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Waterloo Road

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by that boy is a monster, Sep 2, 2010.

  1. Very good news that they've managed to get some of old cast back. I wonder if Chlo and Donte are coming back as parents or staff. Or both.

  2. How has Angela Griffin not aged... at all?

    I'm so excited for this! I still haven't seen past the start of series seven because I found the Scotland episodes boring so I'm just gonna skip straight to this!

    I know it probably wouldn't happen but it would be amazing if Denise Welch came back, Steph Haydock was iconic.
  3. Kim Campbell literally people trafficked a child? And she’s being rewarded by being made headteacher?

    I love this ridiculous show.
  4. I went off this after Queen Rachel left but I will surely give this another go as it used to be a really awesome show.
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  5. It seems this will be back on screens on January 4th. They’re having a red carpet premiere for the first episode next week.

    Apparently one of the “legacy cast” dies in the first episode.
    I think it’ll be Chlo. I can’t see them killing off Kim or Donte.
  6. https://metro.co.uk/2022/11/24/firs...oo-road-as-return-date-is-confirmed-17820849/

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  7. I hope I'm wrong but something feels a little off about this reboot. I loved the original.
  8. The badges that Kim and the three members of staff are wearing in the first picture don't mention Waterloo Road, they look like they say something along the lines of William Borwick but the staff member with the pink hair in the last picture, her badge is a Waterloo Road badge so I wonder if the protest mentioned is two schools being against being merged?

    Unless it means sweet nothing and I'm putting too much thought into it.
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  9. The first 7 episodes are up on the BBC iPlayer now!

    From the first two episodes:
    Chlo dies, she's hit by a car near the start of the first episode but never gets her head checked. Janeece makes an appearance in episode 2, in such a Janeece way! Cute Grantly reference too.

    Kim's son died at the age of 6, sounds like he fell ill and Kim didn't notice the symptoms until it was too late.

    It's not Waterloo Road of old, I don't think many expected it to be but I think it's going to be a slow burn, there's definitely potential in the reboot.
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  10. I really hope they make this available to watch in Australia! Still can't watch the original series anywhere (I've got it on DVD thankfully).
  11. Fuck why did I open that spoiler. If you haven’t watched, don’t click!
  12. I heard the rumours long ago that:

    Chlo was being killed off

    but I think it would have been far better if:

    her death would have been reminiscent of Izzie's death i.e. she trains as a Teaching Assistant over this next two seasons (reestablishing that emotional connection with the character that was made in the original run) only to be tragically killed and left to die in Kim's arms in the playground like Izzie did with Jack.

    Cliché? Retreading old ground? Potentially - but it would have been a far better, fitting end for one of the original 2006 characters.

    A quick appearance from Mika (or even just a mention) at the funeral would have been lovely, too.
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  13. I’ve binge watched 3 episodes now and I sort of hate myself for it.

    It’s definitely a slow burner but now I’m into the characters, I’m actually really enjoying it. I still find it unbelievable that Kim Campbell - a woman who human trafficked a child - has become headteacher but hey, welcome to Waterloo Road!

    It’ll definitely take a few more episodes to ease into the new teachers but there’s definitely some promise there! The psychotic look in the eyes of the PT of English is borderline terrifying.
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  14. Just finished the full lot, completely ridiculous, completely Waterloo Road. I'm glad it's back!
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  15. I've just finished all 7 episodes too.

    As a standalone series, I would say I did genuinely enjoy it, but, when compared to the 8 episodes of the original first series, I have to say that it wasn't nearly half as gripping nor are the characters as developed or likeable - I definitely don't feel the affection for them as I did with the cast of the original first series. The original was teeming with such amazing characters like Jack, Andrew, Tom, Grantly, Kim, Izzie, Lorna, Steph, Chlo, Mika, Janeece etc. which I absolutely understand would have been so hard to compete with, but it feels like they didn't really try. So many characters are just there with seemingly no purpose.

    Another minor gripe is the Hollyoaks-esque phone graphics on the screen - just a personal preference, but to me, it's just such a poor stylistic choice and one I have never enjoyed.

    I did really enjoy the slow blossoming of the Kai & Preston storyline and I wonder where they will take that going forward, especially with Preston's struggles. I also hope this isn't the last we have seen of Kim, and I hope she will be back as Head whenever it returns. It would be nice to see Danny back too, as I genuinely teared up at his & Kim's final scene in the library. It would be nice to see him find permanent happiness and stability.
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  16. I've just finished the season. I honestly loved it, by the end it was as if the show had never been away.

    The spoiler does actually contain spoilers. Don't want to maybe ruin it like I did earlier.

    I like the few notes they've left it on to lead into 11B, I assume it'll be out this side of the summer.

    I'm convinced that when it picks up, Kim will have been convinced to stay on as head. It was jarring to see Kim sort of take a step back and almost wash her hands of a child who acted desperately and was in need of help for a moment, when she was the one that was always there for the pupils no matter what in the Rochdale days. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about Kim as a head leading up to today, but I actually think it was a great decision! You can see at points that she's completely torn between being pastoral care at heart but trying to be a strong leader and keep focused on that. Definitely want to see more of Kim as the head!

    I'd actually stupidly convinced myself that Rachel was going to pull up at the end of the episode like "what a mess, Kim!". Set myself up for disappointment there.

    Val hiding and then taking Danny's knife? I can't wait to see her get some more to do in 11B!

    Preston's story is another I'm looking forward to seeing more of. Maybe I'm blind but I didn't see the kiss with Kai coming, then it seemed like he'd tried to make progress with his eating disorder only to end up back at square one. It broke my heart to see that he'd written "I wish I was someone else" at the end.

    Also, while I'm thinking on it - Janeece being the only character to appear in all three eras of the show? Icons only.

    Overall, I think they've assembled a really great cast, laid some good foundations and I really hope they build well on it! Bizarre that people are calling it "woke" though. They've clearly never watched a single episode of the show to know that it's always tackled prominent issues that affect young people at the time the season is airing.

    Also, Wendy is an icon! More of Wendy please!
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  17. She's definitely one of my favourites! "Spliff, anyone?" and "I'll take Coral home... not on this, obviously" had me HOWLING!
  18. The line of the series!
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  19. I swear this is just used when a show isn't 99% white straight and hetronormative. And the 1% who aren't that need to be a minor character and a stereotype to not be woke.
  20. I liked it, not radically different to the Waterloo Road of old.
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