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Warrior Nun (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by CaliDevotion, Jun 18, 2020.

  1. This actually looks fun? I'm always down for an evil fighting female lead, and I'm gagged at all the Portuguese representation on this show

    July 2nd on Netflix.
  2. I just finished this... Disappointed by the season finale. I was expecting more. And that exchange between Adriel and Ava in the tomb was poorly written... I didn't see coming the twist about
    , though.

    I found the lead actress really annoying. And her character grew up in Spain but sounds like an American brat?

    And am I the only one getting lesbian vibes from Mary and Beatrice?
  3. He


    Ddd shows this bad shouldn’t have such high budget.

    With a few tweaks it could be a decent one.

    I’m two episodes in, and the main actress / character is so... annoying. Mary should be the main one.
  4. Just finished it today. It had lots of potential, but ended up being just ok. The first 2 episodes and episodes 7-9 were great, the others were a bore. A short - 5/6 episodes season would have made it much better. The final episode was also really disappointing and pretty bad.

    The saving grace of the show was the cast, I really loved the nuns and the main character. If there will be a season 2, I’ll probably give it a chance just to see if it’s getting better.
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  5. He


    They totally left it at a cliffhanger and I bet it won’t get renewed, it looks too expensive to make.

    It could be good but it just doesn’t get there.
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  6. It was fun. It was cheesy as fuck, made southern Spain look like the most beautiful place on earth, and had truly terrible dialogue. Shotgun Mary was an excellent character though.
  7. He


    Ddd her shotguns didn’t work... ever. She was great otherwise though.

    The twist at the end made little sense, though.
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