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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

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    Yeah, a second season would be pointless at the moment. The character needs more adventures first.
  2. A second season of WandaVision is unneeded, but I could see them eventually doing a second series with the character under a different title and concept. I'm a bit surprised they haven't announced a movie either given how integral she seems to this next phase of the MCU
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  3. Depends how big her part in DS2 is and any upcoming. It took Black Widow ten years.
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  4. We also need a character to spearhead the MCU like Ironman and Captain America did. I know Captain Marvel is suppose to take over the role but I would rather have Wanda.

  5. One last week of WandaVision content gang, it's been emotional.
  6. This 100%. Wanda is so much more developed. I love a heroine, but Captain Marvel is very 'I am strong because yes' whereas Wanda has a great backstory and her powers are fully explained. Give me more Wanda, be it as a heroine, a villaine or something in between.
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  7. Nearly forgot this was out tomorrow
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  8. Wow, the Assembled documentary is AMAZING. Seeing what went into putting this show together, from the sets, the practical effects, the costumes etc is just incredible. What an achievement.

    Also, clock Hahn's extended take from the "I killed Sparky too" part at the 20 minute mark. Staying iconic.
  9. Making It Up As We Go Along is the underrated bop.
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    Is it on Disney+? I can't find it.
  11. Yeah it’s on the front page. Try this.
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    Thank you!

    I'm having some parental control glitch, so it's blocked for me even when it's off. Mess.
  13. I just finished it. Wow. Loved it. I really enjoy good "Making of" stuff, but this one was really excellent.

    I'm super impressed with how they filmed some of it. Even the fact that Hahn was actually standing up on top of the building shouting down to Wanda in the town square in the finale. I just wouldn't have thought they'd film that as one piece, and not just composite the two scenes together. It's a really fascinating watch.
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    Ugh, I'm annoyed I can't watch! It seems to only be glitching with the Assembled documentary, because any other title (including WandaVision and Stars content) is there.
  15. That's annoying. Are you on the app, or can you try different browsers?
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    Yeah, tried the app, two different browsers, private session, turning parental control on and off.

    I'm glad it didn't happen while the show was on! I'm reading of people who just couldn't watch WandaVision because of this glitch. I haven't had any other titles disappear, it seems.
  17. Not appearing for me either! Nightmare.
  18. So awesome to see how they put this show together. And they really balance CGI with practical effects really well. And they really gave so much attention to detail to the eras of television they were emulating.

    Now I could use a second documentary that is just Kathryn Hahn filming her scenes.
  19. I was for some reason astounded by the complexity of the flying wirework, it was incredible.

    Well made doc.
  20. Not appearing in Disney+ here in Spain...
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