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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

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    I got it here in Ireland, so amazing to see all the behind the scenes and how things are made!
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  2. The songwriters going over each theme song but not talking at all about Agatha All Along was a big miss though.
  3. You should love this:

  4. I certainly don't see them doing a second season of WandaVision. It just is one of those shows that needed only one season.

    Now they could give Wanda another show entirely later on. But I'd rather just see her be given a film. Because she got justice to story building in WandaVision
    But I'm excited for her future in the MCU. Feels like we are at the beginning of an exciting several years for Elizabeth.
    And rightfully so, she really cares about for Wanda and her story/progression.
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  5. She looked like she was having such a blast on the show. I wish they had used that alternate take on her "Breakfast for dinner" line as well. Just so over the top.

    I also loved Debra Jo getting so excited about doing the body scanning and her dramatic scene at the end.

    I think the biggest revelation for me was the amount of visual effects it takes to do synthezoid Vision. I thought it was just makeup, prosthetics, and a bald cap. The best CGI really is the effects you never notice.
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  6. I’m so sad this is over “:(“
  7. I actually think they kept the best take on the "breakfast for dinner" lines, but it was so great seeing Hahn in action. As much as I love Olsen in this role, Hahn elevated every single scene she was in so much. That casting was beyond perfect.

    The Vision effects - yeah, that was crazy to me and for the most part, it's completely seamless and so impressive. I'm absolutely positive there are times when it's a cap he's wearing though, or something has gone wrong with the effects, because in some scenes his head looks like it's a completely different shape. I specifically remember saying to my hubbie that Vision's face and head looked thinner and like the makeup was applied differently, but I can't remember which episode it was on.
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  8. [​IMG]
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    I agree Vision looked a bit different at times, maybe the actor is thinner too?

    I do hope moving forward we get a bit more creative with how Wanda's magic is represented. More in line with Dr Strange and less just red fireballs.

    edit: Vision's fake muscles are a kii.
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  10. Oh she'll definitely get more creative as she's just learning. They've only scratched the surface with what she could do, and it can't all be visualised with just red fireballs. The potential is so huge.

    I do need the red backlight to follow her everywhere though. Those few seconds after she goes full Scarlet Witch and is floating, with the light beaming out from behind her, eyes glowing, is exactly what I need from her. And I want the crown to glow red when she's going full witch too.
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  11. *Mephisto.
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    Incredibly nitpicky but I hate sometimes her magic has no actual light bouncing off surfaces. Did they show in the behind the scenes if she's got a bracelet with actual lights? I remember seeing those for her in Endgame.
  13. I’m rewatching them all in a sitting. I can’t get over how gorgeous Elizabeth looks in the 70s episode.
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    Mvnl Staff Member

    Looking at the making of this seems like the dream job for any actor... with a sliiiight risk of them thinking: wait, I love comedy, I'm done with being a superhero?
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  15. Oh yeah, I was shook. I thought for sure that was all makeup and prosthetics with some CGI touch ups to make him look a bit more metal/plasticy. To know it is ALL CGI... That's wild.
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  16. Okay but why do the opening chords of Making It Up As We Go Along hit me right squarely in my feelings and then I'm laughing at the completely nonsensical (and period-accurate) lyrics. Literal witchcraft
  17. I read somewhere the Elizabeth and Paul were going to sing on one of them tunes but Covid and lack of time stopped it from happening.

    I kind of wonder if they did have a second season or special edition episode, if they would do a musical episode like Scrubs or Buffy, a different kind of TV thrope.
  18. I feel like the red fireballs for Wanda's fight with Agatha made sense in context of the show—her powers had to be visualized in a way that appeared tangible, so that the audience could see Agatha absorbing it. I'm sure that in future appearances, her magic will be visualized in different ways.
  19. I think this is my favourite piece from the score:

    Can this show just have awards for everything please?
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    The behind the scenes is available now, it seems to have been blocked in some countries / accounts.
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