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Westlife - Wild Dreams

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by ZsDbk88, Mar 17, 2021.

  1. Westlife on Late Late Show.

    Starlight - pay attention at Mark at 3:28 hahah!

    World of Our Own:

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  2. Only 3 copies of difference between Westlife and Little Mix

    07 10,210 Little Mix - Between Us
    08 10,207 Westlife - Wild Dreams

  3. “They have sold an eye watering 55 million records all around the world, ranking just behind Elvis Presley and the Beatles”

    That’s stretching it quite a bit! I mean, they’re definitely behind Elvis and the Beatles, that’s true. Haha
  4. They mean the number of copies sold, there is no way anyone would compare them to Beatles and Elvis haha! I thought 55 is exaggerated but not anymore after a friend showed me, he keeps track of the sales so I do think it is possible they are at 55 million now.
  5. I meant more that, the Beatles have supposedly sold around 600 million records, 55 million isn’t exactly just behind that haha. It was all tongue in cheek anyway, I know what these shows are like for exaggerating things when they have guests on.
  6. True haha, I think X Factor was the worst with those intro videos. Actually, I think what they were trying to say is that they are behind them regarding UK #1s since Elvis had 21, Beatles 17 and Westlife have 14. So that at least is true but maybe it came out wrong.
  7. I watched their Croke Park blu-ray earlier this week and the intro also states 55 million record sales.
  8. Really enjoying this album. I like all the songs but right now my absolute faves are:
    End Of Time
  9. I would love to see more singles from the album but since Starlight flopped, I doubt they will. I think Wild Dreams, Alive and Do You Ever Think Of Me are all singles potential.

    I love Rewind, such a great song.
  10. They had a concert at the WeChat app. This is nice of them:

    Here is the full concert if someone is interested

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  11. Again, so close, only 7 copies behind #8

    08 9,471 Juice WRLD - Fighting Demons [9,268 streaming, 203 downloads]
    09 9,464 Westlife - Wild Dreams
  12. Read the full thing, its great it was so popular:

  13. I think its highly possible Mark is on The Masked Singer, in the verses especially it really sounds like him:

  14. It’s him 100000%
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  15. Yeah it is definitely him. I hope he gets far in the show but I am not sure if his mask is good enough. 3 carrots I am sure represent Westlife boys which is hilarious haha!
  16. After spending my whole childhood despising Westlife, I've realised how much I actually enjoy their music.

    Are there any hidden gems amongst their discography? I rediscovered Love Crime and Why Do I Love You and I'm bopping.
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  17. If you like those two, check out these rarer similar sounding bops:

  18. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Love Crime definitely bops. Also obviously When You're Looking Like That.
    And this one comes to mind?
  19. My fave songs are:

    and this one, just reminds me of my first time seeing them live on World of our Own Tour as a kid.

  20. My Private Movie is a pretty rare gem. It’s newly added on the expanded edition of the debut album on streaming.

    But it was originally on the US version of the debut and a re-recorded version is on some international versions of World of Our Own. I’ve got the US version on the way to me at the moment but I want to track down the re-recorded version.

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