watched two episodes and gave up. Honestly.
  8. I can't imagine not wanting to watch it after the way episode 2 ended.
  9. Falcon and the Winter Soldier was supposed to be the first show out, and that would've been a much safer introduction. I hope the seemingly divided reaction to this doesn't make Feige retreat from more out-of-the-box premises. I'm pretty sure She-Hulk is gonna be even weirder and crazier, and it'd be a shame if they dial that down.

    I'm a bit surprised that some people didn't find it funny at all. Like, am I the only one who cracked up at Paul Bettany hamming it up with the physical comedy during the magic act? We've spent so many years watching him as dull, stodgy Vision that it was a delight to see him inebriated on gum. Also, "Is that how mirrors work?"

    But all of the happy sitcom stuff belies the underlying sadness that Wanda is going through, which is why I think the setting is perfect. What better way to insulate yourself from your grief than by living in a world where all your problems get solved in 30 minutes? And when the sitcom facade finally falls, it's going to be all the more heartbreaking. I'm really dreading it, tbh, because it's been so nice to see Wanda be happy for a change.
  10. Will preface by saying I went into this as someone who has zero interest in the Marvel Universe, and has only seen a handful of the films, but tuned in because I adore Elizabeth/Kathryn/Emma/Teyonah and thought the trailer made it look like much more than the usual, CW-esque superhero series. I really enjoyed the episodes. Talk about being a perfect homage to the shows it touches on, and the performances are already outstanding. That said, I do wish a few more clues/teases into the overarching story were given to really grab more casual viewers like me into the bigger mystery. If someone hadn’t seen the trailers, I’m not sure you’d really get the sense there is more to the show than the ‘Bewitched’ homage, and that joke began to wear thin by the end (which luckily, as we more informed viewers know, is when the show is moving into different territory). There was more than enough here to hook me, and I think both the shorter format & the weekly release plan will really help in the long run, but I can understand why less “patient” viewers would be losing interest.

    Also, did anyone else notice bizarre coloring issues throughout? Things and faces were changing between grey and green all the time, and it got to a point where I assumed it had to be intentional because I started to find it really distracting.
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  11. He


    The episodes are 20 minutes long!! I get if this had been the usual 50-minute slog per episode Netflix put us through, but it really is just a tiny slice of a much bigger story.

    The impatience is kind of hilarious.
  12. BTG


    I’m sure the GP would’ve stanned the straight male nonsense of Falcon and the Winter Soldier (expecting *checks notes* Sharon to be enough to pacify the gays? Get real) but this is a bit of a triumph?

    It’s funny, it’s camp, it’s unnerving, it’s fashion, it’s a love letter to situation comedy and Elizabeth is a star. Despite my knowledge of the comics, I really have no idea where this is going and I can’t wait to find out.

    I mean, the nerve to come out the gate and gag me with Emma Caulfield? And possibly making her a key villain? Potentially giving me Wanda’s fag son? They didn’t have the right. They didn’t.

    I feel like Wanda is largely in control of her own narrative in this but someone else is also involved pulling the strings for their own benefit?
  13. It's disappointing to read that this has divided fans (although I guess I understand why since there was no action or sci-fi shenanigans) but this has been a hit with critics so they hopefully they will keep making weird stuff.
  14. I assumed the absolute hotness of both Anthony Mackie and Sebastian Stan would be enough to pacify guys ddd.
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  15. I can't wait for the general public's reaction to FatWS being a gay love story in disguise. I don't care if it isn't, but that'll be my reality.

    I have residual love of Emily Van Camp from Revenge, so I've totally been waiting for her to reprise Agent 13.

    And I'm getting a creepy Rosemary's Baby vibe with all of the "For the Children" stuff. Even in the first episode, Agnes and Mrs. Hart seemed to be pushing Wanda to have kids.
  16. Bucky and Steve were clearly in love with each other, and I would love to see Bucky move on by being with Sam dddd.
  17. The comedy in this show is beat-for-beat perfect and if you don't find it funny it's low key not the show at fault ddd
  18. Weekly is perfect for this just like it was when Twin Peaks Season 3 was coming out. Shows that are meant to be digested slowly and build mystery should not bend to the whim of Random Subscriber #756 who’s pissed they can’t sit and rot and binge the whole thing at once in order to say “completed it!” on Twitter.
  19. BTG


    These girls haven’t watched six seasons of LOST weekly (and with hiatuses) and it shows.
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