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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by AlmightyAloud, Oct 3, 2016.

  1. Six seasons? We love a messy ride, let's go.
  2. Tessa Thompson was sooo good this week.

    6 seasons wouldn't be so bad depending on the episode count - it could be 1 more season of 8 plus another 2 of 6 kinda like Game of Thrones. That would come to 20 which is basically 2 seasons.
  3. This season already kinda feels like the last season though.
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  4. If they have 6 seasons in mind, I'm sure they are planning some sort of twist on the end of this season to give the story the freshness it needs to go forward (they have flaws, but the writers and the show-runners of this are experts in creating gripping cliffhangers and hooks).

    Maybe this season is happening inside the "fifth park" and everything we're seeing is visitors - Serac and/or Caleb - playing with the hosts?
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  5. That's my theory too.
    FutureWorld? Or maybe Serac testing his plan in a simulation. Or the real world is destroyed and they are all inside a virtual world...
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  6. I’m a few episodes behind - the first four were amazing, but ‘Genre’ felt like it was a different show. I’d almost say it was actively bad. So much exposition, uncharacteristically cheesy, and lots of moments that felt like they should have been massive but fell a bit flat. Such an odd dip in quality.

    Glad to see it’s back to brilliance in episode 6!
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  7. Well I just finsihed S1....wow. What a headfuck.
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  8. You just wait for season 2! Brainfuck?
  9. Season 2 went straight in one ear and out of the other for me. I could barely tell you what happened except for, you know, major plot points that have carried into season 3, which feels like an entirely different show from the first season altogether. The last episode was phenomenal, but have they had writer/producer changes or something? It's so odd.
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  10. I hope you watched it on Blu-Ray....it was sensational. Even when the storylines dragged a bit, and I'd lost track of what - if anything - was going on, it was always incredible to just look at. The music is also amazing...from the opening theme to all the woozy synth atmospherics that reminded me of Donnie Darko a bit.

    Never saw most of the twists, and didn't twig that there were different timelines being shown simultaneously, and that some of the action was flipping between the past and the present (LOST had nothing on this). Of course, it made sense as soon as it was slowly revealed, but...I'm just slow I guess.

    I've got S2 sitting sealed on the shelf but I'm going to give myself a while to digest S1, maybe check out some of the extras (I'm never sure of the wisdom in that, it can break the spell mid-run).
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  11. (Sorry, just been reading through all the S1 chat...enjoyed all the discussion and theories).
  12. Yeah Season 1 is a headfuck alright, but Season 2 is on another level. It’s outrageous how confusing it gets - there were points when I was watching and had not got a clue what was going on - but stick with it as it comes together nicely in the final few episodes, and S3 has been great so far.
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  13. I took a while to latch on to any characters, but by the end of S1 that had changed. Thandie Newton is sensational, but even the minor figures begin to make an impression. Don't know why I didn't see the MiB reveal coming.
  14. Did I miss something or is there a 5th Dolores hiding somewhere? I thought she took 5 pearls with her:
    - Bernard
    - Hale
    - Musashi
    - Conell
    - ???
  15. I looked back on recaps for season 2 and it's just comical how convoluted it was. Every sentence was just "X betrays Y for reason Z not revealed yet." A shining example for what happens when a show gets lost up its own ass trying to get fanboys theorizing on Reddit. Mr. Robot teas (and like Mr. Robot they both course corrected for a more clear direction and were better shows for it).
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  16. I want Romans.

    More Romans.

    Lots of Romans.
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  17. They're really gonna Game of Thrones this shit in the finale
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  18. I’m on season 2 and honestly...should I give up?

    The decay from the first season! I’m gooped. GOOPED. The lack of a tangible plot! The lack of fully fleshed out characters! The irony that we went on more of a journey when everything was the same in season 1.

    So disappointing.

    I had heard season 2 was pretty shit but I didn’t expect this.
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  19. I gave up during season 2. It just didn't make sense anymore.
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  20. I *think* it’s worth sticking around for Season 3, I’ve mostly really been enjoying it so far and have been able to make sense of what’s going on as the season has progressed. There are still many moments of confusion, but things eventually get explained. However...

    My main gripe is not being able to make sense of who I’m supposed to be rooting for? Serac is evil, but apparently so is Dolores (at least to the livelihood of humankind), and they’re against each other so...why should I care who prevails? I’m kind of getting the impression now that Dolores’ goal isn’t to actually end humanity like Bernard thinks, because she’s seen how they were enslaved by Serac just as her kind was - or at least she’s warming to the idea of not wanting to kill all of them and just kill the corrupt forces of power? But I’m not entirely sure. I guess we are being positioned to root for Caleb but he doesn’t seem to understand his own cause yet.
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