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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Joe., Jan 13, 2021.

  1. I think if they revisit Wanda solo the TV tropes are dead

    I am interested in how they stretch the storytelling for other characters though - Deadpool and WandaVision have shown how people respond to a more meta approach than 'hit with gamma rays beat up the baddie end'
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  2. Hmm, still not available in Spain.
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  3. He


    That is annoying. It's bound to show up, I think. I didn't really do anything.
  4. I still can't believe they filmed some of the episodes in front of a live studio audience like a sitcom!
    They didn't have to but they did. Just to be that extra with details and a experience.
    Not only was this just a brilliant left field approach for Marvel, but they really did their homework, went the extra mile for details and story development on screen and behind the scenes. Bravo!
    They rightfully deserve every single damn award that will be inevitably thrown their way.

    Easily my favorite project of Marvel and one of my top all time shows too
    I want to forever thank them for giving us this. It held my attention and heart from opening scene to the last finale credits scene in episode 9.
  5. Got round to watching the behind the scenes and I am shocked at the lengths they went to with the live studio audiences and Vision's CGI head. Some of the moments I scoffed at for being ''crap green-screen flying'' were actual actors on strings, too. Shows how much I know.
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  6. I too was shocked by the CGI head, I thought it would have been and it looked like makeup/prosthetics
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  7. I spent the weekend rewatching Wandavision and the way this piece hit me during the episode. I keep listening to it and it just reminds me so much of his work on Buffy in parts. It really is beautiful but equally just as heartbreaking.
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  8. I'm on episode 5 now and I'm already gagged.
  9. Aright I've finished it and to echo everyone else that was fantastic, most interesting Marvel property I've watched in a while. I was getting rather bored of the films If I can be honest, essentially if it's not Captain America, Avengers, or Black Panther I just don't care that much anymore.

  10. The way this is better than like...every recent Drag Race finale song

  11. People is getting really creative.
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  12. GoldDerby (who do awards predictions... I think) are hinting that Olsen, Bettany, Hahn, Parris and the whole show will be nominated in the limited series category....... but against This May Destroy You dddd


    Nicole's 9 votes is sending me though
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  13. I also really like the red clouds in the sky when she was using her powers. Very ominous! Shows that she is a bad bitch to not fuck with!
  14. Especially considering how bad the head replacement in the Malcolm In The Middle intro looks.

  15. What a bop
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  16. Scream, these are all my friends. Flip Phone brunches are pretty legendary.
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