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Westlife – Spectrum + The Twenty Tour (11th Album – September 6th)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by thequinntessential, Sep 25, 2018.

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    You’ve been asked before, please stop just posting every Tweet or Instagram post they do, it’s just spamming and adding nothing of value to the discussion. Thanks.
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  2. I don't see things I posted today as spamming. These 2 things are actually funny, I thought it would make fans laugh, it made me laugh. Other than that, Mark did announce something was coming up next week, that is actually worth mentioning. But ok, I won't post anymore if it bothers you guys so much.
  3. What you could do is if there are any tweets containing information is maybe just edit your last post to contain it if you’re the one who posted last? That way it’s still there but it’s not over 3-4 separate posts.
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  4. It is stupid why it was released on Thursday and not Friday. I don't think they'll end up at Number 2 this week so it won't matter, but it was stupid! STUPID.
  5. I think the biggest waste of money thus far is the fact they went to America to stand inside a hot air balloon...
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  6. It all depends how much they sold on Friday. If they made a better impact and better sales than on Thursday, then their strategy obviously worked but we will never know that I guess.
  7. Looks like more TV promo is coming up, info about it tomorrow:

    It will be interesting to see how will single hold up in the next few weeks. If they do promo and have steady streaming, it might end up being a decent hit - it might not end up like 90% of Westlife singles were in the past, where they hit no. 1 and then tumbled down on the 2nd week.

    Also Ed posted on his Instagram about Westlife's single.
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  8. “Hair growing where it’s meant to” are lyrics I never thought I’d hear in a track ever.

    Thanks for the mental image Westlife.
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  9. We should all thank Ed for this, that we know how his girl can't get into bed without a cup of tea and that she still has to squeeze into jeans - I still think little Things has worse lyrics, the song is so cringey its not even cute or awww. At least this is a little bop so you can ignore the lyrics, the chorus is what makes it fun. I think Hello My Love will go great on their tour, with fans clapping and all that.
  10. Weatlife are #13 in UK and #2 in Ireland, just 39 copies behind #1. I think this is a good result considering everything.

    They sold 20 575 copies.

    From chart:

    On pursuit of their 15th No.1 single, the reformed Irish boy band Westlife made a good start when Hello My Love – their first single in more than seven years – topped Saturday’s sales flashes but it faded considerably as the week progressed, and debuts at a less stellar No.13 (20,675 sales). Penned by Ed Sheeran and producer Steve Mac, and taken from their upcoming 11th studio album, it is their 28th hit, and only the third to fall short of the Top 10.
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  11. That‘s surprisingly good even if it will fall like a stone. That early release really did hurt them.
  12. My guess is that the label thought early release would urge people to strewm more which I guess worked since the single actually climbed the streaming charts a little. It will be interesting to see whether the performance on National Tv Awards will help, they might not fall too hard.
  13. Are they going to sing those lyrics on national television?
  14. They are #2 on the Sales UK chart so yeah, that showcases even more how much the streaming is important. I bet the album will be huge, especially if they release it in November as always.

    Interesting that their biggest sales from this week are from streaming.

    Westlife sold 8,567 downloads and 1,667 CDs, the rest from streaming (10,441).

    This is a good tweet that showcases how they did in all the charts separately:

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  15. I didn't know there was a physical? Is it just a one track?
  16. Yes, no B sides.
  17. It has the instrumental and the insert turns into a poster! It's in an album case rather than a single one.
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  19. Felt like Nicky and Kian mimed.
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