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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I know practically nothing about the Marvel universe, but I blindly starting watching this last night and finished tonight. It was amazing and probably my favorite series I’ve watched in the past year. I went into it having zero context of their backstory or what the series was going to evolve into past the 50s sitcom setup, so I was in for a lot of awesome surprises along the way.

    I’m not that into the superhero world but this was done in such a unique and creative way. Other than the emotional depth, my favorite part of this series was how they nailed every sitcom era to a tee. They way they adapted the different styles to their own dialogue was just plain awesome. And I also love how it was packed with mostly all strong female leads. Bravo to everyone who was involved in this.
  2. Not only was the series a joy its now created one of my favourite ever memes.

    Screenshot_20210304-153311_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210304-153135_WhatsApp.jpg Screenshot_20210304-153257_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210304-153235_Chrome.jpg Screenshot_20210304-153220_Chrome.jpg
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  3. I couldn’t help but think about this as I was watching...

    Wanda was really out there living her best Britney Pepsi commercial fantasy huh?
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  4. The emotional bits were incredibly well-acted and earned, bravo there.

    Wanda's new hair IS the moment.

    The rest...all I will say is: apparently no one at Marvel has heard of Chekhov's Gun.
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  5. Oh. Ddd, even the unintended(?) choices turned out messy?
  6. [​IMG]

    I can’t stop thinking about Lizzie in full drag. The way that this was secretly a 6 hour origin story for Scarlet Witch .... everybody say thank you Kevin Feige !
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  7. I've got a meme for that!

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  8. WV_details.jpg
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  9. I know Disney+ is a bit cagey with viewership details but I feel like this had to have performed better than The Mandalorian right?
    Maybe I’m in a bubble but this was everywhere, constantly trending, a new think piece every few days and it really captured the zeitgeist.

    Grogu was cute and all but I think Agatha crushed him under her witch shoe. . .
  10. I agree that the only aspect that felt unsatisfying was the Fietro thing. I wish there was some sort of nod that he was pulled from a different multiverse without explicitly making the Fox films canon, instead of him being just a guy. It was anticlimactic and like they were intentionally yanking our chains.
  11. The only positive to this being over is not having the read 16 pages about how Dottie is secretly a major character despite being totally absent from all but like one episode.
  12. Wait. Are we talking about ‘Endgame’ here?
  13. But Grogu has the toy sales...
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  14. The Christmas 2021 Grogu Smasher
  15. I really don’t get why people find this unsatisfying on that level? This is an entirely different studio/universe than Fox and the casting was a wink to fans - and kind of acknowledged in-show too? It was meant to throw Wanda off, whose powers were beginning to lose focus, and it was a gag moment for us as viewers. But other than die hards who convinced themselves of their own theories and knew SW is appearing in Dr.Strange 2, it’s... not that big a deal? Chris Evans plays Cap and Human Torch in different franchises, both Marvel. Sure time has passed AND Evan’s casting was intentionally loaded, but this whole “they fucked with fans!” is just...bizarre to me. You’re the audience. The word “fans” has become unwieldy and entirely too entitled. I love the fan online communities I am part of, and there are positives that come of the relationship between increasingly monolithic “fan communities” and studios/show runners/writers, but they can also become warped by their own echo chamber of expectations.
  16. Wandavision definitely performed better than The Mandalorian I think. Like sure Mando had some memes appear throughout its season because of Yoda but Wandavision dominated twitter trending topics for days every week (I know this isn’t a really metric but it shows it generated a lot of discussion). Quicksilver was trending for 3 days straight after episode 5 aired. And Wandavision didn’t have to rely on cheap fan service moments in the season finale, Mando can’t relate.
  17. WandaVision is a much better show than the Mandalorian. That’s all that counts.
  18. I just don't see what narrative point the casting served other than a "gotcha!" moment to the audience which is inherently cheap. I can't think of another choice in the show that was simply meant to incite engagement with no real payoff and as such, it is the definition of a worthless stunt.
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