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Discussion in 'K-pop' started by OspreyQueen, Feb 6, 2020.


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  3. @Slice of Life you're telling me this thread didn't exist until now?

    Step your tiki-taka up.
  4. I'm ready for more squiggly scrunchy Teen Crush.
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  5. Our saviours.
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  6. Perched for the song of 2020.
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  7. Ok but can we talk about how the bubblegum electro-pop verses abruptly change into that amusement park 90s Euro-Trash crackheadery of a chorus?? And Yoojung's part in the second verse right after the chrous?? AN EXPERIENCE.
  8. They deserve so much success.
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  9. If you don’t like the new song you are excommunicated from the Weki Meki family.
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  10. It’s grown on me since my first listen, but that opening horn riff is...a struggle.
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  11. @mods can we get a threadban?
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