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Westlife – Spectrum + The Twenty Tour (11th Album – September 6th)

Discussion in 'Comeback corner' started by thequinntessential, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. I had an email from amazon this morning saying my pre-order for Spectrum had been pushed back to December 28th 2020. I assume this must be a mistake.
  2. Yes it must be, even if just looking at that date, I checked the calendar and that falls on Monday.
  3. I appreciate you keeping us updated, but imma need an explanation to go alongside an embedded insta post.
  4. Sorry, I thought hashtags on the instagram post made it clear. Their music video for Dynamite is coming soon, the photo is them with the music director.
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  5. Dynamite missed Top 100 in the UK which is embarassing though its not like they did anything about it, even the music video isn’t out yet. But its cool older singles and albums charted in Ireland charted again:

    #20 When You're Looking Like That
    #27 Dynamite
    #46 Hello My Love
    #3 Greatest Hits
    #14 Coast to Coast
    #17 Westlife
    #21 World of Our own album
    #77 Unbreakable
  6. In case someone is interested, someone uploaded the cinema version of Croke Park gig:

  7. I'm sorry, but why is the opening basically one of those introductions Capital FM do before each act at the Summertime Ball?
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  8. It is awful isn't it
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  9. Dynamite is such a great song. 3 out of 3 so far for this new album.
  10. I don’t mind Westlife really, but I thought they’d at least have some dancers on stage too?
  11. I think they only had dancers on their very first tour. They had a few dancers on silk in a few tours later on but that's about it.

    It has been reported they are already thinking about the next tour and that it will be bigger. They really should consider spicing things up. Maybe not in the level of Take That but definitely something more if they plan adding bigger arenas and more stadiums. That intro looks like they took it from the X Factor. And like I said before, changing a set list would be cool, I am honestly tired of hearing Mandy or Home. They have great original songs, why not adding some songs they really like that weren't singles. But no, its always same old stuff.
    Yeah, I really like Dynamite, its my favorite so far actually. I find it refreshing Kian is on the chorus. Its just a shame they barely treated it as a proper single, I don't know why some fans are shocked about the charting. If they cared more, they would have at least put a few physical editions since they know fans love buying singles. They would have hurried up with the music video as well. I don't think they are really bothered with singles charting positions which is good, fans should forget about them having no. 1s, streaming is killing them, just like it does any older act. Albums are most important to them.
  12. "Hello My Love" was a killer lead single, but the rest was not up to par. I need more dancey and upbeat Westlife.
  13. How did someone get a HD of the Westlife in Cinema's broadcast? I do wonder! Thanks anyway.
  14. Yeah I wonder that as well. Funny thing is, a day after Farewell concert that was also aired in cinema in 2012, it was also posted on one site.
  15. I don't Dynamite is good enough to be a proper single and won't end up being one either. It'll just be a buzz single for the album in the end.
  16. I had the time to watch the Croke Park gig and overall it is a great concert regardless. I actually didn’t mind the acoustic medley but I definitely agree Queen ran a bit too long - they should have ended it with We Will Rock You.

    I love the slightly new arrangement of World of Our Own. Its only nice that they put longer speeches throughout so it doesn’t end up being 15 minutes of thank you’s like they have always done before.

    I really hope this exact version ends up on DVD, that they don’t add more crowd moments. A lot of their DVDs drive me crazy because they often focus way too much on the crowd in the middle of the songs.
  17. Ah, it got removed
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