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Westlife - Wild Dreams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. I have the US (and the Japan) version of the debut and My Private Movie does slap a bitsy. Never knew there were two versions.
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  2. Can anyone tell the difference between the single mix and the album version of World of Our Own? Aside from the final chorus volume being lowered on the single mix (which is really noticeable to me) I can’t hear anything else.

    I don’t mean the US mix.
  3. I recently discovered these absolute gems from their previous album Where We Are. Seriously good.

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  4. Honestly, the entire World Of Our Own album is very strong, there is not a song on there I don't like.

    As for bops, I was rooting for Hit You With The Real Thing to be a single, I think it would have surprised the general public:

    For some reason, I hate Tunnel of Love with passion, its just too cheesy.

    They had some great B-Sides that weren't already mentioned:

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  6. Alone Together is their best song for ages, 100% on board with this. It's 1989-lite but it works brilliantly for them.
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  7. Time to re-release Casablanca and make it the world conquering smash it should have been.
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  8. Better yet, re-release entire Fire album, its such a shame it didn't get enough recognition.
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  9. It gives me Run Away With Me-lite which is pretty impressive to me.

    Warner don’t seem to be giving them as much of a push as Virgin EMI did with Spectrum. I just hope they don’t revert to covers to try boost sales next time around.
  10. Ugh take that back, don't even think about it haha! Joking aside though, I am pretty sure they won't revert to that. I mean, who eve knows if Westlife cover would still be a hit these days? I kind of doubt it.
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  11. Nice read. Too bad they canceled the US promo but its understandable considering radio stations refused to play the song.

    Brian revealed he hasn't talked to Westlife boys in 10 years. Reunion would have been so akward if he had joined them.
  12. I hope Alone Together gets a push because it's their best song in ages!
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  13. I would of been more excited about them reuniting if it was the full 5. I understand why, but to me the best westlife was the 5 of them. They became cover heavy and a bit of joke after he left.
  14. I do agree on what they have become but I doubt that has anything to do with Brian leaving, it is the bad management from Walsh and mostly Cowell. They still recorded great Back Home, Where We Are and Gravity albums where they weren't too many covers on it though, I wouldn't dismiss everything after he left.

    Obviously we will never know, but who is to say things would have been different if Brian had stayed - both Mark, Shane and even Nicky have proven they are good/great songwriters but they weren't allowed to show that then, maybe Brian couldn't have ether.

    However, I do honestly doubt they would stayed 14 years with Brian who was very immature when he was younger.
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  15. W2K


    Not sure why people still go on about Brian, they've spent more time as a 4 piece than they did as a 5 piece. It's also clear that the others have no interest in reuniting with Brian, and Brian's got his snidey Boyzlife thing going on anyway.
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  16. Not sure for what but Mark and Shane were in the studio today:

  17. Maybe a re-issue to coincide with the stadium tour?

    Shane looks so good in that photo.
  18. That would be a good idea actually but who knows. I still think its idiotic they haven't officially recorded that Chinese cover for the music market over there, concert was very successful so recording that would have been a good move.
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