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Westlife – Spectrum + The Twenty Tour (11th Album – September 6th)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by thequinntessential, Sep 25, 2018.

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    They did. Just as their "performance" on Graham Norton
  2. I don’t get why they recorded the song like this knowing it will be a single if Nicky and Kian weren’t comfortable enough to sing those lines live. They should have just sang on the album if they really wanted to. Plus, I’m pretty sure they could have handled those lyrics, they are probably doing this as a safety net. I do hope they will not mime on the tour though, they never did before.

    Anyway, nice to see them having so much fun:

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  3. I’m quite liking it! As I grew up listening to Westlife whilst at school - I’m 30 now. It’s mad to think how long they have been going! They never age! Good tune, catchy enough and has done well considering.
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  4. The guys are releasing an acoustic version of Hello My Love tomorrow. I listened to it on australian Spotify, its very good, Mark nailed it and I love the harmonies between all of them on the chorus. Its more laid back and calm but it works, its a great version.

    Hello My Love finished at #29 in the UK and #6 in Ireland this week.

    Also, Brian says he didn't want to join the reunion:


    I always believed the media stirred this up in the first place but I'm sure Brian at one point wanted to join or else he wouldn't have had a rant on Twitter. But I see he is now saying what the boys have been saying for years.
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  5. Asian tour will be announced in about a 4-5 weeks and it will be in August/September 2019.

    The new album is 50% complete and hopefully out by September/October.

    The next single will be out in a couple of months - they said probably probably May, a ballad and its already recorded.
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  7. Westlife at Faceboook HQ:

    It was a fun interview, they were fooling around, having a laugh.

    Also, John Gibbons Remix of Hello My Love is out tomorrow.
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  8. Hello My Love is doing very good in the UK chart:

    #13 - 20,675
    #29 - 14,874
    #20 - 16,407
    #22 - 15,260

    Thats 72,353 copies so far and it looks like there is possibility of staying in the Top 30 this week as well.
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  9. Also, it
    It looks like it is their biggest week in Spotify streams which is surprisingly great considering its their 5th week in the chart.
  10. Nowadays, streaming usually picks up after week one and builds.
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  11. Thats cool, I didn't know that. Its great this is happening to them as well though, considering they had only 2 TV performances and that they are not supported by prominent radio stations.
  12. I’m absolutely loving Hello My Love. Such a stellar comeback song for them. Can’t wait for the album.
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  14. They shot the video for the second single and it is coming soon

    Nicky teased the title of the single being B##### ###

    Its believed it is called Better Man as on BMI there is a song Better Man registered written by Ed Sheeran and Steve Mac.
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