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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. The season 3 premiere was amazing.

    Can't wait for Queen Maeve's proper comeback in the next episode.
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  2. The WesterosWorld bit on this last episode was quite fun!
    I'm back into watching this after binging the two seasons of Succession and wow, in comparison this feels so slow, muddled and gratuitously complicated.
    Anyway, I hope we get more insight into what really happened between Dolores and Bernard soon, and why Maeve needs to partner up with Vincent Cassel to destroy Dolores...
  3. A Maeve vs. Dolores showdown will be so delicious.
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  4. I'm truly perched for this Maeve vs. Dolores storyline.
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  5. So now we know that Park 1 is Westworld, Park 2 Shogunworld, Park 3 Warworld, Park 4 'Medievalworld' and Park 6 The Raj. That just leaves Park 5...

    My bet is that it's
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  6. Maeve vs Dolores is everything I've ever dreamed of and more. Give me that Kill Bill showdown.

    Loved the last episode, it needed more Drogon though.
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  7. I don’t know about this new season. The problem is still I care about Dolores, Maeve, and Hale so much that I’m angry whenever the show focuses on anyone else. The fact that so much of the episode was focused on Aaron Paul, who I could care less about as an actor or a character, really left me uninterested in the new season.

    EDIT: Clearly this is a reaction to Episode 1 & only that.
  8. I was uninterested in Aaron Paul’s character in Episode 1 too, but Episode 2 being almost entirely Maeve-centric certainly made up for that. And next episode looks like it’s going to be Hale-centric.
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  9. Okay Hi.
    So I LOVED and STANNED for season 1. I was touting it as one of my favorite shows of all time.
    Then I watched about half of season 2 and couldn't get through it.
    I feel like a lot of the magic of the show died when the big climax at the end of season 1 happened and that dynamic of the park being open was gone, and also the season 1 timeline twist being gone...
    Like Maeve went to Samurai World and I was like just... not... interested...

    Should I give this show another try? Or is it just not for me post-season 1 do we think? I haven't looked at anything for season 3, I don't mind light spoilers but like... Just some opinions would be nice if y'all got some.
  10. Season 2 has an even bigger timeline twist than season 1 so you should stick to it. I'd say season 2 is even more complicated than season 1 as storylines and timelines go.

    Season 3 seems more straightforward when it comes to the chronology of events and time in general. Not sure about space and reality.
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  11. Hmm interesting. I definitely sensed some weirdness there with... um... what's his name with the glasses. Arnold or whatever.

    Is Anthony Hopkins ever coming back? He's an amazing actor and I know his character was building that random droid in the basement and I was hoping it was of himself.
  12. He makes a few direct or indirect appearances:
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  13. Stop asking questions and watch it already! haha
  14. Apparently I need to! Ha thank you
  15. So, who do you think is inside

    My guesses are
    The Man In Black/William or another version of Dolores/Wyatt
  16. I have no clue what the fuck was going on in episode 3. I am so uninterested in Aaron Paul's character's storyline.
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  17. I guess Caleb's main purpose is to show how humans are stuck into their own loops and how algorythms are taking away our free will.
    Some people think he's already dead and in a simulation...

    Evan Rachel Wood said in an interview with Variety that the first three episodes were the build-up and that things are starting to pay off in the 4th episode. Her favourite episode this season is the 7th.
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  18. I didn't even remember this but apparently there was another version of Dolores and that is who people are saying is inside Hale.
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  19. From the Craddle simulation?
  20. Gorgeous song to end episode 3.

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