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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Holy SHIT
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  2. Fuck, that trailer just diddled my prostate.
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  3. Incredible. Need this now!
  4. Looks amazing - bring it on!
  5. I worked on this video to promote season 2, it's pretty fun :)

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  6. My friend invited me to a media preview for the first two episodes of season two in a local cinema but because I'm a messy bitch who lives for drama, I left the house extremely late and was stuck in traffic for about an hour so I decided to bail instead.
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  7. Did anyone watch the premiere? The new intro animation is gorgeous.
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  8. The premiere was gorgeous. However, I didn't understand much of ANYTHING going on. Perhaps I need to go back and re-watch the end of season 1 but, as usual with this show, there was a lot of talking in circles and I couldn't make heads or tails of it.
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  9. Firstly, yes the title sequence is gorgeous. The only show where I don't skip the titles.

    Secondly, it was a lot of catching up and setting up this seasons mysteries. Jeffrey Wright, Evan Rachel Wood and Thandie Newton remain iconic but I wonder if the second season can be as gripping as the 'robots are waking up!' plotline of the first.

    Thirdly, male full frontal!
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  10. The intro sequence and especially the music is probably my favourite ever.

    I really enjoyed the show last night. I watch it on Now TV. They also have a show on there that recaps season with, with interviews from the cast, writers and other celebs. I felt that was a pretty good way to refresh my memory about season.

    I’m really excited to see where this season goes and to start seeing some other of the worlds within the park.
  11. Wait at Mt. Fuji appearing in the new opening credits. I'm so ready for Shogun World.
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  12. Watching the first episode from season 2 right now. God the first season was kind of hard to watch in the beginnig but since the second half the show has been incredibile.
  13. Things I love about Westworld -

    1) Delores going full-on Wyatt and obliterating everyone in her path
    2) Maeve having amped up her own wit and self-awareness on that iPad at the end of Season 1 (even after Ford already gave so many of the hosts freedom of choice), ensuring that she remains the most iconic character
    3) Bernard appearing on the beach alone - what on earth has he done to Charlotte in the interim?
    4) The weird character arc of William aka The Man In Black - is anyone else getting the impression that the Ed Harris older version of him could be a "host"? I need to see him interact with Charlotte as he is technically her boss in the outside world, no?
  14. The first two episodes of Season 2 were great.

    Dolores and William both heading to the Valley Beyond / “Glory” / “the weapon” sets up a clear climax and confrontation for the season, which I appreciate after the ambiguity of Season 1.

    My only issues so far is that Meave and Dolore’s first encounter was pretty underwhelming and knowing that Bernard will end up drowning all the hosts lessens the gag of it before it happens.

    I’m so hyped for Shogun World in episode 5 and...

    ... if the girls on Reddit are right... Raj World (India) as well.
  15. More spoilers please (I don't know any).

    I also low-key loved Dolores and Maeve's first meeting - I fully expected "let's join forces in a common goal" and it ended up being Maeve saying "what exactly IS your goal and how does it benefit ME?"

    Cue Dolores looking irritated as Maeve slinked away into the night...
  16. Maeve gliding past Dolores after getting in a quick clock was iconic. I want her to just stroll through all of the plots this season saying something sassy to every character.

    I was perched for Dolores to form some sort of Avengers clique with the other main hosts though, oh well!

    I'm so glad this is back, what has that messy mess Bernard done.
  17. I'm loving the new series but it is all getting a bit much to follow.

    Maeve is INCREDIBLE.
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  18. They are setting this up to be Delores vs. Maeve and my body is just ready

    Also, the sweet baby Bengal Tiger - why did you stray so far from Raj World sis?! Don't you know you're endangered?!
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  19. In the UK, Sky have one of those annoying "let's talk about what we just watched" shows afterwards and I'm not ashamed (very ashamed, actually) to say that when I watched each episode this series, there have been several statements of fact made about plot developments where I've thought "erm, I didn't realise that at all"

    It definitely doesn't spoon-feed fools (ie. me)
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