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West End Girls - Goes Petshopping

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by silverspirit, Jun 20, 2006.

  1. Still no sign of this in the UK...

    Anyone got any info?
  2. 'Domino Dancing', 'Suburbia' and 'I'm not scared' are the only good tracks.

    Their interpretations of Rent and Being Boring are a travesty.
  3. Yeah, I've listened to the clips on the site, but I want it any way...

    I quite liked the sound of Jealousy, as well with its tick and accompanying tocks.

    So, does that mean you've found it in the UK or ...not?
  4. The ones I like: I'm Not Scared, Domino Dancing, Suburbia, Shopping, You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk, West End Girls

    They really shouldn't have touched these: Being Boring, Love Comes Quickly
  5. I actually rather like their rendition of Being Boring, but It's a Sin is just cringeworthy!!

    I agree with you lot that I'm Not Scared is fantastic. Shopping just...suits them, much better than it did Pet Shop Boys. I quite like Jealousy, You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You're Drunk, and Suburbia, as well. And of course Domino Dancing.
  6. That's great...

    ...but where can I get hold of it?!
  7. agreed that Love Comes Quickly is a disappointment. It's a fun record, good for the gym - you just can't expect TOO much. It could've been a full on travesty and it is not at all. I'll buy it.
  8. They were bound to grate over the course of an album but I still think they're pretty cool.
  9. popknark

    popknark Moderator

    My love for them grew enormously after seeing them live. Isabelle is such a brilliant front figure. Hyper cool.

    My favourite song on the album has to be 'Shopping'. It's even better than the original. And 'Surburbia' is ace as well. It'll be interesting to see where the album charts.
  10. I really love the album (for what it is). Definintely one of my favourites at the moment.
  11. I don't really 'get' them, to be honest. They just make me want to listen to the originals. A fun idea for a gay bar cabaret, but it's not like they do anything different or interesting with the tracks. I'd be rather more interested had they (and I know these words offend some around here) stripped the tracks down and done something acoustic, or rock, or at least more different somehow.
  12. See, I do think they're a different sound, though. They're very... slick, electro, modern pop, and the production is fantastic!

    Domino Dancing, for instance, is more like how it would sound if Pet Shop Boys recorded it now, as opposed to the 1980s. I hate hearing people say "it sounds exactly like the original"...no it doesn't, the original had that fake Latin rhythm tossed into it!

    As for a lot of the other songs, they may be more of an update than a complete overhaul, but they do manage to sound much less "outdated" than their predecessor. Not superior, really, but more modern, and probably more accessible to a younger generation.
  13. what no mention of their version of "its a sin"?? thats my fave on this album!
  14. it's a brilliant chunk of girlie-europop-cover-version-madness. you can buy it here:

  15. Thanks for the CDON.com link...

    I'm looking forward to receiving it, actually. It's so simple a concept, to do cover versions of much-respected genius songs!
  16. They're playing at Notting Hill Arts Club next Tuesday! Best news ever.
  17. Ooh, interesting. I wonder how they got the choir sound.
  18. I must hear this.

    I adoooooooooooooooooore this album!
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