Sylis is quite hilarious too, but the entire cast have been brilliantly selected.

I love it but no one seems to watch it. I think it does what Desperate Housewives tries to do SOOOO much better!

Oh poor "Shit Girl" haha.

ISABEL: I swear Mommy, I didn't eat.

CELIA: Well then congratulations. You must be pregnant.

My only gripe is that they got rid of Quinn after the pilot episode. Apparently, test audiences didn't warm to her. I don't really warm to the deaf girl. When I watched the pilot I thought that besides Celia, Quinn was going to be the most fun.

I thought it was rather odd they shafted her off like that. I do think Izabelly's charmingly great though. What season are you up to??

How enormously great was the Season 2 finale? I dreamt about it for an entire week after I saw it.

Season 1 was a perfect first year albeit a very short one. The second season was extremely dissapointing. It had a few funny moments but I guess with a premise about pot-dealing you can only go so far realistically. It''''s not like Nancy could become some cartel type leader.

It didn''t even feature Elizabeth Perkins as much as the first season did. The only saving grace was the brother in law and his jewish teacher and Doug.

I don''t have high expectations for the third season especially with news that one of the Olsen twins will be appearing in 10 of the 15 episodes.

I recently watched season 1 - 5 of Weeds & I must say, what started out as a brilliantly funny show with a fantastic cast soon, turned the other way during season 4.

I think it was a huge mistake to change their surroundings, reducing Elizabeth Perkins character to a bit part that half the time didn't even connect to the main story going on, the underdeveloped new characters added nothing & it all got a little boring.

The ending to season 5 was amazing though, so maybe there's hope for this show to recover during season 6?

I'm sticking with it, even if I felt the last two seasons were a dip in quality in comparison to the first three.

I adored the first two seasons. And appreciate parts of season 3, 4, and 5. Season 6 however is an abomination. I watched it, because I must know what happens to Nancy (she really is that seductive), but by no means was it enjoyable. Some of the worst television I have seen.

Ooh I've got Season 6 but am reluctant to start it as it's been getting steadily worse. Does it suck that much??


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Just got into this, and I love it. Exactly my kind of dramady. Now I'm wondering, I could get the first 5 seasons in a box for about 40 pounds, but I've heard everyone say the show gets worse with each season.. Without spoilering too much, how bad does it get?
I could of course first watch the seasons and then decide to buy or not, but that would kinda defeat it's purpose of purchasing it..
Disappointed - I saw this thread had been bumped and thought there was somebody else out there watching. Oh well...

Seasons 5 and 6 undoubtedly have their dodgy moments and 7 is plain awful, but the eighth and final season so far has looked like a return to form, although it's hard to tell where it's going.
For me, seasons 1-3 are near-flawless television. The humour is amazing and it's surprisingly intelligent satire. Season 4 is great too. Seasons 5-6 were a bit hit and miss, but not bad. Season 7 was a trainwreck, and completely uninteresting.

Season 8 seems pretty good so far, I like the idea of taking it back to the suburbs, and Nancy seems likeable again.


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I guess I'll just watch a little more.. considering the first 4 seasons seem okay buying the boxset wouldn't hurt.. but I am a collector, so if I buy that I WILL end up buying all of it, so some consistency is appreciated of course.
Thusfar I love it though, Nancy's one of the most charismatic women I've seen on my screen.