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Westlife - Wild Dreams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. Setlist from the tour.

    1. Starlight
    2. Uptown Girl
    3. When you‘re looking like that
    4. Fool Again
    5. If I let You go
    6. My Love
    7. Swear It again
    8. Mamma Mia
    9. Gimme Gimme Gimme
    10. Super Trouper
    11. Money Money Money
    12. Take a chance on me
    13. I have a dream
    14. Dancing Queen
    15. Thank your for the Music
    16. Waterloo
    *Costume Change*
    17. What About Now
    18. What makes a man
    19. Safe
    20. Mandy
    21. World of our own
    22. Flying Without Wings
    23. Hello my Love
    24. You Raise me up

    Jesus, worst setlist possible. How in the world is this a Wild Dreams tour? They had 2 albums since the last time they toured and they sang only Starlight. Also, what is with such a superlong Medley, 9 songs?!

    If they had a shorter medley, they could have easily thrown in a few new songs. And seriously, what is it with Mandy? No one likes that one.

    The only thing that they did good was at least to add Safe for a change but this is such crap.

    Hopefully things might change later but I am not holding my breath.
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  2. I hope that’s just for their summer shows as I’m gonna be pissed off if that’s their arena setlist.
  3. Not even singing the second single off the album that they’re touring? What are they doing?
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  4. If everything stays the same, they should be embarrassed for naming this Wild Dreams tour. Anything else would have been better, Back Again tour, Greatest Party Tour etc. Its laughable they didn't at least sing Wild Dreams, a song tour is namad for.

    I really hope the disappointment from fans reaches out to them and that they really think it through when they work on their next tour.
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  5. Mandy? STILL!!! Do they not listen to their fan base?? Also track 19 is a weird choice.17 is also not needed!

    I love that they did medleys but they need to stop now when they have so many hits they can’t fit other songs in. 15 minutes of that could of gone to wild dreams songs.
  6. At least they made a slight change with 19, I don't mind that. They can do a Medley but a short one.

    Hey, here's a thought, they should do a Medley of Westlife album tracks if they aren't bothered to add them in a normal setlist.
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  7. I’m down for a medley of album songs!
  8. That Backstreet mashup thing was cute, My Love would have been a massive hit in the US if Backstreet had had done it. Nicky and Howie sounded surprisingly great.
  9. Where is bop Bop Bop Baby.
  10. With Kian and Nicky I always wonder are they live considering they weren't on their last tour. But yeah, Nicky did sound great.
  11. I went last night and it was a great show. The abba section went on for about 20 mins though but was still very enjoyable. Steve Anderson has done wonders with the songs. Even Mandy sounded epic and they did a stripped back Flying Without Wings which was lovely
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  12. I know it’s their thing to do a medley in their shows but they could really do with getting rid of it.
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  13. W2K


    I was really considering getting a ticket for this tour but I’m not convinced by what I’ve seen so far.
  14. Its good to know they at least freshen up their hits. Are all songs like this, with new arrangements?

    I loved what they did with My Love during Where We Are tour and Flying Without Wings during Turnaround tour.

    20 minutes Medley really is too long, I already thought Queen was too long despite loving every song. if they made it in 10 minutes, they could have added songs from Wild Dreams. They could have at least cut I Have A Dream since it was their single. I honestly don't understand who thought its a good idea to only sing 1 new song.
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  15. This could just be for the summer dates as they’re more likely to be casual fans that go to festivals. Crossing my fingers that by the time the arenas come around that they’ve at least added Alone Together.
  16. Or you know, Wild Dreams, the title of the damn tour hahah! They will do Aviva next week, I hope we will see the change then.
  17. I forgot to watch this. I didn't particularly like Lyra but Mark was good as usual:

  18. Man, BSB fans are so lucky, having a set list with hits, most of the new album tracks AND album tracks from the old albums... Why the hell can't Westlife do the same, who the hell if forcing such a shitty setlist I wonder.
  19. Because Westlife were always boring farts
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  20. That is not really true though, they had great tours before and are good performers, Greatest Hits, Turnaround, No.1's. Its after those that things became stale. Say what you want about them but I haven't heard anyone saying it was boring after they went to a Westlife concert. Its because fans know what they are capable of, that this is so disappointing.
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