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Westlife – Spectrum + The Twenty Tour (11th Album – September 6th)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by thequinntessential, Sep 25, 2018.

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    Out September 6th featuring 11 tracks.

    Westlife just confirmed they're reuniting. They won't be back on Simon's label because apparently he wasn't interested if it wasn't all 5 of them aka Brian McFadden is not returning. And the new single is rumoured to be written by Ed Sheeran.
    via http://www.dailyedge.ie/westlife-2-4251200-Sep2018/ & https://www.irishcentral.com/culture/entertainment/westlife-ed-sheeran-reunion
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  4. The whole of Ireland have gone mental for these 'rumours' and 'said to be's from a 'source', all written in commas.
  5. It's funny how every time Boyzone call it a day, Westlife conveniently appear.
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  6. All interest died when the song is rumoured to be written by Ed Sheeran...
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  7. and performed by Westlife.
  8. Yeah, we were right on course for a seismic shift to the world of pop music as we know it before that revelation.
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  9. Copying Boyzone with the Ed penned lead single.
  10. No good can come from this, unless it lights a fire under a four piece Spice Girls to have album chart battle round 2?
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  11. I would like to of seen Brian back - I loved his voice. I knew this would be coming after Shanes wife also filed for bankruptcy.
  12. I think this is definitely happening. Even this is now reported:


    I'm glad they ditched Simon. Its ridiculous he actually thought that throwing Brian into the mix would create some cool documentary like Take That - oh Simon, you don't need to copycat everyone. Plus, I highly doubt Brian being back would cause a huge interest like Robbie coming back did.

    On Westlife's Facebook they also posted a list of their Spotify playlist, it is also renamed from This is Westlife to Westlife's Top Hits.

    I love the teasing with Nicky and Jenny on their radio show haha!:

    “What announcement? He’s not pregnant, I know he looks it but he’s definitely not.”
  13. Bringing Brian back would have grabbed a few more headlines since it has all the original members, plus making the tour more worthwhile since it has the whole band performing together.

    Westlife will probably pull in the same amount that Boyzone did I would imagine.
  14. Yeah, I guess it would but again, definitely not as much as Robbie's impact for Take That. In the long run, if they indeed signed a 5 year contract, its best they don't have any tension in the band. As much as I love Brian, I honestly believe it would have been akward between them. They haven't seen Brian for years, he even talked shit about them a few months ago and then he of course deleted the tweets.

    The truth is, they aren't friends anymore. And on top of that, many fans haven't forgiven him for announcing he was leaving 3 weeks before the tour. It was different with Robbie because I think they did bury the axe but with Westlife boys and Bri I am not sure there isn't any bad blood. If not, they are still strangers so the vibe at least wouldn't be genuine.
  15. They don't need Brian. They work perfectly well as a quartet, and did for many years!

    I'll be pleased to see them back, especially if new label means more effort in A&R.
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  16. Exactly. I mean, they have been Westlife far longer without Bri than with him. Granted, he would maybe offer songwriting value but the boys are also quite good at it, it just depends if they want to and whether they would be allowed to do it. I presume things can be different if they ditched Simon. Heck, I am even hoping they will change their sound a bit because I doubt they can be successful with the same formula. They were definitely on the right track with Where We Are and Gravity, its just a shame the public never saw that with 1 single per album, one of them was a cover and the other was a typical Westlife ballad that could have been on their 3rd album. And don't get me started with the label choosing Lighthouse instead of co-written Mark's song Beatiful World...
  17. Yes that's true, there's a lot of hidden gems in their back catalogue! Would be good to see Mark properly take the lead with some self-penned songs too
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  18. Definitely! What I want the most is that they stay the hell away from the covers. It would also be good if they organize the vocals more equally and not just sound like a Shane/Mark duo. I was pleasantly surprised by hearing Kian's voice properly on his cover album and while Nicky is the weakest, he can be ok when given the right range, he sounds perfectly decent on his solo album.
  19. I'd just like more Mark I think. He has a more interesting voice than Shane.
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  20. Yes, I agree. While Shane is always on point, he never misses a note, Mark is more interesting, I love when he improvises.
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