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Wednesday (Netflix)

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by 4Roses, Jun 6, 2022.

  1. Only watched first episode so far and I love it.
  2. This was so good! Hopefully they do a season 2. Christina Ricci was brilliant~
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  3. I'm on episode 2. It's definitely more CW than I expected or hoped, but I'm curious enough to keep watching.

    The CGI monster though? Needs a redo.
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  4. I've binged this on the weekend and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it. Jenna Ortega carries the whole thing with so much ease it's amazing.

    And even though it's not perfect - some dodgy acting, the younger characters dialogue has that Netflix thing that irks me in which they all sound cringy and forced trying to be young, and it doesn't portray the most innovative story to the point that sometimes you feel you're watching a Harry Potter fanfiction. BUT.

    It's done with a lot of heart, it's entertaining and the Scooby Doo mystery works in keeping you alert and guessing. And again, Jenna Ortega.
  5. Jenna Ortega is by far the most pleasant thing about this, we are witnessing the rising of a star.
  6. I’m enjoying the CWness of it all to be honest - not trying to be anything more than it is
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  7. I sort of want a spin-off based on this Addams Family, as Luis Guzmán and Catherine Zeta-Jones are a perfect Gomez and Tish
  8. When Physical stops playing before the blood sprinklers scene tho...

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  9. Thing almost dying about crushed me as much as Dobby in Harry Potter
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  10. I loved this show and my favorite scene was when she danced at the school dance. So good! Jenna really did an outstanding performance with this character. We need season 2 asap!
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  11. I’m on the second episode, this is pretty entertaining so far.

    This very much from the first episode.
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  12. I found the rest of the Addams Family pretty dull in the series and couldn’t forget the flamboyant Julia-Huston duo from the movies, while Jenna made me forget about Christina in an instant.
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  13. I want a Gomez and Tish spin off from when they were teens at the school. Also Thing needs his own spin off.
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  14. I want to see that!
  15. I'm sure Netflix will be cashing in with spin offs. Wednesday is tied with Stranger Things for the most no.1s around the world. And well deserved success too. I loved everything about it.
  16. Overall it was a solid show with a tremendous lead performance by future Oscar winner Jenna Ortega. I have to say unfortunately the performances of Catherine Zeta Jones and Luis Guzman were not really landing for me. I know it has to be it's own thing but it's hard not to compare it to Angelica Houston and Raul Julia.
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  17. Thing better sweep Awards Season.
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  18. I’m sad that I absolutely hated this. The forced, overly snarky “teen speak” dialogue is just painful. I’ve only watched an episode, so maybe that element improves.

    I can’t even enjoy Jenna’s performance like everyone else because the dialogue being so contrived makes her acting seem correspondingly forced.
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  19. wow so deserved.
  20. Not me thinking they were saying Gareth Gates in episode 5.
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