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WANNA ONE / Produce 101 Season 2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. I don't understand why JR took such a backseat role in the original song round? I feel like this hurt him a lot?

    They should've just went with the Justice League team and be done with it (minus that one useless guy)
  2. just checking in before I start up the finale, but would June 30 (two weeks from today) be a good time to put up the Broduce 101 rate post? i'd love to take a shot at running it but am also happy to work with any other unnies who might be interested! :)

    grieving with y'all today. Jonghyun was truly the leader Korea needed but didn't deserve.
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  3. Nu'est slaying Melon and album sales right now. Justice will be served if they do a comeback soon. The EXID of 2017.
  4. He


    They need to come back like in a few weeks. I hope Pledis does not fuck this up for them.
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  5. Indeed! Hopefully as a five-piece before Wanna One starts promoting. They'll surely snatch their first win with all the support they've gotten now.
  6. DEVASTATED for Hyeongseop, but I guess it was inevitable with his lack of screentime in the latter half of the series. Jihoon/Daehwi/Jinyoung were my other favs from the 20 left so at least they made it!

    Apparently Samuel has recorded 10 songs with Brave Bros for a solo debut and the Yuehua boys (Hyeongseop, Jung Jung, Justin, Euiwoong, Seunghyuk) are all getting ready to debut too since Hyeongseop didn't make the group, so hopefully it's a blessing in disguise? The first four would have been in my ideal top 11 from the start so I'm ready to stan. They need to save Eunki from his nobody company so he can be with his beau Jung Jung in the group!
  7. So only six people sang Nayana. Three of them made it to Wanna One.

    Ong Seongwoo (Fantagio)
    Hwang Minhyun (Pledis)
    Lee Jihan (Pan)
    Park Woodam (HF Music Company)
    Yoon Heeseok (Jellyfish)
    Ha Sungwoon (Ardor and Able)
  8. Putting together some information for the Broduce 101 rate right now! Let me know if you have any special requests or recommendations for how you'd like this to run :)
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  9. Are we rating the trainees or the songs or both?
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  10. Happy to do both! :)
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  11. me when i go to bed at an early hour vs me when i spend two hours formatting the OP for this rate


    edit: it's up here now!! hooray!
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  12. JEONG SEWOON - Mercy (Shawn Mendes Cover)
    He's the Produce 101 12th Placer from Starship Entertainment.
  13. He


    Has anything happened in the Baekho case?
  14. He


  15. I saw some behind the scenes photos of them doing a shoot with paint on their face?
    And all I have to say is Daniel is cute. That's all.
  16. Wanna-One's first official photos.
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  17. He


    Just read Baekho's father died in an accident. How awful.
  18. The official fandom name is called WANNABLE.
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