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WANNA ONE / Produce 101 Season 2

Discussion in 'K-pop' started by Seger, Dec 7, 2016.

  1. He


    I mean, I want to say it makes no sense, but most fandom names are like this.
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  4. [​IMG]

    Kim Samuel solo debut next month. Wanna One also debuting next month.

    JBJ are in talks for debuting September so not to clash with Wanna One. The various companies are confirming one-by-one if their trainee will participate in the male I.B.I.

    Hotshot will do a comeback as five, but their agency has announced that Noh Taehyun will promote with JBJ too.
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  5. TAKADA KENTA CF is out.
    He's the center in Be Mine.
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  6. I'm not usually perched for male artists but I'm here for Samuel solo since it is a Brave Brothers records.

    Does Brave Bros usually deliver with male acts like he does with female acts?
  7. Looking at his production discography, he hasn't done much for males. Not anything of note anyway.

    I'm excited for the Chungha duet but I know it's most likely not going to be very good.
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  8. He


    Oh really? Did not know this was a thing!

    Imagine a full on dance performance... ugh.
  9. Track four so not the title track, but still hoping for a stage performance or two.

    With a title like With U I was expecting a ballad but digging a bit deeper, the track has been described as "in the hip hop and R&B genre" so there's still hope.
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  10. [​IMG]
    Kim Sanggyun for GIOAMI Korea.

    and... PARK SUNGWOON too!

    His mini-album preview.
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    I don't know why I'm stanning for him, teebs. I also stan the Chick Trainee Seonho now dddddddddddddddd.
  12. Wanna One just released the teaser... for their actual teaser. *!#(*Y$!#U(!#(!#@)!

    Noh Taehyun, his era has come.
  14. Samuel's debut will come on August 2. 5/6 songs have a featuring artist and ugh, no Brave Bros songs. I'm excited for that Chungha track though.

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  15. He


    Wasn't his whole mini going to be produce by Brave Bros?
  16. Maboos! He's part of Electroboyz and has also done solos! Consider me excited.
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  17. Fans will be able to vote for the Wanna One debut single: Burn It Up or Energetic.
  18. KBS banned Samuel's title track because of using the word ''Insta'' in the lyrics but apparently they're going to edit it so he can perform in Music Bank.

    Is it just another KBS messy choice or there's a copy right law about it?
  19. Kim Samuel's solo debut teaser is finally here! August 2nd, guys!

    [I'm just going to casually insert myself into this thread like I was here the whole time]
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