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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by Deleted member 2720, Apr 22, 2013.

  1. Only seen a few clips but:

    Fuck, Marie’s death is brutal. I’ve been way more invested in her redemption arc than Joan’s, who definitely shouldn’t have survived. At least we get to see Rita bashing Lou twice.
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  2. could someone send me the links if they’re available?
  3. Can you DM me how you watched them!!
  4. Joan coming out of that freezer!!
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  5. What a phenomenal end to the show. Wow, high stakes even in the final episode! I’m glad that I discovered Wentworth just after Season 3 was put on Netflix as it was something great to look forward to every summer.
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  6. An amazing end, what a brilliant series.
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  7. So glad you managed to find them - apologies I couldn't reply to your earlier post sooner.

    I still don't think it has quite sunk in that the show has actually finished - that we'll be entering 2022 and won't have a new season to look forward to! I actually feel quite grief-stricken haha!
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  8. I just spent the day rewatching season 9 in a binge. Watching the final episode again brought up a bunch of emotions, and I am so sad that the show is over. It’s been a long time since I found a show that I was head over heels in love with. Just so gripping and engaging, and rewatchable-I’m sad my routine of watching the previous seasons before new season kick off is done now.

    I placed a preorder for the entire set on dvd and that special book that was released this year too. I’ll probably watch the series again once my collection has arrived.
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  9. They've removed the final two episodes now - talk about too little, too late!
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  10. Happy for those who got to see it, but kinda glad my dozy arse couldn't work out a VPN ha!

    So pumped for tomorrow, this is gonna be one dragged out week...
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  11. what an end for Marie, she came good. I actually felt really sad for her in the end.

    For one last time: ROLL ON NEXT WEEK.
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  12. I’m glad they gave her an ending where she saw “the light.” The scene with Will was equally heartbreaking.. he’s lost many women he’s clearly cared for deeply in Prison to brutal killings - Meg, Bea, Kaz and now Marie.
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  13. Decided to reread this thread, can't believe I've been in it for 7 years!
    I've said some... questionable things over the years.

  14. NOT MARIE. She was the one I wanted to survive the most :(.

    No one spat out the word cunt quite like she did.
  15. BTG


    I’m going to miss Jane Hall pounding around that set in an unfeasibly high heel.
  16. Where are people watching the finale? I'm not having much luck.
  17. Episodes 9 & 10 were released early on a German Pay-Subscription site called SkyTicket (think HBOMax). It was pretty easy to make an account and use a VPN to stream the two episodes (which have since been removed due to Australia's release schedule...) however, to use the service you needed to download an app/web player that would allow you to watch... and that web player is extremely sensitive - I couldn't airplay to my TV or use my bluetooth headphones without the audio being cut or the screen going black and I had to refresh my VPN multiple times to find a server in Germany that would work against VPN sensors.

    Episode 10 airs next week and then will be on US Netflix from the following day.
  18. Thank you. I've been frantically searching streaming sites! I guess I'll have to wait for next week.
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  19. It's worth the wait! I thought it was a brilliant series final episode - not as great as the Siege in my opinion (I really feel this whole scenario would have also benefitted from a part 1 and part 2), but does wrap everything up nicely.
  20. That was simply perfect. Very satisfied with the ending. So happy Joan is out there.

    I'm gonna miss this show so much.
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