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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. We don't really have any evidence to suggest this and it's not really in his character considering he explained multiple times they believed these tragic backstories did nothing more than give them legitimacy. We knew through Bernard that she was programmed with escape and she defied that coding in a moment of supposed free will, although naturally it never showed us that 100% so you could be right in the future. As it stands I think with everything presented we were shown her trying with all of her might to remove the memory from her system only for the consciousness to come back around in the form of rememberance akin to Dolores and her 'Remember'.
  2. He's set to return in Season 2, so we'll find out. Thank goodness; he's my most attractive Hemsworth.

    This thread sums up what I really love about this show, and that's how much is left open to interpretation. There is so much from this season that leads to a number of plausible conclusions and sparks such fun debates.
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  3. I thought they were gearing up Luke for a big story at one point, but then it seemed to fizzle out.

    Glad to hear he's returning for season 2.
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  4. I loved Jimmi Simpson in this. Damn Westworld for making me fancy a McPoyle.
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  6. I mean, it was a stellar performance. It's not that much of a leap of faith.
  7. So what was the goal of Ford programming Maeve to escape the park?
  8. I don't think it was him who programmed her to leave - but the company people who wanted to use her as a vessel for all the tech they wanted to steal. If anything Ford programmed her to stay.
  9. So they used Maeve instead of Abernathy?
  10. Don't know who Abernathy is (oops) but yeah, I think she was meant to be their pendrive type thing.
  11. But she was programmed to leave - Bernard implied as much. The entire significance of her staying was that is was her first truly "conscious" thought and choice.
  12. That's what I'm saying!

    The dodgy young creative team guy (white dude with beard) and the light-skinned black executive girl had her programmed to leave. They wanted to steal the Westworld tech so they could get rid of Hopkins. She turns around and returns to the park - as Hopkins knew she would - because of how deep and strong the tragedy of losing her daughter is, the core part of her personality and entire being. More than any explosion or security devices, it's their very "soul" that roots them to the park.

    That was my take away, at least.
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  13. Sorry, it was just that you said "if anything Ford programmed her to stay", and that's what I disagreed with. What you've said here would make sense though - it's socially conditioning her to make the conscious decision to go back.
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  14. Solenciennes

    Solenciennes Staff Member

    I'm now 5 episodes in and really liking it, it's building up nicely. Surprisingly star studded cast too; Evan Rachel Wood is particularly brilliant and it's always a pleasure to see Thandie Newton.
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  15. Hmmmm but did he die? Did he?
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  16. I mean - killing him off quick makes sense given the actor is hella old, but it's also hard to imagine the show without him, so...hmm?
  17. Anthony Fucking Hopkins.

    Has the blu-ray release date been announced yet?
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  18. Great series! There were a couple of episodes in the first half that at the time felt like that dragged a bit for me, but the second half really stepped it up. Maeve is amazing.

    They're releasing funko pops soon of the main characters. I want Maeve!

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