Finally got round to watching the series finale. Meh.

I think the one thing that has bugged me throughout the entirety of the show's run is the way Nancy talks. She says everything as if she's supremely bored and has far more enjoyable things waiting for her that she'd rather be doing - but aside from her occasionally playing a DS in season one and drinking enough coffee to make King Kong lose all bowel control we never really got to see her enjoying the rewards of her 'work'.

I'll look back on the show with fond memories but I don't think i'll ever rewatch it. It's too...frustrating.


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At first I found it really frustrating how there was never any happiness and she just dug herself one deeper hole after another, but at a certain point I started enjoying looking forward to how big the mess would be by the time the next season finale would come.. that's really where season 7 and 8 let me down. The mess didn't get very big anymore, and the finales hardly were the sum of the rest of the seasons actions.
I gave up on this show 2 episodes into the season after Shane murdered the Mexican political advisor lady. Silas was the only non utterly hateable character by that point.


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Andy's never been particularly hateable either.
And apart from her short period of mistreating Celia I've never found Nancy unlikeable either.
Nancy was the worst one. She fucked up her kids lives because she found retail work dull. I know that without the drug dealing aspect, there would be no show but still. Celia was my favourite but she didn't really work that well outside of Agrestic.
Season six really was the perfect finale. As a viewer, 'Jail' was the omnipresent big bad end for Nancy - they were hardly going to kill her off while the show was still running, so when the show continued after season six it became groundless. Nothing bad could feasibly happen to her, and the show lost every ounce of pacing it had built up until that point. It's painful to see the meandering mess season eight became after it started so strongly - and my therapist told me I shouldn't talk about season seven.
I'm onto season 3 and I really don't appreciate how it's continued the season 2 storylines. Just get on with it!!!
If you found that a borefest, you are strongly advised to stop watching at the Season 6 finale. Seasons 7 and 8 are one of the most monotonous and frankly abysmal stretches of television I have ever watched (and this comes from someone who has sat through the final season of Ally McBeal!). Season 8 has no real plot and meanders aimlessly until you are begging for it to end.

It's tragic when one of your favourite shows really tarnishes your opinion of it by limping on, despite being creatively spent. Showtime doesn't appear to have the self-control to end a show at its peak, like HBO does.
Bizarrely, I might enjoy that! My favourite episodes of Weeds are the ones without any over-arching plot. Just Celia being sassy, Nancy and Conrad flirting, and the kids being quirky at school.
I agree with Smooth Criminal. Stop after the season 6 finale. I so wish that had been the ending.

Season 7 and 8 just felt like the writers were wasting time until they had to wrap the show up. The ending was nothing special either.
There's a certain cast departure on this show that still irks me to this day.

Actually, one of the things that surprised me when I rewatched the show without year long breaks between the seasons was how seasons 1-6 feel like one long continuing story and flow pretty flawlessly. Season 7 ruined that momentum though, and they never could get the pacing right again. Regardless, there's some really good moments in those final two seasons.
I don't know if anyone will see this, but I just watched the entire show in about a month and I feel all over the place with it. I loved it when it was in Agrestic, thought Season 4 was good but had a decline, disliked Season 5, and thought season 6 was an improvement. I consider the last 2 years a different show. It felt like Nancy didn't have any opponents anymore. She didn't even need to deal with the halfway house or backlash from earlier villains. Before, she had people who threatened to kill her, hurt her family, and so on, but the New York episodes only had Michelle Trachtenberg and other hipsters as a villain. Did Nancy even have to deal with anything when Michelle (I honestly can't remember her character's name) went to Oulette?
I appreciated the last season, even if it was an overly long "where will our characters end up now?" piece instead of telling an actual story. I wonder why Elizabeth Perkins left, and how bad it was that she didn't even get mentioned at all. If they knew that she was gonna leave, I hate that they gave us 2 huge cliffhangers for her (the drug dealing and dating Raylene) and then both got dropped. Celia was the only good parts of some of the weak spots of the show. I get that Jenji retooled the show left and write and Celia wasn't even the first casualty but come on, they even showed Dean later! Did they even get an official divorce?
I don't know when I stopped hating Andy and started hating Doug, but probably around season 4. I disliked Conrad and Heylia getting written out of the show. Overall, Esteban and Pilar were my least favorite characters, and this is coming from someone who loved Nancy's sister. I don't know if I'd ever rewatch again, but the first 3 seasons were well done. It's gonna be hard to watch knowing how messy it becomes later on, but at least they keep some stuff (people who Nancy screwed over hating and being afraid of her, Megan showing up in the flash forward).