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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Pye, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Pye


    Anyone else going to be watching this?
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  2. Pye


    Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    Behind the scenes and making of the show..... looks better than I expected!

  3. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I think it looks quite good. The Prisoner fans on Facebook all seem to be slagging it off without having seen it, but I'll give it a chance if it gets picked up by a UK broadcaster (Channel 5? They seem to be in with Fremantle these days). I only wish it wasn't a re-telling of the days pre-original series and was merely a continuation, albeit set 25 or so years on. And rather than using the same characters played by different people they could maybe have had some of those old characters from years back (ones that didn't get killed off or weren't shit, obviously) returning as supporting roles with younger, tougher new main characters.
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  4. SockMonkey

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    Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    It's all too modern for me. Part of the 'reality' and grittiness of the original is going to be completely lost with background music, sleek camerawork and flashy editing. I have no problem with retelling stories or using old characters, but all the charm has been lost judging by the trailers.
  5. Pye


    Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    To be honest I don't know why they have even given the characters names from a series which ended nearly 30 years ago. 'Wentworth 'looks like it's going to be a more gritty version of 'Bad Girls' rather than 'Prisoner'!

    I'm going to try and judge this on it's own merits and try and forget the flimsy link it's tried to make with a 80's Soap! Frankie looks like she is going to be more like the Nikki Wade character from 'Bad Girls'.

    It's hardly going to be groundbreaking but I just have a thing for these sorts of drama's set in women's prisons.
  6. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    That YouTube clip doesn't work for me, can you tell whether it's the same set as Prisoner?

    And who's who in the promo picture in that most recent link? Is that old bint meant to be Bea?
  7. Pye


  8. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    Yeah, that would have been fantastic.
  9. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    Has anyone been watching this? I'm a Prisoner tragic and was extremely skeptical.... but I'm absolutely hooked! The "old" characters should be a bother, but I'm making very little connection between Prisoner and Wentworth, which I think is working in its favour. The re-imagined Franky is awesome. And the new Top Dog is more than a little terrifying! Three eps in, very very happy.
  10. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    Also, I'm really (really!) hoping the new "Fletch" loses his shirt any episode now. Mr Morris isn't difficult to watch either. Bases covered...
  11. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I'm resisting watching online till it comes on Channel 5 - glad to read something positive about it though.
  12. Pye


    Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    Starts tonight on Channel 5
  13. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I'm going to give this a try tonight. I have happy memories of my student days watching Prisoner when ITV showed it at some ungodly hour and we all got hooked on it in the halls of residence!

    Wonder if The Freak will turn up?!
  14. Pye


  15. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I really rather enjoyed this.
  16. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I did like it but it misses the charm of Prisoner. Also I think it could do with a few more characters. In the first episode of Prisoner you had Bea, Doreen, Lizzie, Franky but you also had Karen, Lynn, Marilyn and Mum, each with their own unique story arc. It seems odd with them using Prisoner character names at times (especially when they get them wrong, since when has Vera Bennett been the soft nice warden? and Meg Jackson the hard warden (she's also the Governor?!). Also I feel the sex and the drugs have been added for ratings. However I will continue watching this as the end of episode 1 was good. I like the fact that the ending of episode 1 mirrored the ending of episode 3 of Prisoner, albeit that the husband and wife characters were swapped around. I miss this series having a batty older character as Liz is nothing like Lizzie.
  17. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I'm no Prisoner expert (I only have hazy memories of loving it nearly 20 years ago) but I really enjoyed this. It was much more gritty and violent than I was expecting. I loved when Jacs sang the old theme tune! She's a bit of a scary old bird isn't she? Who was she supposed to be from the original series?
  18. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    I don't think there was any character like Jacs in the original but she kinda felt like a glammed up Marie Winter, a bit of a cold hearted bitch.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this. I thought it was going to fall flat on it's face and felt a bit perturbed over the fact that they'd used the original character names but after seeing the first episode, I thought they did a fantastic job of setting out the story of Bea's rise to top dog status, which isn't explored in the original. And what a job she's got, not only one evil top dog to take on but two. Loved the bit at the end with Bea, Liz (Lizzie) and Dor.
    It's like the parallel universes to the warm, cosy settings of the original but it works wonderfully - I really wouldn't like to end up todays Wentworth, the old one on the other hand - smuggle in a bottle of grog and plenty of smokes and you'd have a whale of a time and be able to escape home just in time for tea.
    Anyway, looking forward to the next episode.
  19. Re: Wentworth (new Aussie Tv Show)

    Two words: clity licker
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