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Westlife - Wild Dreams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. I gave this a spin because I really like Starlight and I'm pretty impressed with it? Alone Together and Wild Dreams are solid. There's plenty to enjoy, the scathing reviews are a bit unnecessary.
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  2. Yeah I agree, its like its just so damn difficult to say anything positive about it. Its a pretty good pop album, only Magic is a bit meh. I like Alive the most so far

    I think the chorus is about world moving on and how everything will eventually get better but I think Nicky was thinking about his kids while writing this, the way he sings about knowing the trees and missing friends from school. That little part near the end that Mark does with "I'll Come Alive".

    Do You Think Of Me is also very catchy.
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  3. 1. Adele - 30 (46.2k)
    2 Westlife - Wild Dreams (30.6k)
    3 Ed Sheeran - = (16.1k)
    4 Gary Barlow - The Dream of Christmas (14.0k)
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  4. Just had my first listen of the album and I could say that it’s my favorite from them. Love how upbeat the material is, and the ballads are not dragging!
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  5. Yeah I have to say its my favorite as well, they finally dethroned World Of Or Own for me. So I would say my Top 5 is:

    1. Wild Dreams
    2. World Of Our Own
    3. Where We Are
    4. Spectrum
    5. Gravity

    Its really sad it took a damn pandemic for them to make an album they were heavily involved in, I hope this gives them confidence to continue like that in the future.
  6. Do You Ever Think of Me is the one here.
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  7. I saw some people commenting its a rip-off of Backstreet Boys' Chances. Eh, I hear some similarities in the guitar melody pre-chorus but that is about it..
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  9. 1 Adele - 30 (75,199) [58,096 physical, 12,379 streaming, 4,724 downloads]
    2 Westlife - Wild Dreams (35,005) [more than 31,000 physical] *
    3 Ed Sheeran - = (26,348)
    4 ABBA - Voyage (19,829)
    5 Gary Barlow - The Dream of Christmas (16,665) *
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  10. Seeing G*ry at #5 is making me so happy after he beat Steps last time.
  11. I just wrote this in Michael Buble's thread: I was surprised to see Christmas Sweater featured on Gary Barlow's album, until I saw he co-wrote it. But still, he could have skipped it at least this year, especially since its Michael's single. Pink at least did Lambert song on her Greatest Hits 11 years after it dropped. But hey, I always think Gary is a bit of an ass so I am not surprised haha!
  12. Yeah it is really a great pop song, shame. I kind of feel if Starlight was released instead of Hello My Love, it would have had the same effect though because I genuinely think it is a better song that Hello My Love. Its just that I think fans as well as general public were interested in what they will do after 7 years and once they listened to it, they actually liked it so it had nice streams. Starlight just didn't have much buzz, I doubt many outside their fans know the single is out.
  13. A friend pointed this out and I can hear it as well - do you guys notice like a cracking sound during first 15 seconds of Lifeline? I wonder if that is artistic choice or is it pandemic quality haha.
  14. 01 102,261 Adele - 30 [71,318 CDs, 5,564 downloads, 5,551 vinyl, 38 cassettes, 19,790 streaming]
    02 38,427 Westlife - Wild Dreams
    03 36,200 Ed Sheeran - =
    04 27,776 ABBA - Voyage
    05 19,090 Gary Barlow - The Dream of Christmas


    Singles Year to date
    1,116,399 Westlife - Uptown Girl
    801,119 Westlife - Flying Without Wings
    786,494 Westlife - You Raise Me Up
    706,792 Westlife - I Have a Dream / Seasons in the Sun
    100,273 Westlife - Seasons in the Sun [standalone downloads + streams]

    Albums Year to date
    1,943,550 Westlife - Unbreakable: The Greatest Hits Volume 1
    1,752,607 Westlife - Coast to Coast

    Their cumulative album sales of 13,582,655, includes seven albums with sales exceeding a million.
    Their cumulative singles sales of 12,853,945 to date.
  15. Apparently on my spotify wrapped this year, my 4th most played for the year is "Why Do I Love You" with 341 plays. Still baffles me to this day how they scrapped a single release for it and relegating it to an album track.
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  16. I am more baffled by I Wanna Grow Old With You, that song is huge and fans love it, it would have been a great single.

    Anyway, this is pretty wow:

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  17. Finally got around to listening to this and I was genuinely surprised to hear the likes of Alone Together and Wild Dreams! Ditching Ed has worked wonders.
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