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Westlife – Spectrum + The Twenty Tour (11th Album – September 6th)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by thequinntessential, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. Surely that‘s a one time play? They‘ll never have them on a playlist.
  2. Love Brian dancing to Mandy... I was like, but he hates this song then confirmed this after the dance haha
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  3. It will be a one time play. They are irrelevant.
  4. You said that already, they are irrelevant, ok. They have never been popular in the general public view, people love to have a dig at them. Nothing new but the fact that they played it even once is also ok.
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  5. Searching would have been a better title.

    Still it’s a great song.
  6. I'm gonna be more polite than I usually would be here but out of your 19 posts, 5 of them have been spent in this thread. That's like 26% of your entire post history spent on a band you find 'irrelevant'. My advice would be spend time in threads of artists/acts that you enjoy and don't waste your time on the stuff you don't - it'll make the forum a much more enjoyable experience for everyone.
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  7. Official Singles/Albums Chart Update Top 100
    Source: OCC
    Missing Data: Amazon HD, Amazon Music, Spotify, YouTube (all for Sunday), Apple Music (for Saturday and Sunday)

    Top 100 Singles

    1 Ava Max - Sweet But Psycho (22.5k)
    2 Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (13.4k)
    3 Sam Smith & Normani - Dancing with a Stranger (12.3k) *
    4 Post Malone & Swae Lee - Sunflower (11.5k)
    5 Ariana Grande - thank u, next (11.3k)

    7 Westlife - Hello My Love *

    This is actually fine. Westlife will probably never ever have a no. 1 single in the UK, I never even hoped this would happen for one second. The charts have changed so much since they disbanded, streaming is the key and we all know Westlife fans are traditional so of course that is simply not enough. If they had a few more prominent TV appearances like Norton show, maybe things would have been a little different (still probably not no.1 though) but like this, with only few radio shows in between and no spot on Radio 1 playlist, this is expected. I just hope they manage to stay in the Top 10 by Friday.
  8. Loved Brian dancing to Mandy, I guess he is celebrating 20 years like that....

    Whilst I understand he left voluntarily and by choice of probably chasing a solo career...and they went on for another 8 years to great success I think it's wrong to discount him completely from the reunion....he was still a huge part of some the early huge hits from the start of the career....

    I forgot how many great songs they had....
  9. Although he was in the original lineup, I don't think it's necessarily wrong to discount him from the reunion. As a band, they have been taken longer as a four piece than they were a five piece. It's not like it's a Spice Girls, Take That or S Club situation where the band gave it one last push with one member down, and then just split.. the band actually carried on for eight years without Brian (played Croke Park stadium several times, had number one albums, etc.), so technically although they'll be singing songs where Brian previously had vocals, as a band itself for Westlife, they were a four piece for a much greater and sustainable amount of time without Brian.
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  10. Them getting into the top 10 after all this time with little promotion and with all the new chart rules since they were last an active band is quite surprising. Their last single before disbanding only just made top 40 so I wasn't expecting another potential top 10 hit.
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  11. I do like it, but I wish it wasn't so Ed Sheerany, I hate that he co-wrote it, can he even write a proper bloody song that doesn't sound like it was from one of his albums? I can't stand him at all, I really hope this new album has Westlife writing songs themselves.
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  12. I don't think this was posted:

    Hahah, I didn't know there was Westlife Key Change Stool Maneuver!
  13. These days, it doesn't really matter where you chart as such. They'd rather have those 5k sales 'lost' and still have those sales. Songs rarely peak upon impact these days.
  14. Yeah I know its different nowadays but 5k is a lot actually and I’m pretty sure the impact wouldn’t have been smaller on Friday. I mean, 5k can literally make a difference between being #1 and #10. just don’t see what they have gained with this move, all I see what they lost.

    Having said that though, of course if the sales on Friday were even bigger on Friday, thats great but I guess we will never know that.

    In any case, its good that they dropped only 1 spot so now they are at #8 in midweeks. It would be nice if they could remain in top 10.
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  15. That’s not true! Last week:

    #1 - 68,320 - Ava Max
    #10 - 20,188 - Halsey

    #1 and #10 is typically separated by tens of thousands of sales every week.

    5k makes a significant difference lower down the chart though. They might end up outside of the Top 10 on Friday. Still, I think Top 15 would be a great result for them in a chart that is so dominated by streaming data.
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  16. Ok, I haven’t payed attention to the charts lately but I was looking at this mids where we can see that difference between #2 3 4 and #5 is a very small gap - thats what I meant, I shouldn’t have mentioned #1 haha!
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  17. Haha, good one!

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