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We Are Who We Are (created by Luca Guadagnino)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Lately, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Pilot just aired. Thoughts?
  2. Is it Call Me By Your Name: The Series? Not in terms of the gayness but the rhythms and overall vibe? That's what the reviews make it sound like.
  3. I hated the pace of the movie but adored the pilot. It was cute. Not too much action but just enough to make you crave the whole season.
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  4. I couldn’t gauge my interest based on the trailer, so I’ve been waiting to read some reaction before diving in. It does look very pretty.
  5. The plot is also so weird to me. An US militar base in Italy.. who comes up with stuff like that? Ddd But I'm digging so far
  6. I’ve read some not good things about this
  7. There are 7 US Army bases in Italy, one is actually near Venice.
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  8. Oh I didn't mean the actual base dd More like the plot itself, the whole teenagers living with parents over there etc. It's very unique, I wonder if it's from his own experience or a whole original plot.
  9. Oh, now I get what you mean.Yeah, that's not a typical setting.
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  10. Watched this tonight and I’m not fully sold. I’m intrigued, but it moved at such a glacial pace (which didn’t surprise me), I struggled to get invested in much of anything. I’m mostly anxious to see more about the lead female’s seemingly sexuality/gender struggles & the lead boy’s attraction to the HOT nude soldier, but those made up all of 7 minutes of the pilot.
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  11. Whoever thought last week was too slow probably won't care for this week's either since it was basically covering the same day of the pilot under the girl's perspective.
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  12. I just looked up Tom Mercier full frontal and saved myself the boredom.
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  13. I feel like it works better as a 25-30 minute episode. I know it's his vibe, but I don't think that works well for TV.

    Anyway, I'm happy that I rediscovered this bop in episode 2.

  14. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    It's like all of Luca's work - come for the mood, don't expect a return on an investment in the plot.

    But, if that's your thing, and for me, I like the mood he creates so much I don't mind the pacing, it's really good. He does this thing with his films where even if I don't like the plot, I like living with the people and the atmosphere, the picturesque, sun-filtered aesthetic.
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  15. Episode 3 was quite good, really enjoyed the main actors chemistry. Everyone on the show needs intensive therapy.
  16. How gay is it? THATS what I want to know.
  17. I quite like this episode but this show is so weird.
    Not enough yet. The only characters who share a gay relationship so far are the lesbian mothers.
  18. Is anyone following this? I'm obsessed with it, particularly after the last two episodes.

    It's a very "Luca Guadagnino" piece of work (in a nutshell, a plot-less character study of privileged people in mostly unmerited emotional turmoil), but it's exquisitely done.

    Even when the characters are insufferable (Frazer for example is deeply toxic) their pathos and subtleties makes them these complicated, empathetic people. And of course there is the beautiful ambience, at times delicately sad, at times raucous. The finesse of it all makes it worth it!
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  19. Someboy

    Someboy Staff Member

    Over here.

    As I said before, it has all of Luca's hallmarks, and I'm not convinced they're suited for television as well as they are for film. More than most people in 2020, I'm willing to follow a slow-building character study, but during the last episode, I couldn't help but think the emotional points would be hitting harder if they were contained in a two hour feature.

    Putting that observation aside, I'm fully on board with following these people. As you noted @dvno, Fraser is remarkably chaotic, but it is fascinating to watch the pushing and pulling war inside him as he simultaneously hides and loudly expresses himself. Cait's exploration is quieter, but the scenes with her father (a great Kid Cudi, by the way) are really well done, and I have to say, this queering of a young black woman is being handled with what I think is a laudable amount of care.

    We'll see where it goes, I don't think any of Luca's work ends without some tragedy, which makes me nervous, especially for the kids, but it's hard to look away with the silk-drenched cinematography and great soundtrack backing it all.
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  20. I'm really enjoying this. Can't wait for the last 2 episodes.
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