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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Just saw that this has already been renewed for a 3rd season. Wig!

    The latest episode was great, give all of the awards to Evan Rachel Wood!
  2. Great episode this week! I’m pleased there is some good motive / plotting / development going on rather than just the subterfuge and tomfoolery to get the fans guessing. Legitimately five or six different things they could be building to here.

    Only downside: no Maeve.
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  3. B
    But chin up: The preview makes it look like next episode is all Maeve. (And Shogun World! Finally!)
  4. Delos trying to keep rich people alive forever was a pretty obvious use of the technology, as is the blackmailing through DNA mining / cloning theories. I imagine things will get a lot more nefarious and gaggy moving forward though.
  5. I wasn't feeling this season as much as the first but honestly the last two episodes took my ass and rode it. I'm over the Delores storyline teebs but the slow burn world expansion has me hot. Elsie's return and Emily's introduction gave me all the gay drama I needed, not to mention Charlotte also lives longer than expected ? Maeve continues to tie the whole thing together - Thandie is truly a goddess.
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  6. It’s all a bit messy. At this point it feels very LOST season 1/2, where the questions were just endless, but without its abundance of relatable characters and narrative to carry it.

    I mean, I get how important it is that Man in Black’s dad was being created (and it will obviously come back with Ford) but... it was ultimately tedious to have the question dangled in front of me with someone I really don’t care about... and Bernard, with these weird memory sequences too. And the whole sequence with that guys family, and the cowboy that had literally just been given his redemption and freedom... am I supposed to care about that? Why?

    It’s impressive but I just feel it’s losing that charm the first season had. Their greatest card is Maeve and her child, because there’s an emotional connection there and I want to watch her... the rest? I’m kind of watching them to see what happens, not to see them...
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  7. I think this is my biggest problem with the show - it's hard to care about anyone in it and the narrative is really confusing half the time. I am enjoying it but I'm not totally loving it. I'll definitely keep watching as it is holding my attention, I just wish I was more emotionally invested in what was happening and the characters onscreen.
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  8. This looks ICONIC

    Meave is serving:
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  9. I'm enjoying this season but it feels like a completely different show from the first season... I can see the storyline/timelines going off the rails if they're not careful.
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  10. I do not like the inconsistencies regarding what it takes to actually kill an android. Some will take a shot to the "heart" or turn into a strainer and keep going, while others will be merely stabbed at a random part of their body which wouldn't even necessarily be deemed lethal and drop dead on the spot.
  11. The Shogun World episode was amazing. They should just do a spin-off with the amazing adventures of Maeve.
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  12. I binged all 5 episodes ttoday and I have to say... The latest episode was amazing. Maeve/Thandie is the best character this season.
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  13. I need the rest of the season to just be Thandie Newton and Rinko Kikuchi killing old men across all the parks.

    And Dolores finally fucking her man after decades of being trolled by her narrative loop and then changing his personality was an iconic move.
  14. Shogun World was great stylistically, but that episode was such a bore. I lost thread of what was going on (and more importantly, why). Development in Dolores’ storyline was particularly crappy. Worst episode of the season.
  15. The show kinda reminds me of Dollhouse in certain ways. Not the same though.
    I'm not that into the show but i'm still watching for this eye candy:
  16. Amen. He’s so fine. I watch for him, Thandie and Ben Barnes. Delores is great but Maeve is just so great this season.
  17. Was a bit behind and just watched episode five. Was honestly the first episode all season that held my attention; Maeve really shines, and I'm genuinely curious to see where her story is going. (But still DGAF about Dolores, so that continues to drag the show down.)

    I could use more Akane, too.
  18. Maeve just bores me ... Her motivation (her imaginary kid) doesn’t connect with me in the slightest ...
  19. Do you hate kids?
  20. What on odd response ...
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