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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. Ddd, arguing that between the people who want to wait and the people who do not want to wait, it's the latter that should do the waiting, is... an interesting take. I was not trying to tell people what to do, but rather to explain how I see the situation and why I do not understand why this is something that bothers them. The argument about how exposure to the content through social media etc can ruin the experience for them is a perfectly valid counter argument. Either way, I absolutely do what you say unless it's shows that have been going on for ages, like Grey's Anatomy (and I think it is exactly because any kind of emotional connection to the material has been lost). Wandavision was an exception because I was so eager to see it and I knew it would end soon enough anyway.
  2. same fffff it's the only reason I'm gonna watch FatWS. Couldn't give a fuck about those characters otherwise.
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  3. I’m completely against a show like this being dropped all in one go, I’m really looking forward to the next few weeks of watching this episode by episode and analysing the easter eggs and clues throughout. Had it been all in one drop I feel like there would be less satisfaction to the eventual payoff.

    It seems shortsighted and impatient of people to moan about there not being enough in these first two episodes. The show is based around a mystery so answering too much of that would make the rest of the series semi-redundant?

    I anticipate the exposition will build, certainly I imagine having Randall Park and Darcy Lewis investigating will contribute to this, and the sitcom glamour will likely fall away completely for the final couple of episodes.
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  4. A person waiting until a weekly show's finale to binge is less likely to come across series spoilers (and can avoid finale spoilers entirely), while a person pacing themselves on a show that's dropped in full has to live with every spoiler being out there from day one.

    So, like, yes. The person who wants to binge should wait for it, because it exposes the least people to the least spoilers and is therefore the fairest way to release a series...
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  5. I think dumping a whole season is fine for limited series like The Queen's Gambit, How They See Us, Alias Grace and the like. Something you can watch comfortable during a lazy weekend and be done with it by Monday.

    A show that thrives in its mystery like WandaVision (and Lost, like @BTG said) just couldn't work like that. Come said Monday everyone would be at different points, and it becomes a lot harder to avoid spoilers like that. So I'm happy Disney+ is doing the whole weekly release thing, because it gives everyone time to be on the same page.
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  6. There seems to be a huge amount of conversation about this online so I think Marvel achieved their goals. I realize there are some "there is no story!" moaners but I'm pretty sure the plot machinations are forthcoming. For now, I am enjoying bathing in the warm glow of nostalgia.
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  7. Yeah, I also wait until the entire series is over some times. I'm doing it with the Boys currently. It really is not that hard if you haven't started watching any of the episodes. I just didn't have the perspective of how things could be ruined for others because of something related to the context of how we consume this medium and not the format itself per se.
  8. BTG


    Exactly. Just look at much conversation we’ve got out of two episodes. If this was released all at once, we’d likely have the same amount of pages as now, except they would be our final thoughts. Thread over.

    It’s so refreshing to watch something slowly unravel like this with us all on the same page.
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  9. Just wait until episode 3 of WandaVision drops. All the reviewers who've received the Disney screeners, mentioned that the third episode is when things start ramping up and the plot starts moving at a more quicker pace. People just need a bit of patience. I would say if by third episode people are still complaining, it's simply not the show for them.
  10. I’ll just say as someone who loves discussing television, and also does it as part of my career, the binging model has made life so much more difficult. You basically can’t join any sort of discussion until you’ve finished the entire season because everyone is at different points and someone is bound to get spoiled. As a result, you’re doing everything you can to race through the episodes instead of appreciating each one as its own price of the puzzle, thereby missing numerous details that shouldn’t go unnoticed. Then when people reference things from specific episodes, it’s impossible to relate because they all end up blending in together - and it’s near impossible to find episode-by-episode conversations for shows that are dumped at once, so if you are taking your time to get through them, you have a very limited window to join in active discussions about the season.

    Having more weekly drops, especially at a time when we’re all desperate for content, has revitalized the concept of appointment television, and is a much more enjoyable experience for TV fans who want to actively participate in dialogues around each episode.
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  11. Can I just say, Kathryn Hahn continues to be amazing! Like... she really is living her best life on this show and enjoying every second of it.

    As for the release strategy, I think the whole "Netflix drops a full season and it's gone in a day" sort of release is tiring. Especially when there's some mystery to the story that non comic fans might want to sit with a bit. Personally, I like being able to sit with it a bit and enjoy the 25 minutes we will get every Friday until the last handful of episodes (which are rumored to be longer). Even if they wanted to, Disney can't do that because they don't have the amount of content that Netflix and other streaming services have to keep people from leaving after a free trial.
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  12. Considering new movies and television and like......the WORLD have been cancelled the last year and will be till Summer etc. it’s nice to have something exciting entertainment wise to look forward to at the end of the week.

    I’m very happy it’s weekly.
  13. I really like this so far. I almost wish they didn’t let us in on them realizing something wasn’t right about what was going on. It would of been funny for some people to think “Is this really the show?”
  14. Some people do...
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  15. I think it can be an advantage for a very limited number of shows. The OA comes to mind. But, yeah, on the whole, I think weekly releases are better. Easier to digest, more time to analyze, more discussion being stimulated.

    I actually think Apple's model of releasing the first three episodes for binging to hook you, then the remaining weekly is an absolute sweet spot and I do wish they'd released episode 3 of WandaVision on Friday too.

    I started the new season of Big Mouth on New Years Day when I was hungover on the couch all day and then when the final episode was over it was like... oh. Okay. That's a whole season gone in a single afternoon.

    TV just isn't much of an event anymore with binge drops, which is a shame. Give me staying up until 3am to watch Game of Thrones episodes 1 through 70 live with the US and discuss it ravenously for seven days after any day of the week.
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  16. Plus I know it's getting a bit off-topic but I just want to add that Game of Thrones really has sparked this renewed view of TV as being film's equal and now people seem to expect a literal 8-hour movie from a TV show and while it's great that it's not being viewed as a lesser format and we're getting more ambitious storytelling... It's TV.

    It doesn't have to become film to be as good as film. TV was designed to be episodic. It was designed to be different and it developed its own language and rhythm. Like sure we all like to look at a pretty 18:9 anamorphic close up but you know what sometimes a boxy old master shot is fine and we got literally decades of enjoyment, entertainment, education and emotion from three cameras and a shit ton of lights.

    I'm glad that with WandaVision, the universe that defines big-screen blockbuster, has instead chosen to appreciate and honor a wonderful format in its own right.
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  17. I agree with you on Game of Thrones but I would hope people would take a bit more effort into what they watching without the need of being coddled. GOT is based of the books but it has to introduce the characters and do a lot world building for the visual medium. The Disney MCU shows have the luxury of the MCU films to look back on. To me the shows are all about character development. The spectacles can be left to the films.
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  18. I decided to rewatch Age of Ultron tonight and it occurred to me: if Westview is Wanda’s wish fulfillment, does that mean we have a chance to see Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s gorgeous face again?!? Even if only briefly. That would be an amazing secret cameo.
  19. Paul Bethany mentioned in an interview about a mysterious actor... saying:
    I wonder who it could be...
    I hope so...
    Evan Peters is rumored to be in this but no one knows who he is playing. Some say it’s Pietro but it’s just Reddit rumors.
  20. I hope that the episodes get progressively longer because twenty-something minutes with like eight minutes worth of credits ain't it. It was perfect for the first week because we got two episodes that night, but I'm hoping that later episodes are like forty to fifty minutes long.
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