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Westlife - Wild Dreams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. Yeah that is what I honestly don't understand. They obviously wanted this, good for them BUT then why can't they sing it live? What is the point of miming? Its just so disappointing.

    They asked a few days ago on Instagram what would be a perfect set list for the tour. Not sure what is the point in that now bwt lets hope they will do something with it for the next tour.
  2. Did anyone go to Wembley? Or the Cinema??? Looked packed. Heard great things!!!! A lot of non westlife fans didn’t really get or like the ABBA medley which I get but long term fans know they’ve always done a medley to get the crowd going as it’s usually the most upbeat part.

    I guess it could of been a tour where they didn’t do one as they have 38 singles and well as two albums worth of songs to fit into 16 songs and the 15 mins the Medley would take so around 20 songs in the setlist on average. But the medley looks fab to me!!!!
  3. I agree, they shouldn't cut Medley because its been there from the very beginning, its their thing. It was kind of pointless that they had Best of Medley during the Farewell tour though, they should have made a new one or just skipped it altogether.

    By the way, it looks like it really is Walsh's fault about the setlist, what he said (from Daily Mail)

    "Manager Louis said: 'The lads have been on an incredible journey from Sligo to Wembley Stadium.

    This show was simply amazing because it is packed with songs that people know."

    I am sorry but the show would have been equally amazing if they just added Alive and Take You There, the two songs they wrote having Wembley in mind, and Wild Dreams, the song that carries the name of the damn tour.

    Next time just don't act as if you are promoting a new album, simple as that.
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  4. They have the whole arena tour to still hopefully add in some album tracks. I’m confident that it’s not going to share the same setlist as the stadium shows.
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  6. I found the cinema version online of the Wembley gig. I watched it and here are some of my impressions:

    - stage is quite bare but I really liked the stage effects in the background
    - some of the songs have new arrangements, I really like When You're Looking Like That, World of Our Own and especially the intro to What About Now, the visual was beautiful with rain and violins.
    - its definitely obvious Kian is miming but I am actually not so sure about Nicky, I thought he was live.
    - Medley was great but SO unecessarily long.

    Overall it is a great concert and you can see how much it meant to them.

    But you know what, I was watching it with my mom and even she asked me why they aren't singing something new hahah! I think that says a lot.
  7. I think Nicky is singing live, but Kian is definitely miming.
  8. Kian probably has the easiest job in pop. Turn up, sometimes hold your mic to your mouth when you’re miming and take a fourth home.
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  9. I mean, ok, he isn't the only one in industry that mimes, there are solo artists that mime which is even worse, here at least you have 3 who do sing live.

    But I honestly don't get it, the fact that he can't even sing one line live is just weird. I wish he would say something about it, I am sure he knows everybody knows he is doing this. I don't think he was like that in the past so what exactly happened since the reunion, did he completely lose confidence or does he have some other issues, who knows.
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  10. Oh I know he's not the only one but, even as a fan of the group, he's very much coasting.
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  11. I'm pretty sure the solo artists you mention are singing on their records though, whereas I wouldn't be comfortable betting a single penny on the same applying here.

    If you barely sing, can't dance and have next to no writing credits (none at all on the last two albums) then fair play for stealing a career in the industry this long, I guess. Have to respect the hustle.
  12. Thing is though, both Nicky and Kian have more solo time than ever before since their reunion so this does apply to it right now - he does record but doesn't sing live. Also, both took over Brian's lines and do have their spotlight during Medleys so its not like he doesn't do anything, problem is he isn't singing live and I really think that wasn't the case before.
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  13. Perhaps it's a confidence thing? As a comparison, Geri mimed 95% of her lines in Spiceworld 2019 despite being more than capable to sing them live. People like us notice but outside of places like Popjustice does anyone really pay attention? Linda on the Tesco gig outing wouldn't bat an eyelid.
  14. He probably doesn’t remember the words dd
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  15. Pretty sure I read recently he’s the richest member of the group… how? I guess the miming paid off!
  16. The others probably didn't invest well.
  17. Yeah, it is probably confidence and I can certainly see how that might have happened. He knows already he isn't that good of a singer and he had 7 years without touring so any confidence he had probably went away. BUT he could/should work on it, hire a vocal coach etc and not continue miming forever. If Nicky is singing live, he should at least try. Otherwise, Kian shouldn't have solo parts in new Westlife songs.
  18. That Girl Thing/Wonderland coin.
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  20. I just watched it. Is it the best tour? No. Probably the least interesting tour and stadium show since they started doing one offs in 2003 probably because the setlist was lacking something exciting and new. I loved the catwalk though, would love that in the arena with a better main stage.

    I found My Love, Swear It Again Mandy, You Raise Me Up a bit boring now, I don’t think I personally need or want to hear them live after all these years of them being sang to death. I’m Already There was so random and just, why was that on the setlist? - they could of done a fan favourite or a single they never do like Bop Bop Baby or Tonight etc.

    Loved the ABBA medley but I think it should of stopped at Take a Chance on Me. Just got boring by I Have A Dream, another song I don’t need to hear them sing again.

    I guess my problem is, as I’ve been to their tours 2002-split I’ve seen this setlist so many times it’s boring BUT I guess for non fans, I get it!

    Loved World of Our Own and would of loved a full Unbreakable I always forget about that song!!

    I have to say one thing that I didn’t like which shocked me, is Mark. He’s always been my favourite vocally but on this show he was doing so many gospal type adlibs and screaming throughout it was too much. It often felt like the battle round in The Voice with him screaming random words over Shane singing. BUT he still is out of this world as a vocalist so just a minor thing I disliked as it ruined some songs for me
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